OK. LISTEN. LET ME BE CLEAR. (i don't know why but i feel like blogging about this)

first of all, i don't like to bitch about others. especially girls. omg. some girls just don't know when to stop eh? *crinch*
like duhhh, our rivalry happened like about a year ago? but that one particular woman still posting my picture on myspace with a caption 'bitch and slut'.
my jaw dropped miles down when i still see that picture on her profile! oooooooooooo to the mmmm to the gggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

urghhhhh! why? why? why? c'mon la. i don't wanna fight ok? let us all be in peace. if ure not happy with me, then beat it hunn. don't go around and bitch about me like a barbarian woman. (ure making me famous. tq :p) na'ah. not a good choice. kapish? i will be good 2 u if ure good 2 me.

i really thot that we passed those rivalry days already. y huh? she is still not satisfied? maybe i should talk to her? no? no?

ok... im so in need of ice cream rite now. but im on diet! god damn it!

btw, im a very hapy n healthy 47kg 5 feet 2' *i juz wanna brag about it* ;D

g2g, time to study physics *not hapy*


i have new blush boxers. hehehe. gedik je.

abai; 'eh, even this type of story u wanna share on ur blog?'
me; (sakit hati) biar la!

triaL is overrrr! very very hapy ;p

yeay! yeay! 4 days to go till hari raya!(im listening to the good old lagu2 raya songs rite now ;p) i can't wait! seriously.. i even have countdown for hari raya on my whiteboard besides the countdown for spm :( hehe.

gosh! i suffered for more than a month! there is nothing good about exams u see. except for the very ringan bag, the fact that the teachers don't call out your name across the hallway screaming "najwa! sepit rambut kamu! saya potong nanti!"

lol. teachers.. :D

spm trial is over n i can't wait to go shopping! hehey. how can u not love shopping? the aroma of fresh new cloths wafting ur nose, those beautiful bags with matching shoes,hehe. i know i can get too carried away sometimes. hehe. aiyayai, i gotta go. my mum is screaming her lungs out for me "wawa! tlg mak buat kuih raya ni. asyik dpn laptop aje" hehe.