To infinity and beyond

ish. apaa ni dah lama tak update blog? I've been neglecting my blog for ages now. I don't know what has gotten into me. I thought I'm gonna be a blog-whore during my semester break. But obviously I'm wrong here. Cuti dah almost 3 weeks! But blog terbengkalai and 'to-do-list' kat tepi ni tak buat pun! Have so much more to complete! Been busy these past few days thinking (deep ones) and thinking and thinking again and again. Macam macam in my head! I even opt for Tara and Anita, Facebook's online psychics to help me make decisions. OMG! lame, much? I used to hate those applications in FB. And I even start to be the YouTube-whore, watching YouTube day and night. Lepastu, I become a better stalker! I stalked almost everyone now. Gosh. What happened to me? and not to mention, I become a crazayy cat lady too. I talked to my cats about everything, literally everything


What happened to you, Wawa? Why? Why? Tell me why? *dgn nada lagu Backstreet Boys*
Oh well, at least my diet plan is working baby! Hell yeah! Dah hilang 2 kgs so far. Ek eleh, baru 2 kg, dah kecoh pulak Wawa ni. Lu lilek je der, gua diet yang sihat ni. Not the crash diets thingy that I used to do. Thanks Qayyum for being my ever loyal advisor and nutritionist. Saaayanngggg awak! :D

Ok,moving on. Dah kenapa dgn manusia sekarang yang makin menjadi-jadi nak buang bayi ni? NOT! I'm so not gonna blog about this. Tapi mesti korang dah saspen kan tadi ingat I nak cakap pasal ni? Haha. Sorry der, gua takde enough info la nak mengomel pasal bende tu. But, all I know is, I oppose it 110%. Though I still believe that it's solely not the mum's fault. Jangan salahkan ibu mengandung,kan orang2 tua cakap. Itu dia..

By ze way, Farim's 19th birthday bash at The Apartment was AWESOME! Like,totally! We had so much fun, Love it! Feast your eyes people!

p/s : I'm so confuse now. But I have to make a quick decision before I break his heart. Be wise Wawa. Be wise..


how do I live, without you?

I hate myself for loving you too much

After 31 moths going strong, he called it a quit. Im'm sorry that I've changed. maybe Im just growing up and start to realize bigger dreams and goals in life. You could have been the one who supports me from my back, not bringing me down telling me that I've changed. I'm sorry, I love you but I can't be in this relationship anymore. It hurts so bad. You'll always be my love. Always. You're my one and only first love :(


i'm a free bitch baby

ehem ehem. konon konon gambar candid. padahal, "adik! ambik gambar akak konon2 tgh kusyuk baca magazine.make sure i look thin ok?" anyhoos, its so syiok to be home! (dah lama tak guna ayat syiok ni)
I'm finally home. being a couch potato all over again. :DD this is what I call real resting day. with the tv on, tak tengok pun. lagu dekat laptop on, tak dengar pun. sebab nak type entri ni la. haha. barang bertakah takah lagi in my luggage, havent been touch.. yet. im still in my pjs now, with mask on my face. i love home! tidur pun selesa sebab ada my bestfriend, little miss aircond! comel kan? boleh manja manja, mengadu nasib dengan my meow meow. paling penting, boleh bersenam, merealisasikan impian nak body macam Kim K, dekat padang terbentang luas depan rumah ni! tapi selalunya hangat2 tahi ayam je semangat nak exercise ni. lepas 2 3 hari, terus malas. sebab rasa badan dah cukup kurus. padahal, 1 kg pun x turun lagi. ish, korang jangan nak gelak2. korang pun sama je kan? rasa rasa nak personal trainer la. *cough*macammampu*cough* oh well, i can be my own trainer rite? :DD

ok, Awana Kijal sangat la best sebab the club floor rooms are to die for! and and the best thing is, ada bath tub in the middle of the room! how superdope is that?! daddy said, it's a room for newlyweds, coz it's so sexy! daddy sangat comel bila dia semangat nak keropok lekor fresh from terengganu. Mak apa lagi, beli lah kerang2 yang sangat mahal harganya. and I bought myself a dried seahorse. sangatlah macam magical and fairytale gitu. sissy and lil bro were so happy I tought them to eat Sata. glad they love it. and thanks to Kuantan coz introduced me w Sata. It's like my new cheesecake! NOT! lol.

At the lobby waiting for daddy and mummy to check out :D sempat mendiva uolss.


I get high with BotFly

I may be a trypophobic but I'm really liking and loving extracting thing or anything out from the body! Like seriously, my hobby is always picit-ing jerawat people. Shahrul will be my mangsa of keadaan coz I will always picit his jerawat, my dad's and my brothers'. yes, it may be EWWWY and disgucting and yucky for some people but I LALALALAOVEEEE this video!

Give it a watch!

Huishh. macam klimaks kan bila botfly tu dah keluar from the body?! gerammmmm sgt! :D

p/s: this is what happened if you're under final exam stress.


busy mode

finals is in 3 days. so that explain my long delay of post. will update as soon as i get home for my 3 months break!