birthday blast

anyways, i love u to death and have fun on your birthday like nobody's business, ok?
happy birthday again!
p/s: go change to your birthday suit biatch! *nasty smile with nasty stare then puke(sebab geli dgn diri sendiri. haha)*



yeay! guess what? i still got my post birthday present from my brotha, iskandar! i love u bro! this is what i get from him.

this is my bro iskandar. i love u poyo!

heee. a nice stone, the Rutilated Quartz. (name nak gempak. haha)
ok, u wanna know the function of this stone? ok, it's suppose to help me assist my life. it dispels unwanted interference from both the physical and spiritual world. WOW *shining eyes*
guess my brother is providing me a 'guardian angel'.
nina, don't be jealous and stop playing with your hair. stop it! HAHAHA


random thoughts of a blabber

i went to a girl's blog. OMG! I'M SUCH A STALKER! (this is what happened when you are job-less, school-less and everything-less)
ok, back to square one, this girl. lemme tell u, she is only turning 15 next year, but she acts like she knows it all, she's hot, she's social and wild. paling tak tahan, she blogs like she is the top notch in a fashion industry. like huh? 0_o
ok, i so have to get my own life. this is all nina's fault. she made me into the stalker i am today. *coughs* great, thank u nina. *coughs*

i'm so curios about kamasutra rite now. why? not because i'm a pervert, it's just a raising-hormone-syndrome-in-a-teenage-girl. u can't blame me, it's the Mama Nature baby! good wawa, not only u are a stalker, u are a pervert. what next? a PERABA? oh wait, scribble that, i am already a Peraba. what a great combination haa? S is so lucky to have me as his girlfriend *winks* (lets not think kuning-kuning folks)

i've been thinking lately. bout what my mum said that i should be a lot more like a WANITA MELAYU TERAKHIR (WMT). ohkay, i got the picture. but, me? a WMT? like langit and bumi tahu tak? i think that is the reason why she would not let me dye my hair. my hair is staying jet black forever. i don't dye my hair black. i am just a lucky biatch whose born with a silky straight, jet-black hair. i know, u might say i'm a narcissistic, STOP! i didn't say that. my sister once told me that when my mum was combing my hair. then, kakak saya kene marah dengan mak saya kerana die mencarut. haha. nananananana.. *annoying kid's voice*

i am so bored rite now. i developed both good and bad qualities throughout my oh-so-free-and-boring-gila-nak-mati times.
1)i become so rajin spick and span-ing my whole house, managing hal ehwal of my three kitties.
2) i read tons of story books. ( i think my vocab is getting better)
3) i spend more time with my family, cats, friends and my one and only S.

1) i am flat broke! i depend on S now to belanja me, ngehh. i hate being dependable!
2) i gain back my weight. shit!
3) i sleep too much.. ZZZZZzzzzz..

that is all.. (i think??)
lol. i need to put myself together before 2009 come creeping. i gotta be a better person. u can do it wawa! *muka positif + hidung kembang-kembang bangga*

oh yes, i have finished reading REMEMBER ME?. the book that i got from London. lol. bragging. *wriggly eyebrows* i just adore Sophie Kinsella more now. her stories are great! it should turn into a major motion picture. it's worth it.

my youngest kitty is already fit as a fiddle now (: (after 5 days of stomach ache) she is now running around the house, jalan-jalan on my keyboard. great, baby tots.


yea. i know, i'm not even 18. not yet. but hey! i googled about Kamasutra.(i know, but i'm not a pervert, i'm just curious). i found something very interesting. cute, actually. lol. mates, feast your eyes!
jeng jeng jeng!

so, tell me...
what's your favourite? i won't tell mine. it's a secret. *winks*


thank you

i went out with shahrul yesterday. he bought me a pair of shoes and a purple t-shirt. thank you cayang. you're the best. *winks* i think it's like a Christmas present to me. haha.

oh yaa, i know it's kinda late to wish. but, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MY FRIENDS THAT ARE CELEBRATING XMAS. pheww.. one long wish ya? lol.

later that nite, shahrul n i (the package) and lina lepak with shasha. i met her new bf for the first time, quite a nice guy. the funny thing was they don't wanna walk together coz they both were wearing bright pink shirt. they were so emberassed. coz they don't plan it! haha. i teased them.. saying that they are so poyo wanna show the whole world that they are in love. hahahaha. i am soo mean haa? but i was just teasing them. nothing serious though.

yada yada yada.
i wanna coninue reading my new book.


my post-birthday present (AGAIN?)

Thanks Sis Som! I love u so much. even though, I know u are not reading this. but i just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you. my sis just got back from her 3 weeks out-station to London. she bought that book for me as a present. weyh! this book is straight from the London City ogeyh? oh goddd. so fright ya? lol.

thank u again. i'll start reading it by tomorrow ok? oh yaa, i have just finished reading a book. THE CELEBUTANTES. the book revolves around the celebutantes' life. it makes me wanna go shopping and diet by reading that book ok? haha. silly me.

gotta ciao. time to call my day off.



well, the title is just to get some attention. HAHA.

i went to school yesterday to returned the text books, to get my trial results and washed my parents' car. it was just my mumy and i. we had fun. while waiting for our car to 'shine' we enjoyed some gossiping and ice-cream. NYUMMY!

later, shahrul picked me up after work. lepak-ing at Melur. then, met up with my long lost BFF, Shasha Aziz. she is still like last time, sill hot and still oh-so-tall. lol. yeap, we both agreed that we miss our good old times. we talked about the pasts and we though that let bygones be bygones. we are ok now. catching up with each other.

but, i still love my new friends. they are irreplaceable. my nina, masinda, june and ogy.



*big smile*
i have just finished reading the novel *courtesy of Nina* (thk u)
ok, what I think about the story? ummmm, well. it is just a SO-SO to me. it was not too exciting. what i mean is, it is not the type of book that can keep me reading the book till dawn, it doesn't gave any eagerness to me to turn to the next page. so, it was an OK sequel. i hope the movie turn out great.
yeap, there is still hope



I am in a happy mess.


open up

I just hope that one day he will open up the gates of his eyes and his heart to actually see that I am so very in love with him. As much as as he is in love with me.
Why is it so hard for him to just have a little faith in me?

Just open up cayang. Perhaps, just maybe.. one day you will see


happy birthday nina

happy birthday babe! love u always. we are seventeen! yeay! young and fabulous!


my post birthday presents (:

these cute stuffs are from retna normasinda.
*big smile across my face*

this is from shahrul nizam mohamed mokhtar. thk u soo much cayang :)
i really like it.

thk u soo much. i appreciate everything that i got. love it.

ohh, when i got these presents, it makes me more stress thinking what to get for nina's birthday.
urghh!! *pulling my hair*

just take it easy wawa..

fuck off!

ade org ni, kutuk my blog's url. hey! it's my blog ok? my own blog! suke hati aku la nak letak ape kat my url.
typical piece of shit!
get your own life laa.


a day trip to remember

ok, yesterday's trip to PD was WOW!
lol. i went to PD with nina, lily and her father, Uncle Razali. i just love them.
nina came to my house to pick me up around 11am. (i know, precise timing kan??)

we went to Lily's apartment first. that's beside her college. it was in Nilai i think. i didn't paid that much attention to the roads. lol.
when i was in her apartment,i feel that i just can't wait to be in college/university and got my own place. it would be nice to be independant, kan?

then, we start our journey to PD. yeay!
when we reached there, the place is like a private yacht club house. when it is stated as a private club house, isn't it suppose to be like very exclusive? but, let me tell u, the toilets there were so dirty and like very ewwww! nina and I had our Diva moments.. so typical huh?

nina tak habis2 ajak pergi pantai. ishh budak nih, sabaw ya??
she was like a little girl begging for her lollypop. *winks*
i was the only one to acomponied her to the beach. i'm not a big fan of beach though. i don't even know why. i told nina and lily about how much i don't like the beach. and nina was like,(talking to her sister)
"pelik kan kak? sebab die nampak mcm org2 yang suke pantai."
nina dgn gelut2 nya cakap that, i look like the beach lovers. i know why she said that, it is because of my golden brown skin. right, nina? lol.

ok, back to the highlight..
lily was performing wih the old boys very well! i just love oldies now. heee.
nina's uncle, Uncle Darby was saying to me, "u can be a great performer, i see that. cuma u malu2 je"
errrrr, me? malu2? okaey.. thanks for he comments though. it gave me a boost.
later, we had seafood for dinner.lip smacking!

it was great. i had fun sebok2 with nina's family yesterday. i had this conversation with Uncle Razali,
"it is a pleasure having u with us today, wawa"
*senyum bangga yang teramat*
"i know uncle"

that made him laughed non-stop!
thank u for inviting me to join u guys. love it!


sayonara my love

i miss him already. sape lagi wei? my shahrul la. rite at this moment now, he is on his way to the airport to catch his flight at 2pm to jakarta, indonesia. he is on holiday with his family. he said he wanna get me a new handbag, matching wallet and purse for both of us. ecehh. ohhh, *sad face* he will be away for at least 4 days.. it's not like i'm gonna die not seeing him for 4 days je.but i am gonna be so sad and missing him like crazy! we are not be able to text or call for 4 days ok! i don't know what to do..

he called me before he goes to te airport. here the conversations go..
'yayunk, u x bangun lagi ke?'
'huh?not yet cayang..'
'bangun la, makan dulu. smlm u x mkn lg kan?'
'ok cyg, where are u? dah nak pergi ke?'
'yup. that's y i call u yunk.'
'pls don't go cyg. i feel so sad'
'jgn la mcm ni. i pg kjp je kot'
'i know...'
'ok, don't worry taw?'
'please be good. swear on your life u r going to be good!' (wahhhh, part ni drama sikit)
'i will, i swear. hey, i'm gonna miss u so so much budak kecik!'
'i'm gonna miss u lagi byk2 kentot. hehe.'
'i love u yunk. when i da sampai airport, i msg u k?'
'ok cyg. luv u 2. mmmmwah!'

hummmm... i trust him. i hope he does not take my trust towards him for granted. i hope he will be good. his friends keep on saying stuffs like make me sangat sakit hati ok? like, "rul, jakarta ramai cewek2 gantenggg! clubbing la! best dowh..."
urghhhh! geram2.

it's ok tho. i trust him. if he wanna go clubbing or whatever, i don't care. c'mon la. he is on holiday.. i gotta let him have fun like a mad monkey..

rite... g2g.

goodbye date ( yes, this is a late post)

yesterday was my goodbye date with my shahrul. we did a lot of fun stuffs together. so corny huh? i know. hehe.

ok first and foremost, (chehhhh) he fetched me at home around 1530. then, we went straight to kl. owwwwmeeeegodddd! can u believe it? it's not even rush hour yet, but the traffic there was already craaazyyy. oh ya, we went to saloma bistro. media hiburan magazine (the place he works as a graphic designer) is organizing a karaoke event. so, he has to help around a little. or what he said the word is, 'tunjuk muka'. haha. let me tell u, the girls there are so annoying. i mean, shahrul's collegues.. they looked at me in this oh-u-think-u-are-so-hot look. i really hate the way they were staring at me! so typical of malay girls. jealous la tuh. HAHAHA *evil laugh*

the traffic was crazy kan? so we decided to get out of kl later, after peak hours. we met arul in taman setiawangsa. his new place with his brother. i met his two cats. one siamese cat, and the other is a persian. sgt comel! i kissed them (i mean, the cats) like crazy. i think i scared arul's brother. heeee. then, we went to mamak to get something to eat. we played poker, just for fun. guess what? i won 4 times in a row! i beat the boys ok? hahaha. i'm so good.. after for awhile, we said goodbye to arul and send him home.

yada yada yada. shahrul said he really wanna catch a movie with me before he goes away to jakarta. so, i proposed to him,"lets go to midvalley! asyik-asyik, sunway pyramid je" then he said ok. so we went in. walked to the cinema. jeng jeng jeng! the movie time sgt x sesuai! hehe. so we went out back and drove off to sunway pyramid jgk.. *yawn*

we met mus, pari. oh ya, i was yelling at pari "pari! wawa dah habis sekolah!" *muka bangga* then, he replied, "but still tak cukup umur. hahaha".
damn u pari...

after that, to darussalam. shahrul wanted to eat their scrumptious nasi lemak. since i am now trying to lose weight, so i just ordered kuey teow goreng mamak. unfortunately, mamak kat situ lambat la plak! i was hungry, mad and macam2 lg! i was impatiently saying to the mamak at the counter, "cancel je kuey teow! x sampai2 pun"
nina said that im garang, shahrul said, i have anger issues. i think they are right. i gotta change that about myself. so buruk perangai.. haiyaaa.
oh ya, nina ajak lepak at ac. im sorry babe, credit i and sahrul ran out. i wanted to text u to come to darus. i was waiting for you to call. but, nothing.. maybe it's just not our rezeki to meet yaa?

then, we went back to sunway pyramid for our movie, Transporter 3. for me? hands down, it was like a B-class movie. i think because of the cast. but for shahrul, the movie was great.. ohhkaeyyyy.. 0_o
we were at the parking lot rite? shahrul was doing some action with his car. konon2 laju la, ala transporter. berangan je.. boys will always be boys yaa?

phewwww, one long post..


something just touched me deep

i wanted to sleep. then.. stranger, hillary duff's song(my hp message alert) woke me up. i thought it was from, (who else?) shahrul la kan? lol.
i flipped open my hp. the screen pops out 'mah darling' . oh yaa, it is so typical of her to text me in the middle of the nite. not that i hate it or anything. just saying..

lets cut to the chase aite?
so i read the text. here it goes..
'when an angel opened the door, he looked at me and say, "what is your wish before u go?"
i say, "dear angel, please take care of the person who read this message, because i love her so much"

ohhhhh.... *mata berkaca-kaca menahan air mata melimpah*
that text message just touched me sooo deep within my heart. so corny, i know rite? but it did touched me. if it didn't, i wont be blogging about this, duhhh..

thk u retna normasinda (her real name). love u always :))

at last

went out with sita to summit today. angie's mom fetched her there. miss u already babe :)
then, it was raining cats and dogs kan? so, shahrul offered himself to send sita home just now. actually kan, we wanna meet. that's why he was so kind to send sita home all the way to ampang weyh! hehe. sita knew it, and she kept saying that to mak
"mak! wawa and shahrul gunakan sita mak. konon2 nak htr, padahal nak jumpe"
haha. but we did send her to her house ok? safe & sound. chewahh.

shahrul gave mak daging korban. he wanted to come in the house. but, unfortunately, ayah was here. so, he takut nak masuk. he just passed the daging to me. u know, ayah and shahrul had incident yg amat tergempar last time. he is just still not ready to face ayah. but mak and everybody at home keep saying that
"tak ape lah.. ayah dah ok la syg. masuk je la"
but u know shahrul, he is too headstrong + pemalu. he just said to mak,
"tak pe la makcik"

haiyaaa. le he peng ko wa?? what am i crapping about ya? hehe

oh yaa, i had satay kajang mase dinner with sita and her housemate, kak liyana td. nyummmy! stick licking good! for the first time, sita and i tried satay hati. lip smacking baby! u should try it..

ok, g2g. baby tot keep on purring calling me to sleep with her. jap eh baby..



happy birthday baby!!

Sultan of Selangor, DYMM Sultan Sharafuddin Shah is celebarating his 59th birthday today. way to go! may allah bless u and the country :))



yes! yes! *big smile on my face*

weeee. i watched twilight with angie today. at sunway pyramid. angie got her job working at Bar-celona. she can start working asap. wow huh? yes, i know. i have to start working already rite? got that.

lets talk about my edward cullen ok? chewahh. he is not the typical hero in other movies. he is sooo weird, a little splash of cockiness, deep colours changeable eyes. he is so my type! nobody should miss his oh-so-sexy act in this movie. ini adalah filem MESTI TONTON! i want a vampire to fall in love with me! if the vampire turns shimmering under the sunlight.. hehe. i can't stop smiling.. i don't know why.

i am watching Wild Child over and over again. lina bought the dvd in summit the other day.. now, i am watching it again with angie. hehe.

oh yaa, angie crash at my house tonite. i need to rest my head. hectic day today.



for real. my lips were salty (i think). all hail to my cute little kitty, baby tot.. she was licking my lips when i was asleep to wake me up at 6am. amazing huh? every time when my alarm rang at 6am, it is really hard for me to get up and perform my duty. *silly smile on my face* but, when baby tot sleep with me everynite rite now, she will lick and bite me at my fingers. and this morning was the first time she licked my lips. ewwww. i know rite? but thanks to her licking and biting action, i woke up and do my thang! hehe. (puhleeezz do not think kuning-kuning mates)

for these past few days,i always got this weird dreams.. like there was once i was dreaming about walking bare foot on red hot flaming ground. what the hell was i doing on that thing? yeap, i asked myself the same exact question. oh well, bak kata nina with her macam bagus face, "dreams happened because your brain is diffracting all of the informations in it"
terima kasih nina..

feel the rain on your skin

wow. raining non-stop huh? rahmat.. :))

i went out with angie today. teman her job-hunting as a bartendress at sunway pyramid. phewww. it was exhausting wei! it was fun tho. it has been a long time since i last hang out with angie.

HEY! i haven't watched twilight yet! i wanna watch twilight! somebody.. someone... please swap me off my feet, carry me on your horse and bring me to cinema yang berdekatan. and we watch twilight happily ever after. kwang kwang kwang.




i went to a open house in gombak with mas and fizi. it was fun and great. lots of fun people. makan2 non-stop. ayaiyai. i think i gain back all of my weight. oh noooo.

than, i went to summit with lina. we went to our favourite saloon, Superstyle. i just love to get my hair done there. hey are so fun and they make me feeel beautiful u know? hehe. oh yaa, i got my hair trimmed and give my hair a little volume and fresh look. haha. i just love my more lighter hair.. weeee

then, at nite. i met shahrul. he gave me this cute little birthday card and an initial ring for both of us. unfortunately, my fingers are too tembam2 he say. then, i decided totake out the initial and make it as a pendant to my necklace. brilliant huh? oh well, i miss him already


at last. phewww

then, my mum and my dad brought me to this very nice restaurant Rebong @ Bangsar. actually, my uncle, cik shukor from singapore that share birthday with me treat us. it was kinda like a celebration of my birthday and his. mak n ayah got me this very beautiful, pink watch. a little girl forever.. *wink* but, i love it. i love my family. they will do anything to make me happy. nina joined us too yesterday. we ate a lot! talking about diet eh? lol. oh ya, did i mention that nina crash at my house? she just got back. her father lepak2 here for awhile jgk.

after that, nina, lina n i went to cyberjaya to pick up lina's stuffs at her friend's house. then we lepak2 at old town kopitiam around cyberjaya with khaled. he was so annoying! but as usual, i can be more annoying. HAHAHA

now, i'm at the livng room, my tummy is full, with a smile on my face.watching lots of love are poured in this house. i have my unty, uncle, 3 cousins and our favourite family angkat(izwan & family). when i stop for a moment, think deep.. i am really2 a very lucky girl. perhaps, the luckiest girl. i have a very loving, big, extravaganza family. yeap. im shower with lots of love and care. i have the coolest parents ever! my sisters, brothers. my bestfriends that always care. my cats... who cares if my boyfriend is taking me for granted? i have a lot of people that appreciate me soooo much. kan? so, a bf that's ignoring me? screw that! i have my own life rite now. i wanna live my life to the max rite now. enjoy every second of it.

ok now. i gotta run along.


happy birthday to me :)))

it is my 17th birthday to me. happy birthday to wawa. happy birthday to me. weeee.
well it is not like a very fun birthday tho. nina n lily came to my house. we ate pizza hut and some juice. izwan came by. and now i'm with nina and izwan watching tv while i'm blogging about this. *sigh*
pity me ya? i don't even get to blow my 17 candles on a cake so far. so sad. so pathetic. i am such a total loser!
shahrul is in sepang rite now with his family soing some kenduri for hari raya korban+housewarming.
mak planned to celebrate my birthday. unfortunately, my family from singapore came today. and mak n ayah teman them go to ipoh to get some labu sayung. like duhhh. it is my BIRTHDAY for goodness sake! hate it! hate it.
omg! why am i so grumpy and full of hatred. stop it wawa.
so, i decided to get myself my very own birthday cake from the internet. haha. there u go, my dream birthday cake.



i want my fairy tale dream come true, too.

nina! can u believe it? i have finished reading the book u lend me. i love it! and i am thinking to borrow your vampire chronicles. weee

total hectic day

yes, it sounds so familiar rite? it's from one of the pcd's songs. i heart them. they are hot, gorgeous and got that attitude. chewahh. i don't wanna sound like a total lesbo here. i'm straight, ok? so stop quinching your eyes fellas.

yupp. yesterday. oh boy, yesterday was one hell of a day i tell u. i went out with nina n her sister to sunway pyramid. weyh! it was like 13 hours of hang out. and i actually had so much fun. except for the time when my vincci strap suddenly just snap! yeap, it just snapped. just like that. my feet were killing me! melecet here and there. and and (eager sgt to tell what happened) the time when nina just bailed away from us (lily and i).
oh well, i don't feel like blogging about this.(i know u so wanna hug and kiss me rite now, kan nina?) i don't wanna hurt my bestie's feeling. it was rather emberassing for her. i was sooo mad to her. but, suprisingly, i'm not crying or too mad at her. maybe because i was busy looking for Vincci shop. guess what? i didn't find it. not even a glimpsed of it. gila kan? i hate the now-so-big-sunway-pyramid! hate it. hate it. so i bought myself a pair of really nice, comfortable, RM10 flip-flop. save sikit duit kan?
we watched 2 movies. yes, two movies. Bolt- a total kick-ass kid's-family movie. Wild Child- a chick-flick. yeap. we laugh all the way. *wink*
we ate at pizza hut. i bought myself this konda hippie-bo ho headband that i wore it around my forehead. i know it sounds silly. i thot it was so sillt too, but, when i wore it. it actually turn out to be so cute on me *ngehhh* perasannye.
yada yada yada...
then, we went to ss15, asia cafe. played pool with lily's college friends. yea. we sucked all the way. at least, nina and i. we both terasa so cool la konon main pool. yea rite, cool heh? no way. da la we played pool without any rules applied. *lol*

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY *tripple wink*
jeng jeng jeng..
(nina is so gonna laugh)
nina's brother actually talking to me! he was so nice. we joked about langgar org and gain points. lol. then, when we breakfast together, he offered me this sauce to sprinkle it on my nuggets. oh ya, it sounds so wrong. jgn think kuning-kuning ok? i was really a sauce to pour on seafood or something. well, it doesn't matter anyway. all that matters now, he actually TALKED to me. HAHAHAHA.

then, later that nite, they send me home. it was so nice of them. i really like nina's family actually. thanks for verything, babe. and thanks for the princess diaries novel u lend me(:

nina, i am so in love with you! haha. note:i am not a lesbian. we are bestfriends to death. so, shhh.

guess what? shahrul said that he x cukup budget to get me my birhtday present. i don't wanna sound so meterialistic or anything, but, it is MY 17TH BIRTHDAY for goodness sake! i want him to be with me, at least. but guess what? he will not be with me until the day after my birthday tomorrow. i need my friends to be with me. i hate shahrul rite now. really am. doesn't he knows that a birthday girl can be so sensitive when it comes to her birthday thingy kan? but he didn't seem to care less. oh well.. very fright huh? btw, fright means cool in a gothic way. i got this from a book i read last week.

p/s: i was talking trash about how much i hate u-know-who, nina all day long when i was with her. haha. nina said that i'm trauma. lol.
ok, gotta go. my legs are aching for walking toomuch yesterday.



oh god, baru je 2 hari of working but i decided to quit my job. i knoq this is the action i take that im gonna regret later. so, pls jgn ckp, 'i told u...' haha. itold everybody at home abt it already, except for my sister at france, ana. i know she'll understand. u wanna know why i quit my job? well, first and foremost, it's the 12 hours time of working la weyh. sgt lame! then, it's the people there! they are killing me ok? i can't take it! they won't talk to me. they talk to each other je (in bhs cina pulak 2) i feel so alone and like an outcast ok? da la cuti 1 week, once aja. plus, first week of kerja, no cuti. like duhhh. it's my birthday coming up ok? they are torturing me >.<
oh well, now i know why i was so excited to start my job the other day, rupa2 nya, i turn out not liking it. ATT ALL!
ya, i went for an interview at MACY. it was ok, the time of working is ok, the gaji pun not bad. n they are all malays. so, at least, i understand what they are talking about kan?
thank god, my family are being so supportive when i say i wanna qit my job. they say that 12 hrs of working mmg melampau pun. they ask me to look for a part-time job je. izhar and iskandar are making fun of me. gelak2 kan, coz i was crying when i told my mum how i feel when im working.
after all, everything is ok. eventho i waste my 24 hours to them (for free)
i have to text nina about this. i wanna tmn her job hunting nnt.
oh ya, shasha text me. she is ok. now i know why kadang2 she is good, kadang2 x. sebenornyer, her sister je yg haven't forgive me yet. ohhhhhhhhh...
ok, lets lepak when u get here ok sha?
troodles! i wanna get my beauty sleep *wink*