Holiday day 6

Pelik sangat macam mana dulu kita boleh tidur satu katil, mandi sama-sama, kongsi tuala yang sama, makan dari pinggan yang sama, minum dari cawan yang sama. Kongsi semua cerita bersama, menangis sama-sama, ketawa tak ingat dunia bersama. Pelik, kenapa sekarang kita dah tak macam dulu dah.

Tak rindu ke semua benda yang kita buat sama-sama tu dulu?  Tak teringin ke nak kongsi semua cerita bersama? Tak teringat ke semua benda yang kita buat sama-sama? Menari, melompat macam monyet, menyanyi jerit-jerit tak fikir orang lain?

Sedap kan makanan tu kalau kita ramai-ramai berebut? biskut kering cicah teh o pun boleh jadi rebutan. Apam kosong pun jadi sedap kalau kita makan ramai-ramai. Tempat yang sangat bosan pun boleh jadi havoc kalau kita semua ada. Kan?

I miss us, I miss you. I miss the old me. Don't you miss us?

Ni semua salah padang lalang. Ni semua sebab padang lalang jauhkan kita. Padang lalang kecil sangat, bilik sempit and panas. Orang pun jadi panas.

Shit! I haven't touch anything on my assignments yet. WTF is wrong with me? I have to stay home tomorrow and finish up all of my assignments.

Happy Birthday Jue! You've been a great friend for all of these years. Love you. xx


Happy Birthday Zakwan

Zakwan Anuar's surprise birthday party was awesome. Though there were only the 9 of us but it was so meaningful and oh so fun! Birthday Zee dah lama sebenarnya, on the 10th of July but we don't wanna celebrate in Kuantan so we postponed it hence, the party at my house. Qayyum, Lego and I planned out the whole thing. Hebatnya Qayyum masak! Lego pun hebat membantu. me? help around, buat air sirap, (sebelum kamu semua tanya, "eh, kenapa kampung sangat minum sirap dengan western food?" let me tell you this, the birthday boy suka air sirap ok. tu buat air sirap baik punya) basuh pinggan, ambik tupperware. teeheehee. banyak jugak lah kerja tu.

So, the nite before the party yesterday, Qayyum and Lego came to my house and we did some grocery shopping together. Ahh, I dah feeling feeling macam ibu-ibu bawak two retarded sons yang sangat kecoh. We love Tesco sebab rasa macam tengah shopping kat supermarket in USA. perasan sangat, kan?The boys slept over at my house and I felt like I buat sleepover with my girlfriends! We watched romantic movie together while having Oreo with milk, heart to heart talk and meni pedi. The boys are so adorable!

And, the day of the party? All was well! Zee looked so happy and everyone was happy too. We loved the food. My niece Alya had fun too sebab dia dipuji-puji non stop from my friends. Tu terus happy tu. Alololo, you so vain Alya. Thanks to everyone who helped :) And Zee, I hope you like our small token of appreciation on your birthday. I love you so much!

Gambar akan diupdate later ye. Sabar.. :)


holiday day 2

rasa macam nak sepak diri sendiri bila fikir balik semua benda bodoh yang pernah dibuat dulu. Contohnya, sneak out nak pergi lepak tengok World Cup, lepastu kantoi masa tengah bukak pintu pagar. I was caught red-handed man! It was very very scary ok. kalah seram tengok cerita Ju-0n. Till now, bila fikir balik zaman kehijauan, situasi kantoi sneak out tu, masih meremang bulu roma.

*bukak pintu pagar slow-slow, terdengar panggilan suara garau dari tingkap bilik atas*


ya allah ya tuhanku, masa tu. only god knows how I felt. menggigil tangan, berpeluh-peluh, jantung pun takut nak berdegup. Rasa macam nak lari jauh-jauh je masa tu, taknak balik rumah 2746 tahun, sebab takut nak jumpa ayah. WHY WAWA. WHY?

Ok, tu je nak cerita. kantoi sneak out masa umur setahun jagung. tak silap, masa form 3 kot. masa tu,kurang bijak sikit. ADA KE, NAK SNEAK OUT IKUT PAGAR BESAR DEPAN RUMAH?! what the heck. Now, dah meningkat dewasa, boleh keluar dengan hanya meminta izin. Thanks Ayah and Mak for being so understanding and sangat lah sporting. Love you! :D


Holiday day 1

*click image* 

Like, seriously Fesbuk? (read;Facebook) Takkan lah orang yang suka Najib, suka Anwar juga? 

So, moving on. My midterm break dah start! And i'm so happy to be back home. I miss sleeping with my cats, with the radio on. Sitting on the couch watching TV, eating ice-cream with ice cold plain water. Sebab duduk dekat hostel takde fridge. Kalau nak air sejuk kene turun bawah. dah la bilik I tingkat 4.malas. and, being able to say yes when my friends ajak lepak. I can't wait to start my degree in Shah Alam! 
Oh yes, weekend in Kuantan is not so bad. It's kinda fun actually. Losing bonds are strengthen, new friendship, discovering places in Kuantan, a wake up call and a huge smile on my face :D Thanks for those who made Kuantan feels like home to me. You are the best.

Jadi,apa plan cuti ni? Assignments! best kan? 

And before I go, just wanna let this thing out. I REALLY HATE IT WHEN A PERSON ADD ME IN FB, AND I APPROVED HIM/HER. let me repeat this, dia yang add I ok, lepastu I yang approve dia ok. AND THEN, HE/SHE WROTE A WALLPOST...

"Hey, thanks for the add"

Boleh tak jangan perasan sangat? I don't know why am I so furious about this but I am very. Somehow, it is very disturbing for me. Can't you just say, Hello or Thanks? geeesh.


Just hold on to me

Tengok cerita cerita dongeng ni. Best tak, if this kind of love really exist? You're singing in the kitchen one day, then a passerby heard you ( a super handsome, super rich and uber kind one), sang back to you. Your eyes met his, then you fell in love. The next thing you know, you are happily married, living in a castle, with happy kids running around you. HOW COOL IS THAT?! How I wish that a prince charming, a knight in shining armor will sweep me away. Where are you?! Ok, I sound so desperate right now. What is wrong with me?! Blame this on Disney. Ni semua sebab I watched Beauty and The Beast and Little Mermaid in YouTube just now. damn you Disney. Dah la Illuminati. 
 Baca sendiri lah eh pasal Illuminati ni, malas nak explain. Nanti kene tembak pulak kalau cakap bende salah. Click the link! click it! click it! CLICKKKK ITTTTTT!!! ok, enough. Anyhuus...

Felicitaciones EspaƱa! 

I told you that Spain is going to win. Yay. I'm cool like Paul the Octopus yaw. I predicted the game between Germany and Spain and I was right, Spain won! I even won 10rm bet from my friend. Ish, kalau tahu, I bet 182546rm. teeheehee. Tengok lah manusia ni. tamak betul, bukan?


I doubt that

I don't tell anyone about us. I won't. Can we keep this as a secret?