*cough cough cough+running nose+sneezing*

for the sake of new post, sebab lama sangat tak update, saya akan update bende bodoh. sila tinggalkan blog ini jika masa anda seperti setongkol emas.

well, since im soo busy with assignments and tests because my 2nd sem is coming to an end, I have soo much to write but soo little time! gosh, macam can't believe that my 2nd sem is coming to an end! time flies soo fast heh?

Oh, let me tell you about National Novice Debate Championship, hummm.. kalah? haha. but it's okay, I gained lots of experience and met bunch of new people from different universities. It's all about expanding your connections after all. oh ya.. I still can't get this incident off my head.

Situation 1: in the lift.

Arab guy: *looked at me from head to toes, and smiled* Where are you from?

Me: *smiled back and said* I'm from UiTM Kuantan.


Me: -____________________-" *pause. crickets singing* (FYI, everyone in the lift were quiet too. maybe they are anxious to know too?)
Oh yes, I'm Malaysian..

Arab guy: *muka konpius uolls* Oh, okay. *smiled at me and looked at me confusedly again.*


I'm Malaysian you moron! Kau ingat aku dari Afrika ke? Damn you. Haaa, fikir positif wawa. Mesti dia ingat aku dari Brazil kan? kulit tanned, rambut perang, mata hazel. Pffft. Statement tu mintak penumbak tak? mintak sangat kan? haha

Situation 2: in the car

Then I told Shahrul about the incident of the Arab guy in the lift.

I said, "I'm a Malay ok?!"
then he replied, "no,you're not. you're mum is Indian and your dad is Javanese."
"Javanese IS Malay"
"NO..... it's not. Practically, you're not a Malay"
"I am. I am. I am! and I do look like I'm Malaysian! What's wrong with that guy?!"
"there's nothing wrong with him, he's just confused. You have your contact lens on, rambut karat. memang la konpius"

Lepasni, nak kaler rambut itam balik la. hehe. contact lens tak boleh nak buat apa sebab saya rabun, power 300. TAKNAK PAKAI CERMIN MATA! jatuh saham mak. LOL

p/s: Special thanks to my angels, Shahrul and Nina for coming to watched me debate. They were very impressed! happynye! :) I love you my angels :)


through the galaxies and beyond

ok, my body can't stop shivering and shuddering kegeliiiiiiiiannnnnn sangat coz I just read Syazmin's blog about her fear. I think I have trypophobia too. Which is the fear of holes. Like ewww sgt! sumpah can't stop thinking about it. and i feel like ada berzillion zillion semut tengah creeping on my body! Stop thinking about it wawa! Ok, say the meditation words to calm yourself down.. Gucci, Prada, Channel..(repeat 3 times)

Ok, sebenarnya nak berceloteh pasal cuti 4 hari ni sempena Hari Raya Cina.. Btw,Gong Xi Fa Cai! Ape yang telah dilakukan semasa cuti? lets look here

  • Hari Khamis, ambik bas from Kuantan to KL
  • Jumaat malam : sampai rumah,terus tidur. Btw,sempat dating dengan kekasih tengok cerita romantik
  • Sabtu pagi sangat : Terus bertolak pergi balik JB.
  • Ahad : lepas pergi wedding, masuk Singapura jumpa saudara mara
  • Isnin : Dah keluar Singapura, pergi rumah Dina kat mana entah buat test psychology sama sama. Thanks for the help sayang! :)
  • Selasa at 2am : baru sampai rumah. Esok pagi plan nak breakfast with Love and Nina. I miss you soo much Ninnsy! :D Lepastu, at 4pm, balik Kuantan balik.
  • Lepastu lagi, Khamis malam nanti, pergi balik Shah Alam balik for Novice Cup Debate Competition.
Hey, tengok la plan kat atas tu. macam drebar bus dah aku ni. i'm gonna be soo super exhausted! I spent more hours in the car/bus than outside, minggling around w my friends.. Takpelah, at least dapat jumpa makcik2 and pakcik2, atuk2 and nenek2, sepupu sepapat. They all have changed a lot! the best thing is, they love to tell us stories about 30-ish years ago. It's so sweet! They also remembered everything that I used to do when I was a kid! awww, they are my angels! ok dah,jiwang pulak.

Oh oh, ayat yang selalu dapat bila jumpa sedara mara... beware! (jangan termuntah taw! tapi ni cerita betul, bukan nak perasan hot macam ada sorang kawan saya kat kampus ni)

"eh eh, macam ARTIS la!"

Mak ape lagi uolls? tersipu sipu malu lah! haha.

Oh btw kawan kawan, adik Abai dah ada girlfriend! He bought her a box of chocolates! APA SEMUA NI?! KENAPA BESAR CEPAT SANGAT!?! macam terkesima la kejap kan. oh well, dah besar dah. NOT! Baru 13 kot. when I was his age, I was a flat-chested, nerd prefect with a low ponytail who cried everyday if my sister doesn't want to eat together with me during recess time. pathetic, much? And I have my first real boyfriend when I was 15! when I was 13 I still dressed up like Lizzie Mcguire! :( Kids these days, they grow up just a little too fast, eh?


apa itu cinta?

I don't know lah. selalu sangat orang tanya this question to me lagi lagi ValenTIMES (seperti orang Melayu kita suka sebut) Day dah nak sampai ni. hummm, apa saya nak jawab eh? macam macam. like....... errrrr........... errrr.............. errrrrrr.............. *zZzZZZzzzzzzzzZZZzz tertido*

Bangun wawa! Bangun semula!

ok,dah bangun. humm,get back to the question.

What is Love?
Well for me,Love is Allah, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W, my greatest family, friends, *cough* SHAHRUL *cough* <----- jiwang sial. and last but not least teachers, dari yang mengajar saya kat sekolah rendah sampai universiti (fyi, I didn't went to pre-school. Boo-hoo. NOT) ke ustazah yang mengajar mengaji, guru ajar menari dan sebagainya. oh oh, to my beautiful pets. I love you too babies. Jangan fikir anda dipulaukan dari hati saya ye. Tidak sama sekali.
Moving on....
Love is about acceptance, not toleration. Love is divine, not a myth. Love is eternity, not forever. Love is pure, not true. Love is faith, not coincidence. Love is to be cherish, not appreciated.
Cinta itu memang buta. sebab org lain tak nampak apa
yg kita nampak dekat orang yang kita sayang tu. walaupun kekasih kita tak sekacak Superman, tapi bagi kita dia lah manusia paling kacak kat dunia ni. Like what my mum always said to me, ''When you love someone Wawa, taik gigi pun rasa coklat' ewwww? But I guess mummy got a point there. When we're in love, everything seems so right in this world. When we are loved, we feel blessed. When we give back the love, we feel so satisfied. Innit?
So, I think Love is just a nature of beings. Be it Love to a cat, love to yourself (VAIN!), love to your god, love to your bikes cars or music. Just anything. Love is just there. Love is like a heartbeat.. You just can't live without it, can't you? ;)
Did I answered the question well? Dapat 100 markah tak?


Live like we're dying

You never knew good things till its gone

We gotta tell them that we love them when we got the chance to say

When we are studying, we are dying to finish college. when we are already working, we are dying to retire. when we already retired, we are dying to work again. And lastly, we are really dying to die. And it got me thinking, when do we live like really living? Have you ever think of that? We gotta stop this 'dying syndrome' and start living like there's no tomorrow. Kan?

Oh well, I have new principles too! :D here we go! these are my mantra when people try to get me down by calling me FAT or DARK or apa apa sahaja... you guys can use this mantra too. I share good things to others coz I'm such an angel ;)

When someone say bad things to you, or tegur tegur keadaan fizikal anda macam lah dia tu cun nak mamps kan? You just smile at them and then breathe in.. breathe out.. Look away and say these with a smile on your face and eyes closed..

" I am beautiful, no matter what they say. Words won't bring me down.. "

Then, suddenly things will get back to places. There's no one can bring me down anymore and you too :)