Letter Analysis

Najwa just found personality analysis behind the name.
Najwa just took Personality behind the name apps.For
Najwa Ismail whose their name start with letter N, below are the analysis result :

You are emotional and intense. When involved in a relationship, you Throw your entire being into it.(overszz giler kan?)
Nothing stops you; there are no holds barred. You are all-consuming and crave someone who is equally passionate and intense. You believe in total freedom. (Right on bebeyh!)
You are willing to try anything and everything. Your supply of energy is inexhaustible.(eheh, this is so right)
You want to be pampered and know how to pamper your mate. (meow meow meow)
You also enjoy mothering your mate. (na'ah, this one tak sangat la)
You often have the greatest love affairs all by yourself, in your head. You are very imaginative. (yess, indeed I am. Especially about boys *wink*)

Udang di Sebalik Batu

This picture was taken by my sister, at her house in Port Del Selva, France. She lives there once in a while with her husband and her son. She drew that Sun. She calls it as, "BERSERI SEPERTI SAYA". Vain not?

Ok, whatever. The main reason why I post up this picture is because I wanna show you that this oh-so-tomei- Sun is not so kiddy at all. Dengan menggunakan mata kasar, it looks like a cute, shining bright Sun. Innit?

But, please look at the picture back. Go on, look back.

What do you see??

Do you see anything scientifically sexual?


Oh my god guys, so blur! Looks like I have to tell you jugak la kan?


Now, look at the picture AGAIN..

Still don't get it?

Okay la then, since you people don't know. Let me spell it out for you.

*drum rolls*

It looks like a group of sperms approaching an ovum. Kan?

I know my sister is not THAT innocent. Aha

Don't you think that group of sperms is cute? I do think so coz they are CHUBBY! Chubby sperms.



Random Random

Introducing, Farimtron and Laily!! Yeay!

I miss you more Ain Haris!! *iklan kejap*



I woke up at 5 am this morning to sahur coz I planned to fast today. I was so excited to fast today! I even bought nasi a night before! Suddenly, after Mdm Shat class, I went to the toilet. And guess who come by to visit me? PERIOD!

I have to break my fast la. No choice :(

Then, during English class just now, some girl came to me just to tell me "Wawaaaa, you look chubby!"


I am soooo soo effing mad because she told me that every single day I met her. Damn girl. What is your problem? If I'm fat, are you gonna be fat also? If I'm fat, are you dying? What? Do you feel good and you gain your confidence by bringing people down?

You make a wrong move weyh. I'm having my first day of period. Congratulations! You just made into my "Wawa's Hall of Hate". Kudos biyatch!
Erghhh, I hate period! Can't wait to go home and be with sober people


I wonder..

Bila saya nak dapat duit elauns saya? I'm so effing broke!!


I have wasted my time and money

No, I did not break up with him. This is about Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. It totally sucks. Opppss, sorry to the Harry Potter's fans, but really, the movie sucks! This is gonna sound so cliche, but I heard the book is better? (padahal I don't even read the book. haha)

Ok, I'm gonna quote some of the spells that I heard from the movie yesterday. I find it somehow very funny and make you go whutta-heck-i-can-do-better. Correct me if I'm wrong ok?


for light to shine you in the dark

to have larger light.

CONCLUSION: lumos is for light, maxima is obviously maximum. So, maximum light is LUMOS MAXIMA! Rocket science? No.

to part the fire into two parts. Can't you see?
Partis is part. Temparis (if i'm not mistaken. but dekat-dekat lah ni) is like temperature, fire! Haha.

Then, at the end of the show, they got this small notes in a locket. I want that locket! It is so beautiful! Ok, back to the story. The note was signed by a stranger, with only acronyms, R.A.B.

Then the three of them (Harry, Ron, Hermione) were clueless lah konon nak tahu who the hell is R.A.B kan. I felt like shouting to the screen,

"Real American Brothers la weyh! Siape lagi?!"

Geddit? R.A.B =Real American Brothers? LMAO! Not funny ke? Alaa, it is funny to me lah!
Pastu, the movie ended just like that! OMG! I have wasted my time for like 3 hours and money for the ticks and food just to watch THAT?! I am so gonna kill the director. Seriously..



Did you shout when you read the title just now? If you did, WELL DONE! If you don't, then please read back the title and this time, you must SHOUT! Thank you :)
Enough merepek. Let's move on to my Shout Awards 2009 review.

First of all, I wanna say sorry to Nina and Balqis. Because I told them that I can't make it to the Shout Awards coz we are already late. But, the truth is, I went. Eheh. How should I know? Shahrul didn't tell me anything. We were fighting in the car. So we had this so called 'SILENT TREATMENT' to each other. So, being the usual me, I thought we are not going to Shout Awards. Plus, when I looked at the time, it was already 9pm. How the hell should I know that we're going in? But somehow Shahrul can get in, with the help of his media friends.

So, we went in. I was so selekeh coz I don't know that we're going in. Erghh. I was so mad at him. I was practically shaking, restraining myself from screaming at him. Thank god Arul and Ain were there. They calm us both down. As usual, they did their lame-but-sumpah-funny jokes.

I'm sorry girls. I make it up to you when I'm on my sem break ok? I love you. Hehe.

This is the ticket that we don't use pun after all. We went straight in. Nice huh?

The performances?

I tak sempat watch the opening act. I was so late, remember?

I love Estranged and Joe Flizzow. Come on, I love old timers better than the newbies. And the MJ's tribute sucks! The choir team was awesome, but I think Jaclyn ruined the show. She screamed too much. I know la it's the Shout Awards, but jaclyn, words from me, PLEASE DO NOT SHOUT WHEN YOU ARE SINGING!
Oh ya, I was so impressed by Shila One in A Million. Very nice performance.She has great showmanship. Kudos :)

And the moment that you all have been waiting for...

*drum roll*

Somebody call 911!

The talented, handsome *cough* artist from Miami..

Sean Kingston!

Ahah, he mimed all of the three song that he performed! Damn you. Mentang-mentang kau datang Hollywood, and you have clans, you think you can just performed by lip-syncing?
You suck! Ok, emo pulak. haha.
Oh ya, I fell in love with Pesawat yesterday. They were great! I'm still not satisfied with the results. Bunkface won the Ultimate Shout Awards! Like, uh huh? -___-


I feel like a shit

There are many reasons why do I say I'm feeling like a shit rite now. (ayat essay yang cannot go)

1. When I woke up this morning, my housemates told me that this house TAK ADE AIR. i repeat, TAK ADE AIR! -__-"

2. After I have finish screaming around the house out of frustration (lama jugak la. i looked like someone whose husband just died), out of the blue, I heard water came out from the pipe! Then, ape lagi? I jumped straight into the bathroom and mandi laju-laju. I'm afraid that tiba-tiba air tak ade masa i tengah mandi. Bahahahaha

Moving on..

3. Then, when I was raiding Sara's locker to find a nice baju kurung to wear for today, suddenly.. jeng jeng jeng..

I received a text from my class mate "wawa, class cancel"


Next time, I should listen to my heart. Listen to my instinct. Coz my instinct is always right! I should believe in myself after this.
I knew it! I knew it! If I have known about this earlier, that my class is canceled, I should have just went back home with my brother and sister yesterday! I nak balikkkk semalam!!

If I follow my instinct yesterday, I'm already so happy in my pinky room. OMG! I AM SO FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW!

*frust menonggeng til 2pm(coz my bus is at this time)*



I'm getting even more annoying these days.

Please believe me. I'm not lying or trying to get your attention or whatever not. This is true.

I like to irritate people a lot these days.

Latest passion? Singing so horribly to my boyfriend. But he thinks it's cute and adorable. He even asked me to sing for him every night.
Cool kan?


Happy Mode

My life is getting better, I think.. Someone wise told me that I have to be strong and the feeling of "nak balikkkk!!!" will soon go away and things will get better in time. I hope so. I really do hope so. I miss my family weyh!
Last night, (macam biasa) I cried again after I talked with my little brother. He called me and asked, when I wanna come home. Oh, my baby brother miss me. He is still my old budak gemuk after all, eventhough die dah kacak sekarang ni. Haha.

And oh yess, I think I did well in my CSC test. I scored my forum weyh! Without any preparation at all ok? Gile bangga diri. KUDOS to my team!

Life here in Kuantan is not so bad after all. I'm starting to like it here. It's wayyy wayy better than other UiTM small campuses tawu x? I dah ade ramai kawan now :)

Ayah told me that he wants me to do well in my exam, then baru I get my own laptop. Aiyakk.. -___-"

Actually, I have nothing to blog about. My posts are getting more boring kan? Benci betul!



1. Is my blog too pinky?
2. Do you think Jacko is really dead?
3. Am I fat? REALLY, HONESTLY! jangan nak jaga hati yer
4. Is my hair toooooo looongggggg and booooriiiingggg?? *yawn*
5. Do you feel like you are in danger? *ok, please ignore this question. bodoh gile kot*
6. I think my dad looks like Jalaluddin Hassan. Agree or not?
7. Which Transformers movie do you prefer? The first or the latest one?
8. How far would you go to have body like Megan Fox's?
9. Yes or No? My lips are like Angelina Jolie's. MUAHAHAHA. I AM SO EFFING VAIN!
10. Siapa suka Michael Jackson? Angkat kaki!

These questions are random. No animals were harmed during the making of these survey. And oh no, you won't get anything in return if you answer this but my gratitude. Cewahh.

This is what happen when you stay at home on Sunday, alone in the room. You have nothing to do so you make up something so silly like these questions. At least, I've done something productive. Tadaaaa! Innit?

I think I'm a pervert. Coz I will look at a man's butt the first time I met a guy. It will go automatically you know. It goes like this..

"Hye, I'm Abu (bukan nama sebenar). Yours? (smiling)"
(smiling jugak, but my eyes will look at his butt, then..)
"Najwa, but you can call me Wawa"
Whutta heck is wrong with me wey? I don't wanna be a pervert.. boo-hoo :(