have you guys ever been in the stage of searching for your identity? mestilah pernah kan? like duhh. tetibe pulak teringat zaman when i was 13 years old till 15 kot. damn i was so stupid! i was trying to find my identity,the one that will suit me the best. i was a hip hop girl, a very ayu girl (pernah pakai tudung kejap. LOL) and the worst was i jadi punk rock girl. damn. i wore thick eye liner, black pants with black shirt, really long black hair with super thick bangs. i looked gross! like literally i wore black on black on black. geeessh. what a fashion victim i was. lame,yes i know. tiba tiba rasa hampa dengan diri sendiri bila fikir balik pasal ni.

thank god i found my identity now. not that i have really found out what i am or who i wanna be but i actually feel comfortable,really at peace with my own self. i think im at the best stage of my life right now. i'm living my life to the fullest now, i am thankful for every single thing that i have in my life now. alhamdulillah :D

oh well,im happy that i'm not like the others who talk trash about other people just to make them happier or maybe feel empowered? gosh. what the hell is going on with this world? they think they are cool by bringing others down. hey you,whatever!
oh damn,i miss Kuantan. weird, huh? yes,indeed.


this is what i do when im at home

seriously, don't get me wrong. i love kids... NOT. haha. but it doesn't mean that i hate them. i like kids! but my likeness to them lasts in a short period of time. i can layan them, jadi aunty terbaikk dari ladang just for few minutes then, i get rimas. bad? tak lah. mana ada. i sayang my little creatures ok?

ini hanyalah gurauan semata mata. tiada baby yang dicederakan semasa rakaman ini dilakukan. LAME!


part of the list

kadang kadang rasa benci kene pijak dengan orang yg kite trust, yg kite fikir diorang tu lah kawan sehidup semati. bila die dah ade kawan lain, die lupakan kite. kite pun dah ade kawan baru,ramai pulak tu. kite tak lupa kawan pun kan? sigh. this is what we call kejutan budaya atau pun, culture shock ye kawan kawan.

"Siapa yang pregnant sekarang? cakap orang" - kata nina

it makes me realize that, i shouldn't even be bothered by whatever that fugly slut said about me to others just to put me down. baby please, jealousy is the best form of compliment from a girl kot. ok dah, jangan pikir lagi pun pasal ni.

i think i can get bored easily. im starting to feel bored now with, you know who. sedih kan? i love him so much, taknak bosannn :(


Alhamdulillah syukur nikmat, Malaysia maju rakyat selamat

Alhamdulillah, yeay me! I'm so happy with my final results but not my brother. :O apparently, he said that 3.47 is not good enough. *jaw dropped to the ground* what the what? terus jadi tak happy after talking to him. but he still congratulated me. i love you coz you are giving me 100 bucks tomorrow :D


this is really creepy

omg! i was browsing through youtube and guess what i found? they are at least hundreds of videos showing of the satan behaviour of popular hollywood celebrities from two personalities Beyonce, the changed Rihanna and faggot Jonas Brothers.

these videos claim that these popular people sold their soul to the devils to become what they are today. the most wanted people in the world, very in demand and super ridiculously rich. but in return, they have to selit kan Satan messages in their songs and dance moves? i don't know if i wanna believe this or not. but it makes sense, a little bit. Allahualam...

It's up to your judgement to believe it or not.

P/S :Yeay me! i dah tahu how to post a video in my blog. thank you nina :D

imposters, copycat-ers and get a life bitch

sumpah tak suka org tiru concept my blog entry and get attention for that. like hello, i think i post bout that particular thing before you, then few days after that you post about the same particular thing too. like what the Prada? benci sangattttt! and one more thing i hate it when people repeat my Twitter status. i know laa my status updates are cool but tak payah la nak tiru. benci. get a life, and get your own identity, will ya?
ergghhh, why am i full of hatred ni? maybe because im going to get my period?

i love my life now but i think i wanna do more than just studying law? i wanna do something beyond expectations. maybe become a professional boxer? part-time dancer or even have my own band? yes, i believe there's more for me in my life rather than just sitting in my room, reading Law books. i know i can do better than just be a boring student.i need a jump start to pursue my dreams...ok dah, cukup berangan.

my face tiba-tiba je naik jerawat. like banyak gila. it's not visible but you can feel it when you touch my face. i'm so sad! :( maybe i've been going out like 5 days straight. my face needs rest from those make-ups and dirty air. ok Face, you can rest now. i love you, please stop generating new pimples. thank u.

i'm wondering why people always treat me like im their effing punching bag. do i look like one? whenever he is a stress and mad with something he'll let it all out on me. i mean, if you're looking for advice, im more than happy to provide you with some wise and deep advices. but, its different when you let it out wrongly. you are mad at me eventhough it's not my fault. baby,im your girlfriend, not your punching bag. still, i love you :( i hope i can be more than just an advisor to you..

i feel like going out for shopping and shisha sampai mampos.bestnya!


ai don get yu

yes, i don't get you. dalam facebook kita macam bestfriend tapi bila jumpa in person, tak tegur pun. do you know how funny is that? ok, that is just so plain weird! ok dah. bye


dear Siti, I love you

ok, as we all know the infamous shining latex pants. kalau pakai,memang sexy! ala cat woman. yes, i'm talking about this in trend pants, every girl must haves. but not for the curvy girls like me coz nanti nampak macam kaki lembu dalam plastik beg hitam. geddit gediiiiiit?

ok dah. moving on... when i was karaoke-ing with my girls just now. macam biasa,akan ku nyanyikan lagu lagu my all time favourite malaysian singer, Siti Nurhaliza. Yes, I love her. terkezut? kampung? no no.. she's one of a kind. moving on lagi sekali.. i was singing along with her song "bicara manis menghiris kalbu" yes, the title mmg menggelikan, but it's a good song! so, mestilah  ada her video clip, suddenly masa tengah best menyanyi, i saw her wearing shining latex pants! except that it is not skinny. but what the heck? she wore that pants and rocked it long before we do!

need proof? watch this OMG kan? haha. that video was like maybe 8 years ago? but she already rocked that shiny latex pants. damn her stylist got taste! rupanya, kak siti kita stylo macam Kim Kardashian. Muahahahaha. ok, nak post a video actually, tapi tak reti! so i just put the link to the video. macam kurang umphhh! boo-hoo-hoo :(

nak story sikit. i don't know why but i got the feeling to blog back. yeay me!
what i've been doing these past few weeks? i filled the oh-so-boring-sem break with lots of fun things. i really enjoy this break so far. i don't want it to end. please!
  • read tons of books. even dah baca banyak kali pun i still read it again and again. my fave: The Colour Purple. good one. you guys should read it
  • keluar every single day (ok, tipu. tapi every other day) with Shahrul love
  • make up those gap between Nina and I. and i'm very happy that we went out all the time! iloveyoubaby!
  • Karaoke like 4 times already?
  • went to Speedzone party @ Genting and The All American Rejects concert @ bukit jalil
  • oh yes, did some mother-daughter-sisters bonding time at the kitchen. we baked cakes and cupcakes sampai orang muak with our cakes! LOL
  • did volunteer work at SPCA and adopted a small little kitty. my little Gabbana to go with my little Dolce. Aren't you in love with me already? haha. vain arse!
  • teman daddy watched his actions movies till late at nite. daddy's little girl I am.
  • and i gained myself  a little bundle of tummy weighed about 2 kgs. FUCK! need. to. get. in. the. dancing. shoes.back. my ex-teacher would kill me if he sees me right now with my extra baggage(if you know what i mean)
awh, i really don't wanna go back to Kuantan! NO!