Thunders and Rainbows

Well, I have a really huge issue right now. Like, so major. I'm in the deepest shit and like living in a hell hole. Insya-Allah, things gonna get better after this. Alhamdulillah I have the greatest family ever. I won't blog dengan secara detail mengenai masalah ini coz it might change people's perception about moi. Yes, moi. Only Nina and Shahrul knows it coz I'm really comfortable telling them everything.. They understand me so well. I love you both :)

I was so down, I cried all the time. Then, came along some angels to put a smile on my face. Those angels are Shahrul(of course), Fahmi, Farhana and Lina. I asked them to play kite with me since sekarang ni tengah peralihan angin monsoon, angin sedang aktif bertiup sini sana. It's a very perfect timing to fly a kite. *info bernas*

Without a second thought, I grabbed my little bro's very colourful kite and started asking Fahmi and Farhana to teach us how to fly a kite. Unfortunately, I tak tahu how to fly a kite!! They say my childhood sucks. F*ck you Fahmi! Haha.

Then, Shahrul drop by from work to join us. Sebok je you cayang. Nasib baik you so gorgeous, kalau tak I dah suruh you balik. Haha. Okay, enough merepek-ing.

These are some of the pretty pictures taken by Me and Lina.

These are my angels :)

the boyfies.. I LIKE..



Oh.. By the way, I am not gonna stay at Kuantan for 18 months. The foundation program will last for only 12 months.
Alhamdulillah... :) Yeay!! *happy dance+booty shaking*

P/S: Siapa nak ikut I pergi Kuantan? Jom pergi ramai-ramai :)



First of all.. Cewahh. Last weekends was awesome! Well. my weekends are always awesome, as long as I'm with my friends and my Shahrul. High five Cayang!! *sep sep sep*

On Saturday, Shahrul and I went to Konsert Akademi Fantasia!(AGAIN) Haa.. I'm obsessed with the konon-nye-kampung reality show. Eh hello? Korang pun suka tgk AF kan? Tapi tak nak mengaku sebab nak berlagak cool bandar sangat. Pffftt. Akademi Fantasia cool macam American Idol jugak. Minus the lousy sound system la kan. Oh ya, remember I was so into Aril? Ok, not anymore coz I fell in love with the big hair dude, Hafiz. He's cute, adorable and very talented. Cepatnye saya berubah hati kan? Ini lah dikatakan crush, not love. Ok, whatever. Back to square one, that Hafiz dude sang 'I believe I can fly' by R. Kelly. That song is one of my all time favourite songs. I thought, "oh, he can't carry that song well. R. Kelly has a very powerful voice". My thoughts slipped off when he started to sing. He was good! Pretty good. His pronounciation was wayyy better than the other AF students yang English teruk gila. Oh, I wanna go to the final concert but it won't happen coz Shahrul will not be here :'(

Yada yada yada.. Then, I made a crazy last minute plan. I was actually forcing Shahrul to drive me all the way up to Genting Highlands in the middle of the night. Guess what? He said yes! So, we asked Lina and Fahmi to tag along. Four of us weren't prepared to go there, so when we arrived up there,we were frigging cold! I was jumping around. They say, it helps to keep me warm. But, no help! I was still damn cold. All and all, I had so much fun. Thank you, cayang. You always make my day. Macam mane lah bila I tak dapat be with you selalu nanti kan?
Okay, no more talking about that. I don't wanna get all emotional here.

Okay Tazz, I have updated my blog :)


Melaka Trip with the monkeys

Hey Melaka! Here we are!

Oh yeah baby!

At Dataran Pahlawan. Ok Fahmi, I was not ready ok?

Lets fly high :)

At Lina's apartment back in Melaka. Nice huh?

I am still ringan. Muahaha. Very funneh.


Ya Allah! Please make me stronger

I'm Screwed for life!!

Okay, maybe not for the whole life, it will be just for 18 months. But still, I'm gonna be screwed, doomed, dying slowly inside and every thing misery! Because, I have made up my mind to accept the offer from UiTM to do my foundation in Law at Kuantan, Pahang.

Yeay Wawa! You are going to be a lawyer. Pfffttt -_-

Anyhoo, I'm going to stay positive because I'm gonna continue my degree program for 3 years at Shah Alam. Which is wayyy nearer and cooler than Kuantan! But, before that happy 3 years degree journey at Shah Alam, I have to endure the crappy campus and sorroundings at Kuantan, Pahang for frigging 18 months!!

Ya Allah! Help me!!

You must say that I'm being all drama queen now about the campus right? Well, you gonna be so sorry for me after you see these pictures. Oh yeah baby. Have some mercy to me.

So, what do you think? Fancy huh? So NOT!

It is like a damn school! Even my old school looks better than that! My school library has air-cond ok? My classroom is so spacious and comfy..

Mummy, Daddy, can I not go?

UPDATE: Oh well, I've printed out the documents, I'm gonna do medical check up tomorrow, I'm going to take my passport pictures this afternoon. Going to make certified copies of my documents. So, I guess, I'm totally going there..

Just for 18 months Wawa, it is not so long.. (I keep telling myself that.)