An Offer

P/S: Hey guys.. Should I accept this offer? I need your opinion. I'm so in dilemma right now. (Kalau nak lebih jelas, click la gambar tu yer)


Our Baby with Brad Pitt

Nina and I are really good friends. So, we don't mind to share our husband. We decided to bermadu. Our husband is Brad Pitt. We just got married yesterday. I want to see how our baby will look like. ROUTAN BABY MAKER is the answer!
(cerita di atas hanyalah rekaan semata-mata, tiada kene-mengena sama ada yang hidup ataupun yang mati)

Do you wanna see how our babies look like?

You do wanna see rite?

You wanna see so bad?!

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

This is Nina's baby with Brad. We both agreed that he looks a little faggot. Or, better known as, BUTTFUCK. Poor this little angel.

This is obviously mine. Nina said I look like a perv!! Because the way I smiled. I also think that way ;p Just look at our baby! Does he looks like Shiloh? (the real baby of Brad and Angelina). He does innit? So, are you thinking what I'm thinking? That means, I look like Angelina Jolie!! OMG! Gedik nye aku!

Har. Har. Huddee-huhh. Har. So funneh..

*click for better view of the images*


A Bat and An Award

Last night a bat came into my house. Actually, two little bats. It was scary! Everybody at home was running around the house, screaming and cover their heads using pillows (like that will help). Anyhoo, it was still very funny. I think the baby bats came to see me coz I always think I am somehow not a 100% human. For the last few months, I think myself as a half vampire, then half snake. Later, a warewolf. And now, I know I'm a BATGIRL! Booyah BatMan!

Have any of you experienced a bat enter your house? Never, right? So, I know I'm the chosen one. The one to save the world. But, it's not gonna happen coz my sister was so panicked, she accidently hurt the bat with a piece of kain pelekat. So, mereka tak sempat to bite me and turn me into a BATGIRL. Haha. Asal kan, the bat is still alive :) Thank God! They managed to flew home to be in their adopted parents wings (I'm the biological parents of the bats). I'm gonna miss u sons.. *dengan nada suara Professor Dumbledore

Here are the pictures of my long lost-found for awhile-then lost again sons.

Selepas disebat dengan kain pelekat, anak ku terus melekat di atas lantai. Kasihan anak mama. (Look at his hands! So cute kan?)

I make sure he got to lay in his mama pink bed before he leaves.

Ok, yada yada yada..

This morning, I went to my old school with mama to receive my award as SPM 2008 HIGH ACHIEVERS AWARD. Cheh, nama award nak gah! Macam award Anugerah Bintang Popular pulak.

Camwhoring is a must when I meet my Nina. So, here are some of it.

Obviously, this is me receiving my award. Dapat RM50 wei!

With my adopted family:)


My Baby

I terpengaruh to play this baby maker thing because of you, Meen!
I don't blame u though coz it's fun. And I drag my sisters to play along to see how their baby will look like. Guess what? Mine is the cutest so far. Baka baik doh! I sound so rempit-ish.


Cinta Unggul!! (the baby's name)

Look at our baby!! Comel kan?

The big eyes are mine, the pointy nose is obviously Shahrul's. Blame me for the dark skin. Sawo matang itu jelita ok? haha!
But our baby don't get my luscious lips! He got Shahrul's small lips instead. Anyhoo, he is still one hell of a cute baby!


The Good Old Times

Have you ever reminiscing about the old times? Then you started to smile to yourself or laughing so hard till your face hurts with your sisters?

Just yesterday actually. With Lina and our bff, Mimi.(cewah, mcm Paris Hilton plak ade BFF)

I laughed so hard macam nak mati. Dah la I have asthma, I nearly got my asthma attack coz I was gasping for air to laugh. Gila ok? LOL. I miss those times when I was so innocent like a pure angel. (note: I'm still is *wink*)

Pictures tell us thousands of stories. So, there you go!

My mum and dad. The greatest love of all.

And they got the greatest daughter off all:ME!

Dulu-dulu lagi aku dah sexy ok?
(I'm in the pink bathing suit. The one with the sexy butt. muahaha)

I love to sebok-sebok on people's birthday. If I don't get to blow the candles, I'll cry. Haha.
(Me in dark green, the one with the luscious lips. LOL)



you know what
famos amos ada jual kat carrefour
in packets!

dah lama la nina
kat tesco n giant pun ade kot
jusco pun
i slalu beli
tp thn selama 1 jam je
pas2 habis

OH YE EH?!??!
hahah i jakun
i baru beli tadi
nak makan kat college
So, now you know how blur my friend, Nina is. But I heart her ;p


So Kampung

Yea, that's what my friends called me when they know that Shahrul and I went to Stadium Putra Bkt. Jalil just to watch Akademi Fantasia 7 LIVE! Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Like HELLO?? Do you want to waste two free tickets? And the seats are marvellous! I can see the performances clearly. Even the smallest kudis-kudis at the AF students legs pun I can see ok? Ewww.. Gross!

All I can say is,
ARIL is super adorable!!
So what if I am so kampung? Muahaha!


Speedzone pictures!!

Eventhough this is the suckest Speedzone ever(cheh, mcm pernah pergi before), but it is not wrong to pose and look good rite? Lol. Gedik!

Feast your eyes, these will take your breath away. Perasan, again.

Well, malas la pulak nak upload satu-persatu kan? Why not, you just go to this link?


I think I'm sober

This post is one hell of a boring post. Leave my blog if you don't wanna waste your oh-so-precious-time. Thank you.

I always feel like I'm high. But trust me, I'm sober. Check la air kencing. Muahahaha. Ok, whatever.

People say that I always look like I'm on drugs or something. Hello?? If I'm on drugs, I will be stick thin ok? Ni tak, I am so chubby and fat. Ade ke orang on drugs gemuk? No rite? Lol. I feel so left out! Because, almost all of my friends dah start studying. And moi? Working my butt off to get my pay cheque by the end of the month. I sounded so boring. Sometimes, I thought to myself, 'maybe, 7A's is not enough??'. Why am I so emotional? PMS maybe..

PERIOD!! Come fast! I hate being in hormone imbalance state. I get too sensitive.

See, I told you my post is boring. I have warned you.. so, shut up!


Speedzone Tour 2009

I went to Speedzone at Menara KL last Saturday (4th April 2009). It was my first time to go to such rave party wit my love, Shahrul. It was fun but, the Dj kinda sucks tho. I was dancing and soaking wet sebab peluh-peluh gila! It was super duper packed with party animals! (including my group. Lol) But ramai jugak budak-budak kampung wannabe's. Like so eww! The girls wore dress and high heels macam nak pergi club! Ok, enough said.

Oh, there were talkings about JAWI going to angkut semua orang yang beragama Islam dalam that party. I was so cuak until Shahrul pun tercuak sekali. Lol. I have that gift to cuak-kan people, you know? Muahahaha! For those yang tak pergi, membazir beli tket mahal-mahal sebab over cuak like me sangat rugi coz that party tak ade orang kacau pun. And the police guys were nice to me! Weeee~ (Shahrul said that the police guys miang-miang. That's why. Oh Cayang, Im not THAT shallow!)

By the way, for those who saw me selling Speedzone t-shirts... I have something to say to you. Damn you! Why you didn't stop and buy, asshole?! Har. Har. Har.
Shahrul and I were being supportive to our friends. So, we helped to jerit-jerit to promote our friends' t-shirts. I almost lost my voice!

Sampai di sini sahaja coretan saya. Gambar-gambar menggiurkan akan di-post kemudian.



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Cool ke? Cool kan?! KAn?!