Web Cam Whoring

It has been years (tipu! Baru last month cam-whoring with the girls) since the last time I remember I cam-whoring/self-potrait sakan. So, tonite since I am a good girl, tak lepak Asia Cafe, I decided to take pictures with my web cam via Facebook. Gila cool Facebook ok? You snap pictures from your webcam, then it is automatically uploaded in your photo album.
(I just realized this application today. Heh.. So ketinggalan, kan?)

1) I feel oh-so-cute in this pic. Har har har!
2) I feel Angelina Jolie-Esq. (see: the lips)

3) I am so proud with my teeth, ok? SHUT UP!!

4) Yummy licking gooooooodd..
After a while.. My lil brother saw me posing ridiculously in front of the laptop..
"What on Earth are you doing, Wawa?"
"Taking pictures.. Duhhhh..."
"Nak join!"

So, these are the pictures that he sebok-sebok aje:

Ok, back to me, myself and I :)


Kids These Days

(Terjemahan tajuk di atas: Kanak-kanak zaman sekarang)

I went to Pusat Kecemerlangan Sukan Cochrane at KL this morning. For work la, ape lagi. For The MOO DANCE COMPETITION, by WALLS. Since I'm working as my boss personal assistant, I gotta be his shadow (the hotter, better and of course, the woman version of his shadow). I tailed him everywhere! It's very fun. Tak ade lah boring sangat duduk in the office, typing je.. Oh, did I tell you why I went there? The place I'm working at now is an event organiser company/kid's magazine company, the Knowledge Discovery Magazine. Click here to know more: http://knowledgediscovery.com.my (Chewah, iklan pulak)

So, nowadays my life revolves around kids. Primary school kids. Yang kenot-kenot (kecik-kecik), all innocent looking like a butterfly, bersopan-santun and blur. At least, that was what I thought...

The real deal is..
For the last couple of weeks, I have been working with lots of school kids. Tell you what, they were not innocent looking anymore, not pemalu lagi and not bersopan-santun sangat! Nada! They act like teenagers! Gedik, peramah terlebih. Kids these days are different huh? More extrovert I say..

"Hye kakak! Boyfriend kakak heandsome x? My boyfriend cute sangat. Nak tengok? TU!! *pointing at a standard 6 boy*"

"Kakak.. Boleh berkenalan?? Ade number telephone tak?"

"Hey SIS! Reti shuffle tak? Battle jom!"

And these all came from a nine year old!! Can you believe it? There is more. I went to the toilet and I heard bunch of ala Mean Girls singing MY HUMPS!!

I really can't believe it! Transforamasi kanak-kanak zaman dahulu dengan sekarang!

Remember when we were their age? We would probably enjoy watching Pokemon, Digimon, Sailormoon and Disney Channel is our favourite channel, kan?

Dunia dah maju, kanak-kanak kecil pun nak maju jugak. LMAO!


Missing Her

I'm gonna sound like a total LESBO here. Heh. But, who cares huh? Here we go..


she's in college right now. Please don't find another best friend ok?

Well, I bet u won't find someone better than me. Not even close like me. Coz I'm one of a kind.



Yet Another Stressful Day


Risau nyer! You know what!? I have no idea nak apply what and nak study ape yet. Everything seems so expensive.. Sigh.


Better I do A-Levels?? Or Foundation?? Or.. Or.. Mariculation?? All of these in private colleges. Atau pun, I should wait for IPTA's offers je?? ( like in another 2 months)


It's Hectic

My life is so hectic right now. I am super busy. I haven't applied any IPTS yet. Teruk kan? I know. But I realized that my life is so messy now. I'm not the messy type. Ask my friends. They know, especially Nina. ( I selalu datang rumah you, kemas-kemas bilik you yang sangat selerek tu kan? ) LOL.

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. -___- "

Really. I'm out of my mind. I have to juggle my time with work 9am-6pm, then when I get home, I'm already so tired..
What's wrong with me?
Kenapa malas sangat ni?
I'm not like this...


SPM Results

10++ freaking long hours more to endure till my SPM results come out. It's the jump start for my future. It is super important. What else I can say?

Ya Allah.. Please makbulkan doa-doa aku.. I want to pass with
flying colours..

I guess all I can do now is just.. wait.. waiting with mixing feelings. My head is spinning round and round thinking about what I should do if my results is really really really (ok,enough) bad?
No one wants to be in my shoes now. I am so cuak, nervous, anxious, menggelabah, gelut (same meaning with menggelabah), scared, worried, depressed, nervous (did I already mentioned this?), you name it! I am so not feeling right!

Oh well, I've done the best. I guess.. Maybe I could do better? Stop it! This is killing me! Just wait patiently, Wawa.

Now? Just wait 10 hours more.


My results dah keluar. I was waiting so anxiously for my results cause I arrived at my school very the early ok? Then....

"Ok, kids. Boleh naik atas pergi dewan sekarang. Ambik results"

Wait seminit, did he just called us 'kids'? Sepak karang!

Setibanya saya di dewan. everybody was so scared to take their results. But, not me. I can't wait any longer. So, I was the first to take my results...

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!


"Congratulation, Najwa. You got 7A's."

"What? Really? Thank You!!!!!" *senyum lebar giler*


Like Whateverrr!

I Love My Life!
There, I said it. Puas hati?


Chipsmore Land!

Don't be jealous or hate me ke ape-ape ke, kawan-kawan. My boss is a very nice guy. Yeepie! He gave me tons of CHIPSMORE wafers, biscuits. I mean, seriously, it's a lot! I gave to my neighbours, my friends. Hehe. Baik la konon. Memang pun, ok?

Boss: Najwa, awak nak letak these Chipsmore kat mana?
Me: I don't know. In that plastic bag (pointing at beg sampah hitam yang bersih lagi)
Boss: Oh, ok then. Lets do it.


Boss: That's it! You look like Santa Claus!

You know why he said that? Because I was wearing red baju kurung. Muahahaha. Comel je kan?

Me: Haha. Thank you. I see you tomorrow.

My house is raining with Chipsmore.


A Rock Star?

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This is the first time I got an award. Awww.. Thanks Meen! Saya sangat terharu *tears*


I Got A Job!

I am so very happy!!
*happy dance, happy dance*

The tittle has said it all. I got a job, in a small kid's magazines company. I'll be the secretary of my boss, the clerk and yada yada yada. The conclusion is, I'm a multi-tasker. -___-

Oh well, at least the working hours is so fine! Office hours, 9 am - 5.30 am. I won't tell you the salary though. Don't wanna brag here. LMAO!

Oh yes, I will start working this Tuesday. Tapi hampeh betul, awal-awal lagi dah bagi aku kerja. He asked me to think of a fun concept for primary students Maths Competition. Well, Maths is not fun, so it will never be a fun competition la weyh. Sigh..

"Lets just hope that this time you will stay longer than 2 days here and get your pay cheque, ok?"
"Oooooooooo-rite Mak......"

P/S: Lets just hope for the best and hope I will love my new job..