It's Eid Mubarak people :)

Did you guys had fun? I did, despite the decreasing amount of duit raya and the late nite stay up for studying. Guess what? I just love my holidays at home. Don't wanna go back to Kuantan! I wanna stay here :(

Ok dah cukup mengada-ngada. Whining banyak mana pun, I still have to go back to Kuantan jugak! Cisss.

NAH! Gambar for uols semua :)


Going to miss him :)

Went for last minute shopping raya at Pavilion and The Curve with the boys tadi. My baby Shahrul and Kamarul. The boys shopped like girls ok? Nasib baik aku sayang korang, kalau tak dah lama aku buat diva aku tengah-tengah Pavilion tadi.
Long story short, had a short lepak moment with Qissy and her boyfie Ghani at Dome. All and all, I had soo much fun. Oh ya, Kamarul dah bagi duit raya to me. 50 ringgit siot.. Yeay! *do the stupid happy dance*

Omg. I can't believe I did this typical girls pose in front of the mirror! Pape lah. I just wanna show off the shirt and the new flops Shahrul bought for me. Iloveyousomuchbaby.

I wanna take this opportunity to wish uols a very Happy Eid Ul Fitr. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. May this Raya brings you 1001 happiness and barakah :) Enjoy Raya babay!!


For once in my life

Hey, lets face it girl. You are suffering from NAPOLEAN COMPLEX! hahhh!! In your face! You bring others down by saying nasty things about them so that you will feel better about yourself. So you will feel "wow, now I'm more confident". Ting ting. Reality check baby. You are nothing but a little crack on your tons of horrible cellulites!

Kenapa Wawa emo? Ok, first, nak period. Second, I can't find a perfect pair of shoes to go with my purple baju raya and no handbag. Then, my digestive system is super duper crazy. Fourth, I have to make sure that I score 3.50 and above for my final exam. And heck, I did not study AT ALL. Nina, can you please spread the nerdgasm to me? I need it sooooo bad.

Ok, dah lepaskan geram. Now, I can go study. Wish me luck for my final exam :)


Satu Malaysia, a dream or a vision?

The first time I told my mum that I am dating Shahrul when I was at the tender age of 16. I repeat, 16 years old. How in the world could a parent accept her baby girl seeing a 21 years old most probably a drug dealer guy? Ok, that's over. He is not a drug dealer nor a saint.. Just simply, my Shahrul. I received tons of raised eyebrows when I first told them about ME, a 16 years old high school prefect dating a 21 years old konon-bad-boy-looking college student. Yea, sceptical much? Come on, we live in Malays societies where gossips spread faster than you spread butter on the bread. They say, "I'm open, you can tell me EVRYTHING" Ya.. rite mister! You can't deny the fact that they still judge you and they tell others too. How I wish I live in a place where I can smoke weed at the playground and nobody even bothers to notice me smoking weed. (not that I smoked weed before. Never, trust me) Best kan? Sigh.

You know what's even funnier about my neighbours? They know the type of car Shahrul drives and what time I arrived home last night. Crazy huh? Busybody gila babss punya. They even know that Shahrul dyed his hair to match mine. How sweet huh? Ok, get back to the story. I mean like, HOW ON EARTH THEY KNOW THAT HIS HAIR IS NOW DARK BLONDE?! Crazy, crazy little world. Get your own life, please? Or maybe, mind your own little childrens first then us. Remember, you have daughters too! Hehe. I'm so mean.

The fact that now I'm already 18 and they still treat me like I'm 15 just ick me. I had a mild fight with my dad just now about me always out with my friends and always home late. The way he put it is like I went out every single day and I helped nothing at home. Eh hello, I only go out like 3 to 4 times a week and hell yeah I vacuumed and mopped the house sometimes. Ish. I even bathe the kittens ok? Still, I love you daddy. New handphone, please?

I need to get these things out from my mind. These thoughts..

We are now in the hectic phase of engaging the 1 Malaysia thingy. But you know what, to be honest, I don't think that the vision of 1 Malaysia will stay forever like Wawasan 2020 as put foward by Tun Dr. Mahathir. Why? Because, you still can hear this.

Malays says: "Cina tamak! makan babi,perangai pun macam babi, pengotor!"

Chinese says: "Melayu bodoh lah, lembab saja. Tak reti kerja maa"

Indians says: "Melayu and Cina boleh pergi mati lah. Sellfish!"

Harsh? Face it, it's the truth that none of us can deny.


Who changed the channel?

What do I hide inside? Feeling guilty at the mention of your name?

I know, you miss me blogging. eheh. Vain. Yea, I'm super hyper right now coz I'm finally home. *goyang bahu* And this time, it's gonna be a super long holiday for me. (alamak.. 2 weeks je kot! tak pe, goyang bahu lagi)

Ok, cukup sudah. I don't know what to blog about actually. Oh well. I TAK STUDY APA-APA LANGSUNG FOR MY FINAL EXAM THAT IS IN 2 WEEKS TIME, OK? crazy, huh? I hope I'm gonna get my nerdgasm* soon. please come nerdgasm!!

My kittens are so cute. My kitchen is full with home made raya cookies already. My room is full with new clothes. My tummy is full with junks coz I am now suffering with massive super hectic stomach ache. Senang kata, cirit-birit yang teruk gila la. Ok, too many information pulak.

I have new obsession! My lesbian crush. I LOVE PIXIE LOTT! *drooling*
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNHRUOF0j-8 <-------click to this link. She is super cute. My girlfriend NINA and I want to practice that "clap dance". Because, WHY? we think it's sexy. SUMPAH.

*nerdgasm: orgasm for nerds liquid. from Nina's awesome ass dictionary.


A night to remember, ye ke?

Oh by ze way, these pictures are from the Debaters Annual Dinner aka Majlis Berbuka Puasa at Hyatt Regency Hotel. Had so much fun with the girls :)


Shocking truth

Yeay! Ada party! At least, there's something happening will happen this weekend here in Kuantan. -_-" I was the one who came up with the theme :) Kudos Wawa!

Hey, read this!

(A conversation with a roommate)

Nad: Wawa, tengok ni! Gambar accident. Seram sangattt. Nad takut.

Me: EEEE... Buat ape tengok bende-bende bodoh macam tu? tak nak lah!

So, she decided to read me the warning of the e-mail.

Nad: AMARAN! Satu kemalangan menakutkan. Gambar ini sangat menyahat hati, pastikan anda kuat semangat. Gambar ini boleh mengerikan anda.

I thought to myself,macam best je ni.

Me: Nak tengokkkkkkk!

Memang sedih. Look at the pig under the front part of the lorry. Eventhough there are the most dirtiest, hideous, smelliest, hazardous, stupidest, gross creature in the universe. But still, kesian sangat tengok diorang tergolek-golek macam tu :(

Omg! Omg! Someone stole my picture and edit it. They are bunch of foreigners so I don't know what they are talking about.
What do they want from my picture which is from my back? Walking barefoot eating ice cream on the beach? Confusion, confusion..