I Should

There are tones of things that I should or I should not do. But, unfortunately, I did the vice versa of it. Geddit? No? Ok, let me break it down for you. (wah! ayat ini sangat cool!)
All these years of my 17 ++ years of my life, I've done all the things that I should not do. And I did not do the things that I should do. Very confusing? Read it again please. I malas nak explain lagi. LMAO!

For instance, I should be working right now. But what am I doing in front of the laptop? Blogging.. Then, there's more! I should not go out and be home late at night, but I did. Most of the times! It is something that I am not proud of. I wanna change, be a better person. I am in the process. I thing I'm progressing. maybe. Mak said so.

The prove? My Ustazah (the one who thought me recite the holy Al-Quran when I was young) is now very critical because of Dengue. She's in ICU (Unit Rawatan Rapi) right at this moment, battling for her life. For these past few days, I was so busy following my mum around. I went to Majlis membaca Yassin for her almost every night and I went to the hospital yesterday. I'm not bragging here. I'm just kinda happy for my own changed. I know. you too are happy for me. Bagus lah, kan? LOL.

Even Shahrul is kinda gobsmacked when I said I'm going to Surau, yada yada yada..

S: You nak pergi surau ke, keluar ni?? *dengan nada yang amat sinis*
W: Yes, I am Cayang. Tak caye, you call mak lah.
S: I trust you lah.
W: Ok then. Nanti I'll call you when I'm done.
S: Knp you tiba-tiba baik ni Yunk?

Iklan jap. If you know me, I bet you will ask the same exact question too. Knowing me, I'm kinda the wild child. Not the type who stays home and all goody-two-shoes. But, I guess, people can change? Ya?

(sambung balik)
W: I was just thinking to myself, what if something like this happened to me? I pun nak ramai orang yang doa kan I and baca Yassin untuk I..
W: Nothing la Cayang. Gelut la u ni.. Hahaha.

I hope my Ustazah will get better soon. I pray for the best for her. Amin..



I like to talk craps. There you go. I admit it. (tak admit pun dah obvious.LOL)
And I'm officially telling you people that I batak using the word LMAO.
And yes. I do improvise the LMAO to LMFAO. It's LAUGHING-MY-FUCKING-ASS-OFF.
(Ok, tipu. I don't improvise this, one of my friend did use this term masa kitorang sedang ber-chatting. But he did not have to explain it to me, I know it's that. Cheh, dah pandai la ni)
At least, I admit that I am very-the-batak. Innit? LMAO!


Ugly Betty

I've been killing my time these days watching Ugly Betty. Ya, I know. I should do something wayy better like reading, exercising or whatever better than watching TV series on the Internet. Right? But, who cares huh? My mum didn't say anything, so is my dad. So, I guess it is fine..

I really need someone to take me out for a movie or anything. DESPERATE? No! Don't ask me.. "Eh, mana boypren u? Ajak la die tgk movie." Don't ask me that. I will turn Green.
Not that I have issues with my boyfriend or anything, it's just that he is busy with his work. This is what happen when I'm too EGO to date guys my age or 2 or 3 years older than me. I will only date guys that are at least 4 years older than me. WHY? Even myself can't explain that. Maybe I just need someone that is more matured than I am. I am childish. Really. Being the last girl in my family turned me into that. My family treats me like I'm the lil' princess. In other way, they spoilt me (in a good way). But I still can be matured when I need to. Don't get me wrong.

I don't know why am I blogging about this. (Ok, why there are lots of the word why in my post? This is weird. STOP asking WHY Wawa!)

Maybe I just need to pour everything that I feel inside. It does help a little.


Answers in letter N

I got this from Facebook. YA.. YA.. Boring... *yawn* I KNOW.. i have nothing better to do besides sosializing in Facebook. Nak sosialize kat Sunway Pyramid ke, Jalan Masjid India ke, BB ke, I can't, coz it takes lots of money. So, Facebook is a way to go! Free and anyone can join! (promote nampak)

Here is something I did out of boredom.

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own blog, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real ... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.
Then Publish your note.Have Fun!

1. What is your name: Najwa Arifah bt. Ismail
2. A four-letter word: Neck (because I think neck is sexy)
3. A boy's name: Nubhan (haha. kantoi aku tgk AF. Eww)
4. A girl's name: Nelly Furtado
5. An occupation: NEUROLOGIST (I feel smart when I say this word)
6. A color: Navy blue
7. Something you wear: Nothing, but your t-shirt on. LMAO!
8. A food: Nasi Goreng Pattaya (yummy!!)
9. Something found in the bathroom: Nails stuck in between teeth. (eh, xde kene-mengena)
10. A place: New Zealand
11. A reason for being late: Never wait for a guy, let him wait for u. Chewahhh
12. Something you shout: NO!!!
13. A movie title: Nancy Drew
14. Something you drink: NesLO!
15. A musical group: NEWBOYZ.. ~bola-bola api.. lalalala~
16. An animal: Nile crocodile
17. A street name: Nangka Street, Pahang (this is from my lil brother's Silat teacher. wtf?)
18. A type of car: Nabira
19. The title of a song: Never had a dream come true
20. A curse word: NAJIS!

P/S: I decided to make this as a Blogger-tagging-game. Siape x buat bende ni if I tag them, I will kill them!! LOL. (well, tak funny pun)

I tag everybody at my link! :)


My mum is home! Yeay!

(Ok, sangat gedik)

The tittle has said it all folks! My mum is finally home from berfoya-foya with her friends in Indonesia.
Yeay! *happy dance-happy hop*

I got my gladiator sandals, flip flops and a handbag! Suprisingly, my mum has e really good taste eh? I really love the gladiator sandals she got for me. And the handbag is superb! I admit that at first, I was worried that I won't get the particular kind of gladiator that I wanted, but I am totally wrong. She got a very good sense of style. My gladiator cun weyh! LOL.

My mum went all narcissistic (just like me) saying stuffs like..

"Biase la. When I was young, I dress to impress"
"Your mum kan stylo"

Ouh-kay motha. I got it. You rock! *kiss ass*

My mum said that she misses averbody at home so much untill she dream about all of us everynite. Wow! I missed you so much too, Amma!


I watched 'Zack and Miri Make A Porno' just now in my laptop. Damn! That movie contains whole lots of banging. Just a silly banging tho. It doesn't really show it. So, don't worry.

P/S: People will screaming or maybe laughing so hard to me if I ask this question. But, who cares huh? This is my blog, I'm gonna be true to myself. Right? Right?
Ok. I really wanna know. What is LMAO? (I don't play computer games, PS or any forms of games. I'm more a bookworm. Nerd? naahh.. Just brilliant *winks*
So, don't judge me, aite?)


Living life

Went out with my girls just now. My sister, Lina, Mimi and Bella. We lepak at Starbucks, Sunway Pyramid.

W: I thought we are boycotting Starbucks?
L: Oh yes. Fuck Israel!
W: And.. what are we doing here?
L: Face it, Wawa. The CHOCOLATE CREAM CHIP is too good to boycott. Kan?
W: Ya..
L: Plus, look at those Arab people (looking at those Arab women in all black sedang menghirup expresso sambil makan muffin di depan laptop)
W: WTF?! They are the ones yang patut tunjukkan contoh kan?
L: Whatever Wawa. Order cepat!

Ya, I can be over the hill top sometimes. Nak boycott konon. Fuck Israel konon. Tapi..

(Talking on the phone with Shasha)
"Wa, kat mane?"
"Sha pun kat sini! Baru habis keje. I wanna do my hair. But, lets lepak makan together first"
"Sha belanja, Wawa ok jeee (with an evil grin)"
"Ok..Lets meet at McD"

APE?! MC-fucking-DONALD?!

So, yes. Betul kata kekasihku. "U ni hangat-hangat tahi ayam je." I guess he is right.

I pledge to myself that today is the last time I'm helping those mothafucka Israel. I wont dine in those places anymore. Well, if ade another coffee house that can make great Chocolate Cream Chip la kan. Or we call it our BABY C. Macam Mean Girls tak? L-O-L

Then, we drove off to Cyberjaya. In order to avoi the massive traffic jam, we used the NPE highway I think. (FYI, I'm not good with roads. Jalan nak pergi rumah bf I yang I selalu pergi pun boleh tak ingat! If my friends are talking bout roads, I'm like so clueless and like WTH?! Silly huh?) That highway punya tolls like mahal nak mampusss ok?? RM1.60+RM1.60+RM2.50=RM5.70. We can have Mee Curry at Old Town taw!

We lepak-lepak at Old Town in Cyberia. After a while, Lina's MMU friends came to join us. 3 Arab boys. Cute ones. And very the funny but annoying. Ade sorang mamat ni wants my number. I was like, "Sory, taken.. (dengan senyuman manis) "

Am I loyal or what?! Comel, rajin and setia pulak tuh. Cayang, you are so lucky to have me!!

I don't know why. But I realized that I'm getting vain-er and vain-er everyday passing by. Sigh.


Oh,Cinta! photos

I know you guys have been waiting soo loongg to see my pictures. Kan? Kan? I KNOW.. Don't deny it. So, here it is. But these are just quarter of it. I don't wanna put like hundreds of pictures in here. Gila ka?



I personally love this one

I look so 'pengacara Nona'

This one is cute, huh?

Oh yes, we act konon-konon avoiding the papparazis (do I spell this right?)

Ok, I have to admit this. BLOGGER IS SO FUCKIN SLOW when it comes to upload pictures! Damn it! So, I am so malas rite now + hungry + sleepy(look at the time please) + the backache(cause of mandi sungai tu) = small amount of pictures.

Here we go again. I'm gonna lead you to my FACEBOOK account AGAIN! *yawn*
Click to this link http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/album.php?aid=2015924&id=1054522625

Oh yaa, Mak is in Indonesia rite at this moment. Jakarta to be exact, then to Bandung. She's on a trip with her friends for 5 days! F-I-V-E days! It's too long..

I'm gonna sound like a spoil brat. But.. 'I MISS YOU ALREADY, MAK! I'M SO NOT USED WITHOUT YOU AT HOME! '

There, I've said it out loud! Be home soon, Mak and don't forget to have fun and don't forget the list of stuffs that I asked you to get for me too. *winks*

Eventhough my mum is not gonna read this, but she knows that her baby girl loves her!


Nice but bad dream

OMG! I had the greatest dream ever last nite. Really! I dreamt about my SPM results. I got great results. Flying rainbow colours! Chewah. But it is just a dream. I wish it will come true.

Suddenly, everything came back to me. My sister once told me that you will not get what you dreamt about. SO.. Is that mean I won't get great results? OH noo!

I had a dream before about me getting really bad results too. Really bad I say. All failed!

Ok, so now I'm very confused. Really very confused. Am I gonna get really bad results because of what I dream last nite, or I am getting really great results because i dreamt about failing all of the subjects? Or.. MAYBE I SHOULD JUST STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT?

Anyhoo, it is JUST a dream. Ade orang cakap, mimpi itu permainan tidur. Nina pulak cakap that dreams happened because your brain is DEFRAGTING/DEFRAGMENTING (whatever it is la kan) information. Maybe Nina is right, *jangan bangga Nina!*
I do think a lot about my results lately. Especially before I go to sleep.

This thing is killing me! I want my SPM results now please!!

P/S: I Googled about SPM results just now. The result is coming out on 12th March 2009! Just great! *sigh*

As I've promised

Just look at this nicely captured and edited picture!
Thanks, Dasheela *hugs*
(btw, her name is not DARSHILA as i've mentioned it before, it's actually DASHEELA) *pandai-pandai je aku ni*

More pictures to come.. Sabar ya. Sesungguhnya, sabar itu separuh daripada iman..


Sungai Sendat @ Hutan Lipur

Sorry to disappoint many souls. No pictures were taken coz everybody was so damn excited playing like a lil kid. Fooling and goofing around.

I went there with my friends a.k.a Shahrul's friends jugak. We convoyed all the way to Sg. Sendat. I think there were at least 8 cars? Gila kan? Havoc taw!

Shahrul picked me up from my house at 630 am. I repeat, 6-freaking-30 AM! AM! (ok, don't be over the top wawa) But, it's good though, coz it has been like forever since I last seen the morning sun piercing my eyes and the cooling breeze. Simply wow!

Tup tap tup tap. We arrived there around 11am. We stopped a lot. Convoy la kata kan.. Makan lagi. (macam-macam la lagi)

At first, I was a bit uncomfortable. Because of the slimy, sandy ground.. The tree branches.. It made me realize that I'm not fit to do outdoor stuffs. -___-

Lama-kelamaan, (cheh, ayat karangan) I get used to it. I had fun. So so much frigging fun. Oh yaa!

I jadi Tarzan tadi!
There is a rope tied at a tree branch. So we all wanted to swing by it and jump into the river. Guess what? I did it! Cool kan saya? I know, Thank You *winks*

Ok la, I gotta go. My body is aching and my back is killing me!


Pictures updated!

Lil bro Abai's birthday blast!
(starring:The b'day boy, ME, dino cake, the rest of the Ismail's)

I was so excited sampai naik-naik kerusi
Decorating the dinosaur cake

Time to cut the cake Abai!

Ni adelah gambar saje gedik-gedik.

Photoshoot and a Birthday

Happy 12th Birthday adek ku Sayang!
So, we will do a very small birthday party for him tomorrow at 2pm. Lina and I get the honour to the the birthday cake!
I will update with his partayy later ok?
Oh ya, I was so tired to blog just now. I woke up at 8am and Shahrul fetch me at home around 9.30 am. We were wearing white. So, sia-sia je la I tebalkan muka mintak-mintak orang red dress.
Danggg! (pronounce:dengggg!)
We had our photoshoot with Drashila and her fiancee ( the flash-holder-man/penenang hati the photographer) at Taman Rama-rama and KTM.
Wow! Exciting and so damn tiring at the same time. But we had so much fun especially for Shahrul and I. It was so hot! Setibanya kami di KTM, I can't control it anymore, so, kepenatan tuh terselah la on my face yang dah berkilat-kilat sebab berpeluh kepanasan tu kan?
"kesian nye Wawa"
"Cayang, r u ok?"
"Wawa nak air tak?"
"Cayang, u wanna rest dulu?
Awww.. So sweet kan mereka? They really care about the model yah? haha.
I will upload tons of pictures on Tuesday k? Sincxe Darshila has to edit the pictures first.



I think I'm fat
I feel fat
I look fat
I don't wanna be fat
but, I eat non-stop -___-


Red Dess

I want a red dress! That particular kind of red dress!

This is so frustrating! So, here's the deal. Valentine's Day is coming aite? I'm so not into this Valentine's thingy. Maybe because I think it is so Jewish?? in case you guys don't know, I HATE JEWISH TO THE MAX EVEN WAYYY BEFORE THEY ATTACK THE PALESTINIANS! geddit? So, NO Jewish related celebration for me.

Ok, lets go back kay? Dah melalut jauh pulak. What did I wanna blog about just now? OH! The red dress!

So, Shahrul's colleague, Darshila is a photographer. This Valentine's she wanna do a lovey-dovey themed photoshoot. She wants us ( both Shahrul and I) to be her model. Great huh? Cool kan?

Jangan jealous yer. Get yourself a photographer friend and you can be a model and have amazing pictures for free! *menggoyang-goyangkan pinggul kegembiraan*

It is a good thing for both of us! But the thing is, she wants me to wear a red dress. And, I don't have a fucking red dress! Ok, it's a lie. I have a red dress, but it is too sexy! Tak sesuai lah untuk photoshoot tentang cinta. Chewahh.

I wanna buy a new one. But, ya know, aku bukan ader mechine cop duit.. So, I have to leave my dream behind..

I'm calling all people out there yang baik hati. Sesiapa ada red dress, can you be a sweetheart and lend me the dress? Thank you, jasa anda akan dikenang.

Tak malu kan? Who cares?!


Trip to Zoo Negara

I went to Zoo Negara yesterday with my two retarded boys that I love so so much! My lil brother, Abai and my love, Shahrul. Chewahh.
I wanted to blog yesterday but I was so tired like wohhh! We walked through the whole zoo ok? Tak main la naik shuttle tue. Walking was so much fun coz you can look at the animals closer and take your own sweet time staring at the animals. That's what I did when I was at the elephants' place. Harharharhar! Like a little kid, batak-batak je. I think I was the most excited among the 3 of us.

Here are the pictures.
(starring; Wawa, Shahrul, Abai and the animals)

Trying to imitate the monkeys. it wasn't so hard for me. haha

I look cute like a cat. harhar!

The Savannah Walk

berchenta di zoo. sangat seronok ya.

berchenta lagi.

Want more pictures?

Wanna see more of me?

Wanna laid eyes on my pictures?






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