Happy 52nd Birthday Malaysia! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Yang penting, this year tak ade any celebration at all. not even a simple firework. Not even a countdown weyh! :( I'm a sucker for fancy boom boom pow fireworks. Alaaa, yang besar-besar, kaler-kaler cun tu. That's what I'm talking roundabout. Ok, dah! Moving on...

I'm a revamped biyatch rite now. Muahaha. I've coloured my hair dark blonde and I've cut it. Sikit je la. My hair still long though. You can't see any difference in my hair length. But my hair colour. Super change. So long boring black hair! Hello sexy brighter hair! Im so happy! i love my new hair now.. Thank you Sistah! Love youuu... *pictures of my new hair colour will not be uploaded sebab camera handphone saya tak canggih. Sobs*

Then, went out with my old friends.. Syida, Nashrul and Farhana. First, break our fast at Taipan then went to One Utama. Nina, I really wish you could join us. It was short and sweet :) I miss them crazy monkeys already!

After that, Shahrul picked me up and we went to KL. And the rest is history. All I know now is, I'm all happy again. He put a smile on my face. He always do that :)

All I could say, I'm so happy. This is by far, the greatest day ever in my life. I feel accomplished. Actually, I AM ACCOMPLISHED! That's why semangat gila blogging malam-malam buta ni. Haha.

Can I kiss you here? ;p


My pride and Joy

Did I tell you that team PreLaw A (Me and Balqis) was the champion for Directors Cup 2009? Hehe. Now you know ;p

By ze way, Directors Cup is a Debate Competition okay, bukan Cheer Competition. Some thought its like some kind of mini football + cheer cup. Whutta heck? I know rite?

Moving on..

These are the casts for our little final exam drama, The Kerongsang. Stylo ann? hehe.

Oh ya, you know my-not-so-little-anymore (MNSLA) brother is full with hobbies except study right? Now, he has this new found hobby. Wanna know what is it?

Solving the Rubik's cube! Pfftt. Okay, isn't it supposed to be a good thing? It is, if you know how to solve it lah kan. Obviously, he doesn't.

(At the dining table)

MNSLA: What is the purpose of solving this?

Me: It is to test your I.Q.. Duhhh

MNSLA: Abai rasa, buat bende ni nak test tahap migrain orang..

Me: OMG. Why are you so rempit?!

Whatever it is pun, we support you all the way little brother ! hehe

It's good to be home :)



Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Agak lambat nak wish. I was so busy ok? So, go figure. Yang penting, I'm going home tomorrow. My bus is at 1130 am. Shahrul,wait for me at the Shah Alam station ok? can't wait. i miss you :')

I was in the bus on the way to my English class just now. Suddenly,it hits me. How lucky I am!! I mean like, put it this way okay? We complained a lot. I mean, ME. Contohnya, I complained that makan tak sedap lah, tidur tak selesa lah, belajar tak best lah. Like what the heck Wawa? !

Hello! Wake up call here!

So, I decided to write to myself a letter. From the Ramadhan-version-Najwa to the-ordinary-Najwa. It sounds like this;

Dear Najwa Arifah Ismail,

I love you. And that's for sure,no doubt. What not to love about you? *haha. okay, ni perasan gila kot. Moving onn.. *

Stop complaining that the world is being unfair to you, the world is against you lah, you hate the world lah, u wanna shoot yourself lah.. Yada,yada,yada and whatever craps. Just get a grip and stop it! Just stop, ok? Live your life just the way it is. Allah has planned everything for you, you have to face it dengan ikhlas and redha. *chewahh*

Look at what you have now. *check check*

1. You got to study for free at an established university. UiTM DI HATIKU!
2. Your classrooms are very near to your apartment-like-dorm(check this out! apartment-like ok?)
3. your lecturers are nice and very educated. Duhhh -__-"
4. You have enough money to eat anddrink everyday. I repeat, EVERYDAY.
5. You have the greatest friends and family ever.
6. Look at what you are now. Aren't you proud? *winks*

So,the conclusion is, just love every single thing that you have now.

Najwa Arifah Ismail

I hope that this will help. Nothing wrong in believing right? Selamat beramal people!

word of the day: BLUETOOTH HUG ;P


drag me to hell,please?

i hate him!! i hate her!! i hate him!! i hate her!! i hate semua orang!!!! I wanna go live on an island where its just me,myself and I!!



To Shahrul Nizam Mokhtar

To the one that I love,

To the love of my life,

To the one that always make me smile and never let me down,

To the one who can keep up with my diva-ish, kiddish and demanding self,

To the one who knows my deepest and darkest secrets,

To my bestfriend,

To the one who loves me just the way I am,

To the one who treats me like a princess,

To the one whom I love the most, to Shahrul..

Happy 2nd Anniversary my love!

I just love you in your every way!


Directors Cup, Debate Competition

Had whopping amount of fun at Jengka with the debaters last weekends. I went there for 3 days and 2 nights. But it was worth the hassles. I've made it through the exhausting 5 qualifying rounds. Hey, Balqis and I (team PRELAW A) were the leading team ok? And the best damn thing is, I've made it to the final round! :) *happy dance, happy dance*
Let me tell you in details,ok?

Friday, 14th August 2009

Arrived at UiTM Kampus Khazanah Alam, Jengka. I went there by the white UiTM van. It was a pretty smooth journey except for the crazy bumpy roller coaster ride when we enter the so called " jalan hutan jengka". I was so dizzy so I laid my head on Nusrat's ehemm ehemm ;p Haha. It was comforting :) Ade mock debate by the seniors and cam-whoring (macam biasa).

Saturday, 15 August 2009

The first round of debate. We won! the motion was "This house believe that television is a bad influence". We were the opposition. And I got the Best Speaker tittle. Hehe.

Moving on to the second round of debate. Motion: This House Believe That USA Should Eliminate Its Own Weapon Of Mass Destruction. We were the Closing Government side. We won jugak! I was the Best Speaker jugak. hehe. Oversszzz. Bangga lebih-lebih.

Then, malas lah wanna tell the really really real details.. Its gonna be a VERY longgggg boooriiinggg post. So, let me make this short.

I got the best speker tittle for 4 times ok? And we won the first place for four times too. (i can't help it. somehow, I have to brag about this jugak. bak kata Iylia H, GO FOR FAME!)

Highlights : We all went to pasar malam Jengka. It is supposed to be the havoc place there. I say, biasa jek. Actually, tak havoc mana pun. To be honest, tak havoc langsung! ok, enough.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

All and all, we have done our best till we made it to the Final round. This is my first time in a Debate Competition. So, I know that this competition is gonna be my stepping stone :) Oh ya, I'm going to know the results of the final round of the dabate this Thursday. Lama lagi kan? I am so nervous waiting for my results. We aim for the 4th place je coz our opponents (Kuantan teams) were all so damn good! Anyhoo, wish us luck, guys.

P/S: I wanna thank to all of the Seniors of Kuantan Debaters. Without all of your hard work, we wouldn't made it this far. Thank you :) (jangan terharu sangat ok?) LMAO!

The Kuantan Debaters 2009


The fierce,fabulous,flawless and all of the above :)

Give me high fashion! High fashion lah sangat. LOL


I know you want me

Happy birthday to the greatest man in my life, the one that will never break me into pieces, my one and only AYAH, Ismail bin Sengari
Hey ayah, happy 57th birthday!!

My friends said that you are "one handsome daddy".

But I feel really sad. So sad. I'm not there with my family to celebrate my Dad's birthday and the birth of my new born kittens. There are four of them. I miss home! I'm not coming home this weekends. I went home every week ok? Damn it! I have debate competition at Kampus UiTM Jengka for three days! I repeat, three days ok?

Look at the bright side, :) this is my first time competing debate. It would be an experience. Tell me, who else got the license to fight orally? muahaha

Ok, moving on..

I've been so busy lately. I have my assignments, tutorial problems, debate practice, sketch, folio.. Ya allah! Banyak gila!

Gotta go. Bye :)