Creating wonders and Alia Alexandra

hey yawwwww. Been busy busy busy so I'm gonna do a very short update. The very malas one of course. Before that, *jumping happily while screaming* I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL PAN-ASIAN NIECE NOWWWWWWWW!! Kau kenapa? Perlu ke Pan-Asian tu Wawa oi? Eh, mesti lah perlu. LOL.

*drum rolls*


Alia Alixandra bt. Jerome Bonnifay
was born at 7.25pm on 24th April 2010 at Pantai Hospital, Bangsar.

Look how happy big brother Pierre is with his new little sister :D And my gorgeous sister at the back :) When she was young, she was always teased for being so tan and dark. And now, she said, "in your face people! my husband and my babies are all white! and really white! LOL" Awww, how graceful the new mother, isn't she? -_____-" Anyhuus, they look so happy! BEST SGT!

 JENG JENG JENG! The new aunty! Alia, why you so putih like mat salleh one? haiyaaa, where's my tan skin ha? 

Ok,moving on. Today is my first day in Petrosains. I am a volunteer there. So, the tag line of Petrosains is 'Creating Wonders'. So you see, it's like a trend now to create new terms and lama kelamaan terus jadi a legitimate word, masuk dictionary terus. Like the word created by Beyonce, 'Bootylicious', Kimora's 'Fabulosity' and Petrosains' 'Wonderology' (tapi belum masuk dictionary lagi la) And yes, so the term Wonderolgy means (by us, Petrosains' folks) the study of wonders..... *insert magical background sound with pixie dust falling from the sky here* COOL, not?! Cool kan? Kan? No? Istillthinkit'sverycool. okthksbye.

Then, just nak bagitahu that we, the Petrosains' staffs are called as Wonderologists. Sumpah, ni cool sangat! I feel like I'm a geologist or a pathologist or something like that. I love it! Come say it with me people! WONDER-OLO-GIST! Yezzz, that iz me! ME!!! :D Datang lah ke Petrosains yer 


Some random shizz

I completely have no idea when I'm going to start my third sem in Kuantan. Zzzzz. Apakah? Tak tahu bila sem start. I guess I'm not the only one. I KNOW I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN'T KNOW. Eh,konpiden semacam je awak ni Najwa. Iyolah,memang lah konpiden sebab when I asked my UiTM friends, bila eh naik sem 3? All of them gave me the same exact answers, which is, "tak tahu" or "entah" or "nnt nak dekat2 naik tu, tahu lah" -.-

Ok, it seems like I'm the only one yang semangat nak naik semester ni kenapa? Dah la balik Kuantan pulak tu. Kau dah kenapa? Kan.. Mesti ada scandal dengan abang burger or abang kerja kat wayang East Coast Mall (or better known as ECM among the locals) ni kan?A BIG FAT NOT for that please. It is not the reason why tak sabar nak masuk sem 3 ni, it is because I am so excited for my degree in Shah Alam this December. weeeeeeeeee. I wanna get it over and done with asap. I don't wanna be the Pre-Law student anymore. I wanna be a Law student. Yes. I can smell you from here, Karpal Singh! I can already see myself walking side by side, holding hands (euyuhhh) with you already. HAHA. I berangan nak jadi his intern or even better, his partner. But the angelic one of course.

Sekarang ni, my pocket money mengalir macam air. Sekelip mata je boleh habis. I wanted to find a part time job, malangnya, niat tu tak tercapai. Sebab I've been going out a lot lately with my friends. Everyday got plans one. Why ah? Haiyaa, ni tak boleh dibiarkan begitu sahaja. Kita mesti cari jalan penyelesaian untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini! *cakap laju laju sambil letak dua jari di bawah dagu dengan muka penuh semangat* Oleh itu, I came up with the idea with my mom, to do a small garage sale dekat padang depan rumah ni. I will give out free cupcakes that I bake to attract people, then terus jual my junks to them. But good junks ok. After all, one man's trash is another man's treasure, innit? Bukan sahaja dapat duit, malah dapat mengosongkan ruang di rumah dan boleh dijadikan alasan yang kukuh to buy new things. MUAHAHAHAHA. im good, yes, very good. Tapi, ini sekadar rough plan je.

To all zee chocolate lovers out there!! Me found the greatest 'mampu beli oleh pelajar universiti yang hidup dalam budget yang ketat' chocolate ever by Cadbury! Why am I so excited about this? Because it is effing cheap and super delicious. It literally melts in my mouth and the texture, OMG. just, heaven. I'm talking about you BOOST! , yes you. You are even sexier than Mark Wahlberg! You make me go, ahhhh. Murah ok, RM3.30 je. How cool is that? Even talking about him makes me drools and smile to myself. BOOST! , you are like my new obsession now. Ok, dah. Cukup!

I want to be all cheesy and corny to wish two of my greatest monkeys in the world, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEEEECH!

(top) My greatest male BFF, Aqeem. He turned the big 21 today! And we are going to party hard together this weekend! LOL. Then, to my most vain bigbrotha (bottom) Iskandar. He turned 28 today. I love you boys so much! have a great one and please try to stay sober. HAHAHA.

these dudes better do me good for the next 50 years because I actually post a birthday entry for them! Anyhuus, happy birthday! *cheers*

P/s: the (top) and (bottom) pictures indicator somehow sounds wrong. It's kinda gay-ish. ah, peduli apa aku. Dorang memang macam gay pun. LMAO. ailafyuh! ;D


Racism is still breathing alive among us?

I have this obsession with Urban Dictionary. thanks to a friend of mine. semua bende nak search kat sini sekarang. pantang je ternampak or terbaca ataupun terdengar ayat ayat luar biasa sekarang, mesti nak search kat sini. Lame.. i know.

Exhibit A: Eh, ayat pelik la. Elysium? ape tu? *online, pastu search kat Urban Dictionary*
lepas dah jumpa maksud, terus angguk angguk rasa pandai sebab next time kalau korang nak pergi clubbing kat Jalan Dorai tu, pastu jalan jalan. kawan kawan pun tanya, "wey korang, nampak best club tu. *pointing to Elysium Club* eh, apa maksud Elysium eh?" Boleh la anda semua (termasuk I) dengan bangga, sambil hidung kembang kecut buat muka pandai, jawab ape maksud Elysium tu kan?

Haaa, I tahu korang pun suka. Best la. this thing is addictive, I started off with looking for meaning of words yang masuk akal. dah lama lama, bosan dgn ke-skema-an diri ni, terus nak try something new. hehe. lalu, terlintas dlm fikiran search maksud2 ayat seperti... #*&#^&, dan &#^&#& dan &#)* dan juga !@&^#)*(. hahaha. lepastu, I even searched my name, Wawa! Narcissistic, much? LOL.

Moving on, was so bored one night. So, I searched for the meaning of Malay. Then, keluar la macam macam maksud. Yang penting 99% of it maybe was written by Chinese or Indians or just bunch of Malays yg benci kaum sendiri. We never know. So, berbalik kepada story tadi. tengah gelak gelak tengok The Nanny ni, terus hilang my happy mode. Lepastu, terus I bertukar jadi The Incredible Hulk (only that I'm pink and I have Kim's toned body. taknak macam hulk betul. eww, buruk. and I speak rempit when I turned to Pink Hulk). Gua sentapp habis ni der, makan dalammm. Ada ke patut mereka semua ni kutuk kutuk Melayu? na'ah, no way Jose. Only us Malays can trash our own race. no way in the world other races can do that even though sometimes ada jugak budak budak Melayu perangai memang mintak tamparan wanita, but still. no way, i repeat, NO WAY I can just keep quite when others talk trash about my race. NO WAY!  korang nak sentap sama-sama tak? Jom baca some of their definitions of Malays ok?

Example 1:
Every race in Malaysia has its own weaknesses. The chinese are known to be very civil, disciplined and sometimes too hardworking. The malays are known to be too lazy. A chinese who gets his/her pay, will tend to keep it for emergency or future use. A malay in the other hand, would usually spend it immediately. There are nice malays out there but really hard to find.

Example 2:
If government dont have a policy to help them, i think they’re end up jobless. Malays are too emotional than rationale in handling issues.

-Ayat yang di-bold and italic kan tu mintak penyepak kan? kepala hotak kau berbulu! They are making hasty generalization here. I mean like, come on. You may have encountered with some lazy Malays, but jangan sebab nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. How are you sure that we are lazy? Too lazy some more. Ini sudah lebih ni.

and lagi satu in example 2 tu, dah la grammar ke laut. ada hati nak kutuk orang jugak. FU! Their description about Malays are all personal views solely. No professionalism whatsoever. Try searching for Chinese or Indians in Urban Dictionary. ade tak orang trash teruk macam ni? NO. Why? because we Malays have ethics and we are very polite. We don't do trash talk online. because we cool like that yo.

p/: Don't mess with my blood. (walaupun bukan 100% pure Malay,tapi suka hati I lah!) You dont like me when I'm angry.


You are so amazing. Yes, you :)

It's amazing how you can be so in love with someone for so many years then something happened, suddenly the feeling of the deep love just gone. It's amazing


Friday, I love you

Today is the most A-W-E-S-O-M-E Friday so far! Yesterday's tv host casting went well. My weight is slightly decreasing (hehehh. sikit je. tapi ade progress la orang kata) and the best part is, my final result is out and Alhamdulillah.. I got 3.87!

Say what people? Yes, I'm like so happy! Nak mandi pun tak dapat nak gerak2 away from this laptop dari tadi. adoi, dah la tu Wawa. Syok sendiri pulak dia. Dush dush. Hehe. Best sgt la perasaan ni. berbaloi gila masa study week seminngu tu I stayed Kuantan instead of home. Berbaloi sangat minum Pearl Cafe, stayed up late at night. Berbaloi sgt korbankan masa masa bersuka ria pergi study at the library. Berbaloi gila belajar sampai otak jam. Everything is so worth it. Berbaloi-baloi. :D

Mumsy: Hari ni tak payah belajar masak la. I'll cook your favourite. You can be a princess today. *hugged and kissed me. (A LOT!)*

5 minit kemudian........

Mumsy: Wawa.... tolong masak nasi. 2 pot je sebab hari ni tak ramai orang kat rumah. *bebelan yang panjang. tak concentrate sgt* Thank u syg.


Bukankah baru sebentar tadi dia cakap I can be a princess today? kan? Maaaaaa, princess tak masak nasi sendiri!

anyhuuus, I love u ma :)


Come what may

I know that this is going to hurt me,
going to break me,
and going to tear me down into pieces.

I know that this is going to make me cry,
make me regret and,
worse is make me miss him.

I know,
i knew,
i've known this

still, I am here on the verge,
having second thoughts,
doubts.. hasty thoughts,
asking myself,
What If?
How If?

I shouldn't feel this way. I shouldn't.
This is so wrong. Very much, indeed.

I need to put a full stop in this. I have to.


Ayah, I love you :')

Now that I've lost everything to you

You say you want to start something new

And it's breaking my heart you're leaving

Baby I'm grieving

And if you wanna leave take good care

Hope you have a lot of nice things to wear

A lot of nice things turn bad out there

Oh baby, baby, it's a wild world

It's hard to get by just upon a smile

(yeah...) oh baby, it's a wild world

I'll always remember you like a child girl

You know I've seen a lot of

What the world can do

And it's breaking my heart in two

Coz I never want to see you sad girl

Don't be a bad girl

But if you wanna leave take good care

Hope you make a lot of nice friends out there

Just remember there's

A lot of bad and beware

La...la...la...la...la...baby I love you.

p/s : Ayah always sing this song to me :') He always remind me that I'm gonna be his little princess and that he still look at me as his baby girl forever.. Now, am I the luckiest daughter on Earth to have En. Ismail b. Sengari to be my superdad? I love you ayah. Always will and always have.