Bye Bye 2009 and Hello Hello 2010!

gawd! i still couldn't believe this. It's going to be 2010 in less than 12 hours from now. see, what is the highlight of 2009? urmm.. i don't know. i think every single thing that has happened in my life is the highlight!
oh yes, 1 thing for sure. My sister is pregnant! Alhmdulillah. I'm gonna get a Pan-Asian niece/nephew (jantina masih dirahsiakan atas permintaan ibu bapanya) in 2010! insyaAllah :)

oh well, just wanna say that I'm so thankful to Allah for giving me such wonderful rides of ups and downs in 2009. I've learned a lot and sure I've grown stronger and wiser each year that has passed me by.

Lets toast for yet another wonderful rides in 2010! Wishing all of you the best of the best next year :D can't wait to see what 2010 has for me! Braces? More money? MacBook? Ipod? a lifetime free shopping at Pavilion? nahhh, i just hope for good health, happiness and kasi rezeki tambah banyak banyaaaaaaakkkkkkk!


have you ever feel this way?

korang pernah tak rase macam lonely sangat samapi tengok cite best pun takde nafsu dan perasaan. the feeling of "i never thought that I could feel this...LONELY" tak kesah la berapa ramai kawan, frenemies, scandals or bf pun yang korang ade. it still feel so lonely? ada adik beradik 27 orang pun, rumah tu penuh macam tengah buat kenduri pun korang akan rasa macam, "weyh! why i feel so EMPTY?"

if you answered YES to most of the questions above, welcome to the club bitch! i feel that sometimes. especially during the PMS thing. I know, they say PMS is created by man to make us woman, look crazy and fragile. but i am very affected by my imbalance hormones during the times. i do feel like i'm such a loser with no one to talk to, nobody to lean on to. it hurts you know. it hurts to feel alone and so far away from people eventhough you are in the same room with them.

it hurts to see others to be and look really happy like they have no problems at all. and it gets even worse when people think that i'm all happy-go-lucky-giddy-and-fun all the time. they don't know what I feel inside. they don't know what i deal with every single day of my life. they think that my life is all fun and parties. not at all. im just like you. im boring and i'm a nerd. i read law books, i play poker on FB, i like Backstreet Boys and i love the colour PINK. so, stop thinking that i have no problems in my head at all. coz, I DO.

tak kesah la apa orang fikir pasal diri ni lagi. dah penat keeping up with people's expectations. memenatkan,meletihkan,menjengkelkan. dah cukup semua lakonan, sembunyi belakang topeng. i want the world to know the real me. if they are true friends, they will love me for who i am. after all, it doesn't matter who you WERE. what matters is who you ARE. i know i'm being emosional and whatnot. blergh.

penat lah tulis panjang panjang. bye. nak menempekkan diri depan TV lagi. :D

Random fact #2 : I'm obsessed with 80's and 90's songs.blame my sisters for this


this would be a REAL update............

I feel like deleting this blog coz I think, (I know actually) nobody reads it anymore. It's obvious goddammnit! (sila rujuk ke chatbox,takde orang tulis pun. boo)
IKLAN : Happy Belated 18th Birthday my soulmate slash sister from a different mother and father, Nina Azrah Razali :) you are going to get your not-so-cool-but-meaningful-and-super-cute present this week. I selalu bagi present you lambat kan? I'm sorry doll! but i know you had a blast on your birthday kan? i love you. and i know you love me too :')
been spending lots of money on bende yang tak perlu these days. i think my budget reached to about RM150++ per week. i repeat, per week. that is 7 days. i mean like, hello Wawa! wake up! your parents do not own a kilang cop duit ok? i need to be more careful with my money. and and start washing my own clothes maybe? no more dobby for me baby.
#1 Azam 2010 : berjimat-cermat. jangan berbelanja ikut nafsu.
haih. i really thought that second semester would be way easier than the first. coz rumour has it. blame the seniors for giving me fake hopes that i'm gonna score better pointer this semester. boo-hoo :( everything is so messed up lately. my notes are scattered everywhere. from this notebook to a different test pad. Gosh! where is the SPM geek Wawa?the one who is very tidy and well organised. with coloured Post-Its (bende kuning lekat2 tu), different files for each subject, a To Do lists in a small notebook to a self reminder in my handphone kuno. and the one who reads at least 2 story books in a month! oh man. i feel so ordinary :( i want the Geek me back!
#3 Azam 2010 : Buy more story books and read more, tengok berita TV3 and CNN
#4 Azam 2010 : Get a slim figure. 45Kg is my personal goal! :D
from now on,i'm gonna make my blog more about me. no,i'm not being vain here. i just wanna feel like "okay,this is my blog so I can write anything that i want". so, the first thing that i need to do to feel like "okay,this is my blog so I can write anything that i want" is to write random fact(s) about me at least one, everytime i write an entry. cool shit, huh? No? well, whatever, nevermind.as long as I'm happieee :D ngeheh.
Random fact #1 : I like to eat melted ice-cream. if it's not melted, I will hancurkan that ice-cream till it's melted :)


I'm finally legal people

sorry for the long delay of updates. been busy with parties organised by friends, debate practices, going back and forth from Kuantan to KL and the other way around. my ever stocking assignments. gosh. i never thought that university life would be like this. it's so tiring yet so fun.

ok,back to square one. as you all know, i turned (finally) 18 on the 6th of Dec 2009. and this year's birthday is hands down the best one. seriously. i'm surrounded with love and attention! (vain) LOL.

this is gonna be a very simple update coz i'm going to Melaka in an hour for Debate Competition. Vice Chancelor Cup. Yeehaw! wish me luck ok? :)

ok,moving on. my birthday weekend starts at PD. first time main Banana Boat with Love and friends. had so much fun.
then,went to Genting with friends again and dance all nite long till my feet hurts! but best gile ok? :D after that,had dinner with Nina,Love and our baby Shisha. bliss.
then,sampai je Kuantan. they made a surprise birthday party with scrumptious cake. i love you Farim, Sara, Alia, Nad, Balqis, Umie and my lovely housemates! i love you so much like so very the much! (oversz aku ni)
I feel so loved and so special. like really

happy birthday to me. i miss my family! im homesick. nak bali peluk ayah, mak and adik beradik. dah la my baby brother kene demam campak. boo-hoo. i wanna be home! :(

loves, hugs and kisses

super cute, they made me a birthday wish. and my baby Nina too! click here