There he goes...

(Ok, the tittle is just some exaggerate words to get attention.) So lame, I know rite? Lol.
My only adik, Muhammad Iqbal is no longer the snitch-annoying-chubby little kid anymore. He is all grown up now. Psstt, I can now let him know my darkest secrets like ehemm ehemm stuffs and he is totally cool with it now. He won't snitch to my parents anymore. Cool huh?
To tell you the truth, I prefer my adik to stay a little kid forever. He was so cute. He will ask for candies, little toy cars.. And now, he talks stuffs like this,
'Wawa, look at my Shuffle skill!' shuffling so smoothly at the living room
"Wa, i'm going to cricket's practice at my school'
and then..
' I wanna go jamming with my friends"
'Just call me at my num k Wawa?'
paling gempak la..
'I have SILAT at surau tonite"
WTF?! silat? My little brother is joining SILAT class?
(drama queen-esque la pulak)
But, seriously? My one and only lil brother yang I always bully but I always love and care (chewahh, ye ke? but, I am a good sister ok?)
has grown up! So fast! He is only 12 years old, ok? But he acts like, oh-i-am-so-macho-and handsome-i-don't-need-my-sister-to-take-care-of-me.
(ok, ni pun exaggerating. he still manje and still sleeps with my parents every nite. ooopss. TMI!)
Ohh, I miss my little brother that will always run to my parents and cry when I make creepy faces or sounds, when I teased him, when I smacked him. I miss that! I really miss my little brother yang very chubby. Well, not anymore. He is taller than me now and skinny! Unbelievable huh?
Oh noooo......
Is he gonna get his 'mimpi basah and change his voice to garau' soon? Ewwww! I'm not gonna think about that. Lets just pretend that I never mention and think about that ok? Why am I so worried? Saya pun konpius kenapa saya lebih-lebih pulak. L-O-L.
And you know what? Now, he will sleep late at nite during weekends watching movies like Three Kingdom, Apocolypse, Apocolypto(oh yaa, I watched native's superb mantap butt in this movie. very sexy k?)
So grown up kan? Sigh. I just need to face the reality now. He will grow up eventually, right? I will get older and get wrinkles one day.. It is just the circle of life. It will come to you either you want it or not.(chewahh, ceramah macam bagus pulak)
But, we still enjoy our silly kid's time together sometimes.. Like eating ice-cream together, screaming around the house getting on our mum's nerves.. Haha.
There he goes..
Be a butterfly my little brother! spread your wings and prepare to fly!!
*Mariah Carey's*


Skinny OR Curvy?

Jawab! Jawab!
*bak kata meen, nak bagi effect yang meyeramkan by using large red fonts. haha*

Some say skinny is sexy and some might just say, 'ewww, kurus kepeng macam papan tak selera dowh..' , 'tak ade selera aku tengok orang kurus keding' or some people just love skinny. They can wear anything and look really good in it *this is my opinion. hehh*

Or ade jugak yang suka curvy bods like Scarlett Jo's, Kim's, Beyonce's and the list goes on. But, ade la segelintir orang yang akan rasa curvy bods are fat and berlemak. They prefer smaller ones.


Berdasarkan dua gambar yang sexy belaka di atas, apakah pilihan anda yang anda rasa lebih menggiurkan dan sexy. Berilah pendapat yang jujur ye rakan-rakan. Hehe.
*you can tell me the answer in my chatbox di sebelah kanan anda. trimas*


Jumping Happy!

These past few days have were nothing but total exciting! Lol. Over-the top pulak expression nih.
Nak tawu x knp best?
  1. I spent most of the times with Shahrul
  2. My mum don't even mad at me I got back home super late!
  3. My cats are behaving so well :)
  4. I went to my Sis Ana's intimate bbq party yesterday (it was just our family and her family, that's why it is called intimate)
  5. And, my sister's house is full with animals! Like a mini zoo! I loooooveee itttt!!!
  6. Lepak with Ogy and Jue. p/s: mas, jangan jeles2 ok? haha. sape suruh pergi bukit tinggi?

I watched Nang Nak 2 with Shahrul. U know Nang Nak? The Thai horror/cruel/psycho movie? OMG! Sangat gila ok that movie? I only watched for 20mins. I made him turn off the dvd when the girl in that movie was stabbing herself with a scissor. Ya Allah! Sangat horror ok that movie? Thank god I am planning to pursue my studies in veterinarian , not human beings. Oh ya, one of the scenes in the movie was a dead body was burried under beras.Gila x? My mum asked me to masak nasi just now. And everything came back to me, the image of a dead body burried under the beras. Haha. Automatically my hands were moving so fast washing the beras. And I bilas the beras over and over again. Coz, I thot if they did burried a body under it, at least I have washed it banyak kali. I know, I am easily terpengaruh with tv.

Then, yesterday I went to Sis Ana n Jerome's house. It is a very nice, spacious house. It is a Bali-themed home. Very nice, I like.. I have a video to show you guys the animalssss. I played with the snakes. I just love snakes! I was practically letting the snakes raba-ing me. Lol. Everybody was scared with the snakes and I was like making out with the snakes! They say I'm crazy. I don't think so. do you? no rite?

I am thinking about getting my own snake, just a small snake. lepas tu, mak aku tahu aku beli ular, i'm a dead meat!


Just Lovely!

I have finish reading Eclipse. It was ok je. Not like I will burn the midnite oil to finish reading it. I am so confuse, why people make a big fuss out of this vampire-in-love-with-human stories? I mean, it's not so bad.. But, bukan bessssttt sangat pun. Biase-biase je. I got something to say tho, I hate Bella Swan!! Ok, puas hati aku sikit.

Oh ya, I have talked to my mum about writing me a permission letter for me to pledge as an organ donor when i'm gone.

wawa: mak, I want u to write a letter..*looking straight into her eyes, muka very-the-konpiden*
mak: what letter sayang? *tengah kelim the karipap*
wawa: a permission letter. U remember I told u about me being an organ donor? Since im not 18 yet, I have to have a permission letter from my parents...yada yada yada.. bla bla bla *buat muka innocent like a butterfly sambil slirping maggi tom yam*
mak: wawa, u know my answer to this. x payah lah bukan-bukan. i want u to be in 1 piece. plus, I dont think you really want this. pok pek.. pok pek.. pok pek..

my sister tibe-tibe muncul out of nowhere and sat with us on the table.

mas: biar lah mak. It's a good thing. Dalam Islam pun mengharuskan mak..
wawa: and mak, they only take organ wawa lepas wawa dah mati.. not now.
mak: r u sure u want this, wawa? *she doesn't sound concern, her tone is more like wanna kick my ass for being such a headstrong bout this*

silence and long pause.. *bunyik cengkerik pun boleh dengar taw. haha*

mak: ok, pergi basuh pinggan.
wawa: what? Is that a yes?
mak: *nodding tapi muka macam still tak puas hati*
wawa: *running to her, hugged and kissed her* yeay! I love u mak!

Wow, the syarat is just to basuh pinggan? Well, that's easy. Give me more pinggan mak! Wawa nak pergi MOS this CNY. Ok, kidding. She will never let me go to clubs. Neber eber. Walau pinggan setinggi gunung aku basuh pun, she will never allow me. Oh well, I have to wait till I am 21 then. *yawn*

We (my sister and I) made butter cream cupcakes. It tastes wayy better than the icing cupcakes. nyummy!!

the delicious butter cream
simple yet, cute cupcakes


A saint?

I have downloaded the form to register as an organ donor *tapi, after I die la*
Since I'm not 18 yet, I have to have a permission letter from my parents. Great! Macam la ibu bapa ku nak bagi. I'll talk to them, let them know how important this is. I mean, like, hello??
Some people are really in need of an organ to live. Why can't we hulurkan tangan, ringankan beban to our own human race? ok, why am I so semangat nih?

I'm so moved to do this coz I watched a very sad advertisement on the tv. It has really touched me so deep in my heart. I wonder, what if, this thing happen to me? My loved ones? Am I going to just sit around? Waiting for a miracle that an organ will popped out of nowhere? And i think to myself too, it's not so bad if I make a good deed eventhough after I die. Right?

Here I am, calling all youths to be an organ donor to the people who is in need. Your little effort will make a major difference to someone else's life. Go ahead, be a hero and save real lives.

U can download the form here http://agiftoflife.gov.my/organdonor2.html
And if you have any inquiries, doubts, rasa confuse sampai tertonggeng-tonggeng ke, go to the sitehttp://http://agiftoflife.gov.my/index.html

A saint? Most probably yeah. Why not? You deserve a pat in the back if you decided to do this honourable action.


Pounding heart


I'm in dilemma rite now. Perhaps, the deepest dilemma. chewahh.. dilemma ade depth ke??
Ok, let me fill your boring Sunday with my lagi-la-boring stories. hoho.

My brother, Iskandar gave my mum 2 VIP tickets to Anugerah Juara Lagu ke- 23.

And i don't know if i wanna go or not? Should I go, or just be a good anak dara, duduk rumah je? But, Shahrul is really looking forward to go. I would love to go if I have a proper dress to wear. All of my dress too provocative. Terdedah sana, terdedah sini. Gasp. Gasp. Gasp.
Jangan nak berlagak baik, ok? you suka kan baju-baju sexy? HAHA.

oh well, just wait. i'll let you know when i make up my mind..


So.. I went to the event with Shahrul! wowwww!!! That is all i can describe it. It was spectacular. I was in awe with all of the performances. except for, Aiman's, Elyana's and Spider's. They are all sucks!

Best jugak our local's artistes act/performances/showmanship/kewibawaan/keterampilan/keunggulan or whatever. you name it! they were all great. My personal favourites were.. *drum rolls*

Meet Uncle Hussin


Faizal Tahir


But, hands down. Meet Uncle Hussin was the bomb!!

*before u ppl assume that i'm the typical-skinnyjeans-checkshirts-fedora-indie music-obsessed chick. you thought wrong, ok? i mean, they were really amazing! they deserve to win. u have to be there to believe it.

It is so different if u watch it on tv. Live performances were so much fun. I had goosebumps when they perform, espeselli (kampung kan? lol) Faizal Tahir. wow. jaw-dropping, mesmerizing. simply wow!

The dum dam dum dam of the speakers, the eye catching strobe lights. rasa macam pergi xaxau event pulak. haha. not that i've been to xaxau event before. note this: never! but, Shahrul said, yea, it is like one of the xaxau events.. can't wait to go! hehe.

I had soo much fun with my cayang. Gossiping about our local celebrities.. sebab dapat tgk dorang in person, kan? hehe.

Du du du du du du du du du.. ok, merepek.. sebab tak tahu nak tulis ape lagi. gagaga

Enjoy the pics :)

P/S: oh yes, did i tell u that i was bra-less the whole time? oh yaa. i am. because the dress doesn't suit me if i put my bra on!! YAA RITE..


the nose

Went out with Shahrul just now. Or what my mum called him, Sharukh huh? I know. my mum actually thinks that he has the Shah Rukh Khan's giant nose, he thinks he has sexy pointy nose, I think it is just a norm nose.. But, i suka la hidung you cayang! Sumpah! *hehh... kiss ass!!*

I keluar with him sekejap sangat. Benci! Benci! ngade-ngade la ni
He is going to Melaka! Though, he's coming home tomorrow.. Tapi, alaaa.. i tak nak u pergi laa cayang. I'm going to miss u sangat-sangat.
At this moment, he is on his way to Melaka with his family. And me? In my little pink room, sitting on a chair, staring at the laptop.. BLOGGING. I know rite? Giler tak ade life kan? tak ape, just wait till i start my college time, the time will come. Just wait.. berkobar-kobar la konon..

Oh ya, you do know the term of BIMBO,rite? pretty but has no brain at all, stupid?
My sister and I actually came up with a new term, BOMBO. Ugly, loser and stupid.

We were gossiping about this girl, suddenly, we came up with this stupid-funny term. it should be in the dictionary! hah, silly girls' time..
not funny? so what? it is funny to me, Bombo!

Lame sangat dah wawa..

I know, I have been ignoring my blog like what. malas sgt nak update nowadays. since today I have nothing to do, so i decided to make up my blog and update laa skali. this post is gonna be one hell of a post! yea.. YAA RITE!!

on the 14 of january..
i made my very own cupcakes with my sister, lina! ayah loves it. senang cerita, semua orang suka la.. thanks mumy!

on the 15 of january..
it was my mum's birthday. happy birthday puan Jamilah! mak, u are the best mumy in the world. ayah is soo lucky to have you for 35 years, ok? haha. my mum is turning 52 this year. long live amma! don't get me wrong, my mum is half indian. my arwah atok was an Indian.. that's why we (adik-beradik aku la) love to call our mumy, AMMA sometimes.. hikhik.

we celebarated her birthday at home first, then off to Restaurant Baser. lip-smacking! a very nice original Johorean and Singaporean (my kampung) cuisines. love it! I ate a lot!

nina, ini khas untuk u. hahaha

later that nite, Lina, Sita and I went to pick Shahrul up at his home and went sraight to Bukit Bintang. guess what was our activity that nite? Karaoke-ing! lol. dah la my voice takde sebab my tekak sakit. oh ya. i went to see the doctor with Shahrul sebab my tekak sakit sgt. i kene inject dgn doctor on my butt tawu x? i was wearing a dress that time! nooo. the doctor saw my butt. malu nye..

me: cayang, i kene inject..
him: bukan enjek? muka jahat
me: u ni!!
him: ok lah. kat mane?

me: bontot.. muka macam lepas diraba tanpa kerelaan
him: haha. cian yayunk i. kene raba ngan doktor hitam.
me: ewww. u pervert!
him: u la pervert. tunjuk2 bontot kat orang..

weyh! i did not bangga tunjuk bontot to the doctor k? i had too. sigh.

ok, go back to the karaoke thingy aite? yeay! i did one of the things that i wanna do before i die! the bucket list, remember??? no? pergilah baca balik the older posts, titled: the bucket list tuh.

dah baca? guess which one? duet with Shahrul laa. LOL. it was quite nice. bak kata sita, "ade Kimia (Chemistry) gitu" 0__0

oh ya, i bought myself a new book. yeeepiee! no more brain-less day for me.. hello brain day! i bought the sequel of the book New Moon, Eclipse.



went out with cayang just now. i mean, yesterday.. literally.

we went Taipan first to grab something to cure my stomach yang dah berbunyi-bunyi sakan macam nak gila.. unfortunately, my Char Kuey Teow was 101-yuck! it was tasteless! i just ate half of it, cayang ate the rest. he insisted me to get something else to eat. but my taste buds were already ruined by that yucky Char Kuey Teow.. so, i said , "it's ok cayang"

then, we went to Summit. bought a dress, a large belt. after that went to Mydin. coz shasha told me that the saloon there offers a very cheap hair highlights. TETTTTTT! not so cheap after all.. *hampa yang teramat sangat*

oh yaa. i got myself a really sexy long white skirt and a very cartoon-ish t-shirt. to sum it all up, i only spent about rm80 for all of that! unbelievable huh? for me, brands doesn't matter now. as long as the clothes compliment my shape and look pretty darn good on me, i'll GRAB it without second thoughts! bye bye MNG, bye bye TOPSHOP, bye bye ESPRIT. i found a better place to splurge and still have some money left in my purse *winks*


(but, trust me,i won't stop shopping at the places that i've said bye bye to just now. hehehehe.)

met Faizal and his sister Fatin in Mydin just now. they came to me and cayang and said something really very funny and kinda embarrassing to me.

THEM: haaaaa..!! kantoi wawa shopping kat Mydin je.
ME: *sakit hati + malu la sikit* HAHAHA!

rite now, i really really miss my bestie.. Nina! babe, i miss u laaaa!



*yawn till tears came out*

yeap. that is the metaphore to show how boring my life is right now. believe me. it is so boring. cayang keep on telling me that i'm superduperlucky to just sit at home, doing nothing, "baring sana, baring sini mcm orang tak ade tulang belakang" ( this is my mum's favourite quote to me ) yaaa. nice try cayang, but i don't think i can just stay home aje now. i have to work. cayang have been trying so hard to make sure that i don't work. cause, to him, i'm still young. plus, he said he will be too worried about me.

in a nutshell, (i think) he just doesn't like me to go to work. yaa, you can say that i'm a lil bit spoil, and everybody sill treat me like i'm an 8 years old. c'mon! i'm frigging 18 years old. yaa, not yet by months. but by years, i'm sooo 18!

i'm so getting myself employed by january. i must to! move your lazy arse wawa, and start job-hunting tomorrow. i kinda like this feeling, semangat secara tiba-tiba. HAHA. but, not necessarily tomorrow though. -___- lazy me, i know.

i have been doing nothing interesting for the past few days. it was hands down, SUPERDUPERBORING! all i did was, jumping jacks, running up and down the stairs and a lil bit of light weight lifting. i just wanna make sure that i'm in a good shape when i'm going to be the freshman in college or university. talking bout 'HOT' junior. *cheeky face*

somebody! please save me from BOREDOM!


the bucket list

*sweating bullets after 40 minutes of cycling*
gosh! i feel revamped! i gotta do this everyday since all i do at home now is MAKAN, MAKAN, MAKAN. i gotta blame this to my mum cause she cooks delicious meals everyday now. if you are in my shoes, all u do is eat too. trust me.
oh gosh. i go too far this time. actually, i'm blogging now to tell u about my bucket list *happy face while wiping the sweat off my face*

The Bucket List a.k.a list of the things that i wanna do before i rest in peace (DIE).. i am inspired to do this list from a movie (see image below) I was doing a mind list of the things that i wanna do before i die while i was cycling around my neighbourhood with the mp3 player stuck in my ears. so, here i am. in`front of the laptop, blogging. instead of getting myself in the shower and clean up. great, wawa. so hygienic of u. ngehhh. -___-

here we go, Wawa's very own Bucket List:
#1 .married happily with Shahrul and have our own twins (we are talking lots pairs of twins here. haha)
#2 .do bungee jumping!
#3 .rock climbing
#4 .swimming with sharks and dolphins
#5 .know how to belly dance *insert arabic music here + move ur arse!*
#6 .can speak Tamil and Mandarin
#7 .to appear on TV as someone who gives intelligent opinions on the aspect of the world.
#8 .master at least one music instrument and perform at a underground gig. (ewahh. berangan)
#9 .be a volunteer in any job. say, saving animals, protecting the environment.. *a shining round hula on my head. angel-Esq*
#10 .kiss a crocodile (I've kissed snakes so many times!)
#11 .i wanna faint in public. i never faint in public. actually, i never even faint! gasp. *singing Superhuman by Chris Brown*
#12 .i wanna travel around the world with my mum and dad. they deserve it. they are my heroes..
#13. duet with Shahrul. haha
that is all i managed to think of while i was on the bicycle. more to come and it may change *winks*

loves, the superhuman:ME!


HELLO, 2009!

well. it's still the first day on the first month of 2009 kan? (nasib baik sempat. i was busy weyh!)

i can't tell u bout my new year's resolution. i think i'ts too personal. *cheh. padahal takut x boleh fulfill nanti. haha*
i miss 2008 already. it brought loads of .............................. (no idea to write cause i'm super sleepy plus my cat is nibbling on my fingers.)

lets wrap it up, ok? i celebrated my new year so innocently. i was on top of the world (this is exaggerating, actually, i'm only on top of a hill at sri gombak) with my cayang's arms wrapped around me, watched the beautiful fireworks from 6 different places.. it was pure beautiful. there is no place i wanna be, as long as i'm with my cayang. yea, i know.. no more clubbing and crowded places for me! i'm all grown up now. those days were gone. 18 years old kan? lol. *perasan dewasa sgt*
then, cayang wispered something in my ear..

HE: yunk, u x rase ke kita macam dekat iraq?
ME: -_____- huh???
HE: macam bunyi bom kan?
ME: u ni kan!
HE: hey, my cayang da besar la. u're 18 now. jom pergi main pool kat Asia Cafe? pg cyber cafe ke... nak?
ME: cyg, i don't need to be 18 to go to that places. duhh. *punch him in the back*
HE: i love u. i want more new years with u *play with my hair*
ME: me too *mata berkaca-kaca, terlampau terharu*

ok, itu sahaja for today.
happy new year fonzies! may year 2009 brings out the best in you. insya-allah..