Bye Bye 2009 and Hello Hello 2010!

gawd! i still couldn't believe this. It's going to be 2010 in less than 12 hours from now. see, what is the highlight of 2009? urmm.. i don't know. i think every single thing that has happened in my life is the highlight!
oh yes, 1 thing for sure. My sister is pregnant! Alhmdulillah. I'm gonna get a Pan-Asian niece/nephew (jantina masih dirahsiakan atas permintaan ibu bapanya) in 2010! insyaAllah :)

oh well, just wanna say that I'm so thankful to Allah for giving me such wonderful rides of ups and downs in 2009. I've learned a lot and sure I've grown stronger and wiser each year that has passed me by.

Lets toast for yet another wonderful rides in 2010! Wishing all of you the best of the best next year :D can't wait to see what 2010 has for me! Braces? More money? MacBook? Ipod? a lifetime free shopping at Pavilion? nahhh, i just hope for good health, happiness and kasi rezeki tambah banyak banyaaaaaaakkkkkkk!


have you ever feel this way?

korang pernah tak rase macam lonely sangat samapi tengok cite best pun takde nafsu dan perasaan. the feeling of "i never thought that I could feel this...LONELY" tak kesah la berapa ramai kawan, frenemies, scandals or bf pun yang korang ade. it still feel so lonely? ada adik beradik 27 orang pun, rumah tu penuh macam tengah buat kenduri pun korang akan rasa macam, "weyh! why i feel so EMPTY?"

if you answered YES to most of the questions above, welcome to the club bitch! i feel that sometimes. especially during the PMS thing. I know, they say PMS is created by man to make us woman, look crazy and fragile. but i am very affected by my imbalance hormones during the times. i do feel like i'm such a loser with no one to talk to, nobody to lean on to. it hurts you know. it hurts to feel alone and so far away from people eventhough you are in the same room with them.

it hurts to see others to be and look really happy like they have no problems at all. and it gets even worse when people think that i'm all happy-go-lucky-giddy-and-fun all the time. they don't know what I feel inside. they don't know what i deal with every single day of my life. they think that my life is all fun and parties. not at all. im just like you. im boring and i'm a nerd. i read law books, i play poker on FB, i like Backstreet Boys and i love the colour PINK. so, stop thinking that i have no problems in my head at all. coz, I DO.

tak kesah la apa orang fikir pasal diri ni lagi. dah penat keeping up with people's expectations. memenatkan,meletihkan,menjengkelkan. dah cukup semua lakonan, sembunyi belakang topeng. i want the world to know the real me. if they are true friends, they will love me for who i am. after all, it doesn't matter who you WERE. what matters is who you ARE. i know i'm being emosional and whatnot. blergh.

penat lah tulis panjang panjang. bye. nak menempekkan diri depan TV lagi. :D

Random fact #2 : I'm obsessed with 80's and 90's songs.blame my sisters for this


this would be a REAL update............

I feel like deleting this blog coz I think, (I know actually) nobody reads it anymore. It's obvious goddammnit! (sila rujuk ke chatbox,takde orang tulis pun. boo)
IKLAN : Happy Belated 18th Birthday my soulmate slash sister from a different mother and father, Nina Azrah Razali :) you are going to get your not-so-cool-but-meaningful-and-super-cute present this week. I selalu bagi present you lambat kan? I'm sorry doll! but i know you had a blast on your birthday kan? i love you. and i know you love me too :')
been spending lots of money on bende yang tak perlu these days. i think my budget reached to about RM150++ per week. i repeat, per week. that is 7 days. i mean like, hello Wawa! wake up! your parents do not own a kilang cop duit ok? i need to be more careful with my money. and and start washing my own clothes maybe? no more dobby for me baby.
#1 Azam 2010 : berjimat-cermat. jangan berbelanja ikut nafsu.
haih. i really thought that second semester would be way easier than the first. coz rumour has it. blame the seniors for giving me fake hopes that i'm gonna score better pointer this semester. boo-hoo :( everything is so messed up lately. my notes are scattered everywhere. from this notebook to a different test pad. Gosh! where is the SPM geek Wawa?the one who is very tidy and well organised. with coloured Post-Its (bende kuning lekat2 tu), different files for each subject, a To Do lists in a small notebook to a self reminder in my handphone kuno. and the one who reads at least 2 story books in a month! oh man. i feel so ordinary :( i want the Geek me back!
#3 Azam 2010 : Buy more story books and read more, tengok berita TV3 and CNN
#4 Azam 2010 : Get a slim figure. 45Kg is my personal goal! :D
from now on,i'm gonna make my blog more about me. no,i'm not being vain here. i just wanna feel like "okay,this is my blog so I can write anything that i want". so, the first thing that i need to do to feel like "okay,this is my blog so I can write anything that i want" is to write random fact(s) about me at least one, everytime i write an entry. cool shit, huh? No? well, whatever, nevermind.as long as I'm happieee :D ngeheh.
Random fact #1 : I like to eat melted ice-cream. if it's not melted, I will hancurkan that ice-cream till it's melted :)


I'm finally legal people

sorry for the long delay of updates. been busy with parties organised by friends, debate practices, going back and forth from Kuantan to KL and the other way around. my ever stocking assignments. gosh. i never thought that university life would be like this. it's so tiring yet so fun.

ok,back to square one. as you all know, i turned (finally) 18 on the 6th of Dec 2009. and this year's birthday is hands down the best one. seriously. i'm surrounded with love and attention! (vain) LOL.

this is gonna be a very simple update coz i'm going to Melaka in an hour for Debate Competition. Vice Chancelor Cup. Yeehaw! wish me luck ok? :)

ok,moving on. my birthday weekend starts at PD. first time main Banana Boat with Love and friends. had so much fun.
then,went to Genting with friends again and dance all nite long till my feet hurts! but best gile ok? :D after that,had dinner with Nina,Love and our baby Shisha. bliss.
then,sampai je Kuantan. they made a surprise birthday party with scrumptious cake. i love you Farim, Sara, Alia, Nad, Balqis, Umie and my lovely housemates! i love you so much like so very the much! (oversz aku ni)
I feel so loved and so special. like really

happy birthday to me. i miss my family! im homesick. nak bali peluk ayah, mak and adik beradik. dah la my baby brother kene demam campak. boo-hoo. i wanna be home! :(

loves, hugs and kisses

super cute, they made me a birthday wish. and my baby Nina too! click here


have you guys ever been in the stage of searching for your identity? mestilah pernah kan? like duhh. tetibe pulak teringat zaman when i was 13 years old till 15 kot. damn i was so stupid! i was trying to find my identity,the one that will suit me the best. i was a hip hop girl, a very ayu girl (pernah pakai tudung kejap. LOL) and the worst was i jadi punk rock girl. damn. i wore thick eye liner, black pants with black shirt, really long black hair with super thick bangs. i looked gross! like literally i wore black on black on black. geeessh. what a fashion victim i was. lame,yes i know. tiba tiba rasa hampa dengan diri sendiri bila fikir balik pasal ni.

thank god i found my identity now. not that i have really found out what i am or who i wanna be but i actually feel comfortable,really at peace with my own self. i think im at the best stage of my life right now. i'm living my life to the fullest now, i am thankful for every single thing that i have in my life now. alhamdulillah :D

oh well,im happy that i'm not like the others who talk trash about other people just to make them happier or maybe feel empowered? gosh. what the hell is going on with this world? they think they are cool by bringing others down. hey you,whatever!
oh damn,i miss Kuantan. weird, huh? yes,indeed.


this is what i do when im at home

seriously, don't get me wrong. i love kids... NOT. haha. but it doesn't mean that i hate them. i like kids! but my likeness to them lasts in a short period of time. i can layan them, jadi aunty terbaikk dari ladang just for few minutes then, i get rimas. bad? tak lah. mana ada. i sayang my little creatures ok?

ini hanyalah gurauan semata mata. tiada baby yang dicederakan semasa rakaman ini dilakukan. LAME!


part of the list

kadang kadang rasa benci kene pijak dengan orang yg kite trust, yg kite fikir diorang tu lah kawan sehidup semati. bila die dah ade kawan lain, die lupakan kite. kite pun dah ade kawan baru,ramai pulak tu. kite tak lupa kawan pun kan? sigh. this is what we call kejutan budaya atau pun, culture shock ye kawan kawan.

"Siapa yang pregnant sekarang? cakap orang" - kata nina

it makes me realize that, i shouldn't even be bothered by whatever that fugly slut said about me to others just to put me down. baby please, jealousy is the best form of compliment from a girl kot. ok dah, jangan pikir lagi pun pasal ni.

i think i can get bored easily. im starting to feel bored now with, you know who. sedih kan? i love him so much, taknak bosannn :(


Alhamdulillah syukur nikmat, Malaysia maju rakyat selamat

Alhamdulillah, yeay me! I'm so happy with my final results but not my brother. :O apparently, he said that 3.47 is not good enough. *jaw dropped to the ground* what the what? terus jadi tak happy after talking to him. but he still congratulated me. i love you coz you are giving me 100 bucks tomorrow :D


this is really creepy

omg! i was browsing through youtube and guess what i found? they are at least hundreds of videos showing of the satan behaviour of popular hollywood celebrities from two personalities Beyonce, the changed Rihanna and faggot Jonas Brothers.

these videos claim that these popular people sold their soul to the devils to become what they are today. the most wanted people in the world, very in demand and super ridiculously rich. but in return, they have to selit kan Satan messages in their songs and dance moves? i don't know if i wanna believe this or not. but it makes sense, a little bit. Allahualam...

It's up to your judgement to believe it or not.

P/S :Yeay me! i dah tahu how to post a video in my blog. thank you nina :D

imposters, copycat-ers and get a life bitch

sumpah tak suka org tiru concept my blog entry and get attention for that. like hello, i think i post bout that particular thing before you, then few days after that you post about the same particular thing too. like what the Prada? benci sangattttt! and one more thing i hate it when people repeat my Twitter status. i know laa my status updates are cool but tak payah la nak tiru. benci. get a life, and get your own identity, will ya?
ergghhh, why am i full of hatred ni? maybe because im going to get my period?

i love my life now but i think i wanna do more than just studying law? i wanna do something beyond expectations. maybe become a professional boxer? part-time dancer or even have my own band? yes, i believe there's more for me in my life rather than just sitting in my room, reading Law books. i know i can do better than just be a boring student.i need a jump start to pursue my dreams...ok dah, cukup berangan.

my face tiba-tiba je naik jerawat. like banyak gila. it's not visible but you can feel it when you touch my face. i'm so sad! :( maybe i've been going out like 5 days straight. my face needs rest from those make-ups and dirty air. ok Face, you can rest now. i love you, please stop generating new pimples. thank u.

i'm wondering why people always treat me like im their effing punching bag. do i look like one? whenever he is a stress and mad with something he'll let it all out on me. i mean, if you're looking for advice, im more than happy to provide you with some wise and deep advices. but, its different when you let it out wrongly. you are mad at me eventhough it's not my fault. baby,im your girlfriend, not your punching bag. still, i love you :( i hope i can be more than just an advisor to you..

i feel like going out for shopping and shisha sampai mampos.bestnya!


ai don get yu

yes, i don't get you. dalam facebook kita macam bestfriend tapi bila jumpa in person, tak tegur pun. do you know how funny is that? ok, that is just so plain weird! ok dah. bye


dear Siti, I love you

ok, as we all know the infamous shining latex pants. kalau pakai,memang sexy! ala cat woman. yes, i'm talking about this in trend pants, every girl must haves. but not for the curvy girls like me coz nanti nampak macam kaki lembu dalam plastik beg hitam. geddit gediiiiiit?

ok dah. moving on... when i was karaoke-ing with my girls just now. macam biasa,akan ku nyanyikan lagu lagu my all time favourite malaysian singer, Siti Nurhaliza. Yes, I love her. terkezut? kampung? no no.. she's one of a kind. moving on lagi sekali.. i was singing along with her song "bicara manis menghiris kalbu" yes, the title mmg menggelikan, but it's a good song! so, mestilah  ada her video clip, suddenly masa tengah best menyanyi, i saw her wearing shining latex pants! except that it is not skinny. but what the heck? she wore that pants and rocked it long before we do!

need proof? watch this OMG kan? haha. that video was like maybe 8 years ago? but she already rocked that shiny latex pants. damn her stylist got taste! rupanya, kak siti kita stylo macam Kim Kardashian. Muahahahaha. ok, nak post a video actually, tapi tak reti! so i just put the link to the video. macam kurang umphhh! boo-hoo-hoo :(

nak story sikit. i don't know why but i got the feeling to blog back. yeay me!
what i've been doing these past few weeks? i filled the oh-so-boring-sem break with lots of fun things. i really enjoy this break so far. i don't want it to end. please!
  • read tons of books. even dah baca banyak kali pun i still read it again and again. my fave: The Colour Purple. good one. you guys should read it
  • keluar every single day (ok, tipu. tapi every other day) with Shahrul love
  • make up those gap between Nina and I. and i'm very happy that we went out all the time! iloveyoubaby!
  • Karaoke like 4 times already?
  • went to Speedzone party @ Genting and The All American Rejects concert @ bukit jalil
  • oh yes, did some mother-daughter-sisters bonding time at the kitchen. we baked cakes and cupcakes sampai orang muak with our cakes! LOL
  • did volunteer work at SPCA and adopted a small little kitty. my little Gabbana to go with my little Dolce. Aren't you in love with me already? haha. vain arse!
  • teman daddy watched his actions movies till late at nite. daddy's little girl I am.
  • and i gained myself  a little bundle of tummy weighed about 2 kgs. FUCK! need. to. get. in. the. dancing. shoes.back. my ex-teacher would kill me if he sees me right now with my extra baggage(if you know what i mean)
awh, i really don't wanna go back to Kuantan! NO!


Waking up one morning feeling like P.Diddy

there are many types of person in the karaoke room. from my observations throughout my 3 years of experience singing my heart out in it;

1) mike tu dia punya sorang
ok,mesti semua familiar dengan kategori ini. lepas die nyanyi, die. lepas die, die. adoi, give it a break. tahulah suara sedap, tapi give others yang bayar jugak nak menyanyi. kan? if nak menyanyi sorang, sewa satu bilik sorang2. tapi tak best la plak kan? takde siapa nak show off to. LOL

2)parasite singer
this one really annoys me. taknak pilih lagu, tapi bila orang lain pilih lagu untuk nyanyi sorang2 nak budget suara best, dia ambik another mike and tompang nyanyi coz he/she said it's her/his favourite song too. isn't it just plain annoying? don't rain on other man's parade yo (bak kata amirul)

3) singing coach yang tak diundang
OMG! this is even more annoying! he/she will criticize evrybody else's singing dengan muka yang amatlah MACAM bagus! eventhough suara orang tu sedap macam siti nurhaliza pun. the best part is, her/his voice tak sedap langsung, sedap lagi suara aku. -__-"

4) the nun
this one will not bring any harm coz he/she will only sit at one corner and watch others sing,they will not even touch the mike! biasanye yang selalu berperwatakan macam ni would be either your friend's new gf/bf, new scandal or new friend. or he/she memang seorang yang pemalu atau warak.
5) lovebirds
heh. this type of people will duet 90% of the time they spent in the karaoke room. mak aii.

sweet kan? no? okay.

6) the diva/ divo in the making
this is really cool. coz they really have a great voice yet they are very grounded and sometimes ada yang bangga diri gila. tapi takpe. they deserve it. suara power kot, apa salahnye. and they know which songs are the best. they are just great entertainer

7) si rempit sejati di hati
i have tons of friends yang bergaya sangat2, cun2, kalah kate moss and aril AF. but as they grab the mike and start singing, terimalah anda lagu lagu seperti "rindu,rindu serindu rindunya...", "isabella", "sejati", dan yang sewaktu dengan nya. but its fun. i personally think its cool ;P coz  im one of them! LMAO. cheh, perasan bergaya ala kate moss la aku ni? not

p/s: sesiapa yang teringin nak karaoke with me, just call me at 1300-88-KAROK HABIS! ok, this is so lame. bye


happy birthday love

a very special birthday wish for a very special person. i love you so much with all of my heart. happy birthday shahrul nizam mokhtar!
(ayat birthday card memory lane)

oh baby! hope you have the greatest birthday ever! memang best pun kan? ;P heheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (gelak gatal) ok,jangan fikir bukan bukan people!! :D


they say

they say number 1
"changes are good" - well,truth to be told, not ALL changes are good. put it this way, if you had your hair long and black since you were like,8 years old, you may feel that you wanted to change. go bob short and orange! then, when you really do that, people will go, WOAH! lain lah muka, tak cantik la rambut pendek, rambut dulu lagi lawa, bla bla bla... then, when you lie down on your bed, berangan sorang2 dalam bilik then look at yourself in the mirror..voooom! it hits you, you feel regret for dying your hair and cutting it short. at least, that's what happened to me. a lil different coz i don't cut my hair bob short and dye it orange.

they say number 2
"be yourself is the best thing you can do" - na'ah mister. this is not right. if your true self farts and burps dengan secara tak segan silu nya depan your friends and family,  if you are the type of person who laughs out loudly and 90% of your everyday vocabulary is cursing, tak kan lah you want to do it infront of your boyfriend's/girlfriend's parents? you have to cover, jadi hipokrit kejap so you can please people. standard hidup in a society lah. we have to please each other so we can live in peace and harmony. if taknak keep up with the pressure, go live on an island and get horny by yourself alone! haha. ok, over -___-"

they say number 3
"everybody in the world is the same" - watdefaq? ni memang tak lah. if semua orang sama, why do we have VIP tables or VVIP dressing room? enough said. malas nak cerita panjang2. from there, it is so obvious that everybody is not the same after all.

they say number 4
"money can't buy love or happiness" - ok, i don't want to sound all materialistic here but really? do you guys believe in that? not for me. i dont. without money, you can't go shopping and eat, and if you dont eat or have new clothes to wear, how can you  be happy and how can you doll up without new clothes? from there, how can you find man/woman to impress to be your love partner? so, how are you going to have love in your life and be happy? do you see the connection? i know you can :D

ok ,enough of this they say thingy. i'm sick and tired of people pressuring me,telling me how chubby i am right now. i know i know! urghh. im on a diet now. happy?


like this is it

i am so down! i bought a new top to go to Beyonce's concert ok?and it's cancelled. like, fuck gila. thank god tak beli the tiket lagi. so im planning to go to the all american rejects' concert. i know shahrul won't go coz he hates rock bands. so i might be going with my girls. fingers cross,i hope alia got her tickets.
trying so hard to diet,but usually, failed! how can i diet? good foods are all over the place here at home. it's not a bad thing, but it is a bad thing if you wanna start a strict diet plan, i'm tempted! easily -_-"

okay,don't know what else to write. oh oh, i've done my speaking test for MUET yesterday. and it went well :)


my happiness slowly creeping back

penat sangat kerja these past few days. thank god tomorrow is gonna be the last day im working. im working for you love, for your birthday. it maybe nothing to you, but its a BIG deal for me to make you happy on your big day. yang peliknya, i don't even know what to do for his birthday! sumpah sedih! i want ideas! what to do under budget cipot rm150? haha. i wanna buy him manchester united's jersey, but it's so damnnnn expensive i tell you. mati aku. i have to work like another 5 days to afford it? nah, memang tak lah! i'm half dead here.

oh ya, went to penang. whoever follows me on twitter and friends with me in facebook, they got all the juicy details bout this little family trip. nak update, malas sangat. penat jugak nak maintain banyak2 account internet socialnetwork ni kan? i think nak delete myspace. banyak sangat rempit weng weng (bunyi motor) in there and i think myspace is just not me anymore. teringat lagi zaman form 1 sampai form 3 dulu. sanggup pakai baju cun cun,tangkap gambar mata besar,mulut itik,pandang atas, pastu semangat gila upload kat myspace. tunggu orang comment banyak2. siapa ada gambar comment beratus ratus tu rasa bangga sgt. paling hot lah konon. then, main approve je siapa2 yang request nak jadi kawan. lagi ramai kawan, lagi cool lah kan? lawan2 dengan classmates kawan siapa yang paling banyak. haha. silly old wawa! back then, if i dont get to online myspace for a day,i'd go ballistic! tak tentu arah, nak approve comments, nak check friend requests, nak usha2 mamat2 jambu. Gosh! I was so naive and stoooopid! Jap, nak geli dengan diri sendiri kejap.

-------------------bwek bwek-----------------

ok dah.
i miss my friends, really need to spent more time with friends. wake up wawa!


kiss me on me salty lips

"why do we hurt the most, the ones we love the most?"

Love's 23rd birthday is coming up this 23rd Oct. I have so much in mind what to do for him. surprise dinner? ngeh. too common. karaoke? tak birthday pun we always karaoke. dinner? ek eleh, lagi la bosan. think wawa, think! he's the one. make his day. dia selalu cakap yang dia tak sambut birthday coz nobody cares pun. sob sob sob. sedih kan? masa aku sekolah dulu, i don't do anything pun for his birthday. ye lah, mana aku nak dapat duit. mak bapak aku tak cop duit,dorang cari duit. so, since now im already a big girl, i can work part time. mumsy says yes. she allows me to work. macam biasa,ayah thinks im his little girl still. so dia tak bagi. he said he can give me. but being an independant women i am, ehem, i decided to work. actually, im gonna start this saturday. yea baby! i'll do anything to make your day. this is his 3rd birthday celebration with me.so far, aku bagi dia hadiah baju and perfume beckham je. bosan kan? tak special pun. yess, i am driven to work, get my very own cash and spend it like a crazy monkey! and nobody can say anything. muahahahahaha! duit aku! duit aku! duit aku! cheh, padahal belum start pun lagi, tapi dah gila duit. manusia...

dengan ini, i prove you all out there who thinks im a spoil brat, forks out money from my parents for fun na'ah.you are so wrong. im a girl yang berangan nak kerja nak buat birthday untuk boypren  strong woman who works hard for the money!

p/s: tolong bagi idea nak buat apa untuk Love? thank you :)


tiba tiba puitis

tipu, memang puitis selalu kot? nak blog in bahasa melayu today. no more rojak. (malam ni je)

aku dan si dia dah 2 tahun 2 bulan bersama. tipu lah kalau aku cakap tak pernah gaduh or tak pernah rasa nak couple dengan orang lain. itu semua pernah. tapi sekejap je semua tu. memang asam garam dalam percintaan. kadang kadang hati ni meronta ronta nak dilayan macam si puteri ,nak lebih dihargai. terdetik di lubuk hati yang jahat, ada orang tu tak lah lawa sangat, tapi boyfriend dia layan dia macam dia tu cinderella! bunga, coklat, makan malam romantik dekat hotel, tepi pantai, kejutan masa birthday. haih. untung si tuan punya badan. aku perasan macam lah aku ni lawa sangat. tapi, aku rasa aku berhak dapat yang terbaik dalam hidup aku. mungkin dia yang terbaik? 

aku mengambil masa lebih kurang setahun setengah untuk aku sedar memang dia yang terbaik dalam hidup aku. mungkin dia tak layan aku macam puteri, tapi dia sorang je yang sanggup layan aku punya kerenah yang sememangnya terlampau mengada ngada dan gedik. aku bossy, aku memilih, aku sendawa kuat kuat lepas makan, aku gelak pun kuat. aku tak boleh kene tegur dan aku tak pernah nak mengalah dalam pergaduhan. bagitahu aku, siapa yang sanggup nak teman wanita macam aku? tapi, dia sanggup. malah, dia pernah ajak aku kahwin. aku je yang tak nak. ye la, muda sangat aku ni. baru 18 tahun. tak tengok lagi dunia ni dengan puas. tapi aku tahu, aku memang nak jadi tua, ada anak cucu dengan dia, aku nak tengok dunia ni puas puas dengan dia. nak rasa pahit manis kehidupan dengan dia. aku nak bangun pagi pagi, wajah pertama yang aku nak tengok, wajah dia. aku nak masak untuk dia, nak gosok baju kerja dia. nak buat segalanya untuk dia dan bersama dia.

memang dia tak kacak dan kaya raya. tapi dia cukup kacak untuk buat aku tergila gila dengan dia. dia cukup kaya untuk belanja aku. keluarga aku pun dah sayang dia. kucing kucing aku pun. sah, memang dia lah yang terbaik dalam hidup aku. memang dia lah yang aku cari selama ni. aku bersyukur sangat dapat jumpa pasangan hidup aku dalam usia yang mentah ni. ada orang tu masih mencari. alhamdulillah. aku harap, dia lah jodoh untuk aku dan aku lah jodoh untuk dia. macam macam kita rancang pun, Allah swt yang menentukannya kan?

rindu sangat nak jalan jalan dengan dia dalam kereta savvy hitam. rindu sangat nak terpekik terlolong nyanyi dalam kereta dengan dia lawan suara siapa yang lagi sedap. rindu sangat nak lihat mata dia dan cakap depan muka dia. rindu semua tentang dia. tak sabar sangat nak tunggu hari esok. bende pertama yang aku nak buat, peluk cium mak, ayah dan 9 orang adik beradik gila aku termasuk 2 orang abang ipar aku. lepastu, kucing kucing dan tarantula aku pulak. dan, jumpa si dia. itu yang aku nantikan.

aku memang betul betul dah cinta dengan dia. mana tak nya, mana pernah aku tulis entri sejiwang ni? dalam bahasa melayu pulak tu. adoi. tengok, apa cinta boleh buat pada diri kita. masak aku. aku rasa, kalau aku baca balik entri ni. mesti aku muntah darah, geli dengan diri sendiri. mungkin aku akan buang kot entri ni nanti? tengok lah dulu. sebab aku tak macam ni sebenarnya. tiba tiba je puitis malam ni

Sayang, I cinta you sangat! terima kasih sebab cintakan I dan berikan I peluang untuk membesar dengan you dan buat semua bende dengan you. You memang seorang manusia yang beruntung sebab dapat buat I gila kan you. Rindu you :'(


can I say DOPE?

Yeay. Lets do my infamous stupid happy dance plus jumping around plus the annoying scream. I'm so happy. I'm done with all the torturing Law papers! sila lah jealous. Insya allah, I won't have to meet all the papers again. Please, tak nak tengok lagi introduction to law 1 and malaysian politics and government. dah takde selera dengan mereka.

Tomorrow is the last day of my first sem. Gosh, it's the end of my first sem already? can I say.. DOPE? I'm so excited by the fact that I'm going to have my 5 weeks holiday at home. I repeat, 5 frigging cool weeks! can I say.. DOPE again? Ok, dah cukup. It gets annoying when you say dope twice in less than10 minutes. Macam meminta minta penyepak je.

Moving on.. Korang suka tak kalau penyanyi yang korang discover, lagu lagu mereka korang layan sorang dalam bilik. Tiba-tiba jee that particular singer becomes famous and almost everbody likes them and the newbies are more over than you. Ek eleh, macam lah korang minat diorang dah lama kan? . That's how I feel. Weird? No?If you guys feel the same, then welcome to the club. if you don't, tak pe la. Lain orang lain perasan. And one more thing, I really hate someone who copycats me then they make it like its their original thing. At least, mengaku lah kau tiru aku or just keep your mouth shut. Ni tak, she brags around like it's her thing. Whutta? -_-" I know.

I packed my things just now. Ye lah, I'm going home tomorrow. Yippee! When I was packing, tears rolled down on my cheeks. Puitis tak puitis aku ni? haha. ok, back to the story. Why I cried? Because my roommate turned on James Blunt's Goodbye my lover.that song strikes me and i think to myself, I'M SO GOING TO MISS MY HOUSEMATES! they are such great people with great hearts. They took care of me when I was sick,they asked me if i'm ok or not, they protected me when someone talks bad about me.. they will always be in my heart eventhough i'm not gonna be in the same room and house with them anymore.

"goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend"

they are my lovers and my very good friends. :) sorry if i'm too menggedik, mengada, manja teroverz, pakai macam nak terlanjang dalam rumah, bising bising time korang nak tidur. Kacau korang, raba raba korang, menyusahkan korang kene kejut wawa subuh. heheeee. I'm sorry :) i love you people!

nak tahu tak, I applied mosquitoes repellant all over my body like it's a body lotion.i know, gross. but it works, not a single bite on my body! guess what?! kene gigit jugak dekat dahi!! Damn you mosquitoes!! Tak kan nak apply kat muka jugak kot? :(


lets rewind this to a better scene

had a very small Eid Ul Fitr celebration at my campus just now. ok, please ignore the picture with the peace sign hand gestures. bodoh sangat, plus geli gila rasa macam nak muntah bila tengok balik. masa tangkap gambar tu rasa cool gila. haha. bangang.oh ya people, i don't edit or photoshop any of my pictures. all are original, tak de maknanya nak hilangkan jerawat ke, nak putih kan my bronze skin ke. no way Jose. Just au naturell. ok dah cukup cukup lah vain memanjang.

Played in the rain with Farimtron and Sara. We had fun. Yes, lots of fun. Then balik rumah, pening2 lalat. Padan muka kan? Terus mandi, now I feel so much better. This is my second weekend here in Kuantan. Oh, I feel like hanging myself or just buy a ticket ride home to Shah Alam and my Sayang will be right there at the bus station waiting for me to take me home. just by imagining that makes me happy. Really, tak tipu.  But, too bad. Final exam mengahalang ku untuk bermadu asmara dengan jantung hati ku di awan sana. Ok, I'm so puitis. I'm gonna kill myself if I read this post back.

You wanna hear something really funny?

Farim, my darling loves to wear t-shirt yang ala cool-cool, indie rock laling yang tulis ayat yang cool cool  jugak tu kan? I bet you guys know it. And I bet you guys have it too in your wardrobe kan? Back to the story. So, Farim wear this t shirt wrote "I'M ON A REBOUND". and we talked dah panjang lebar about rebound. Then, tiba tiba, Sara cakap.......

"I have a confession, what is REBOUND?"

We all were like.. OMFG!! You don't know what is a rebound? yang kelakarnya, dia join kiteorang berbual pasal rebound tu macam die tawu semua pasal rebound. Pastu die tanya pulak. Bapakk ahh budak ni! She's funny. I love her.

Oh yes, I really need to study. Nerdgasm! Come and get me.

p/s: again, don't ask me why my blog's url is namiami. please. Suka hati aku lah nak letak ape.


Dear mosquitoes,

I'm under attack of thousands of mosquitoes here in UiTM. Like what the hell? My body is full with red dots. Sumpah tension sangat. I'm having my finals right now so I need to study in a conducive place. Room full of annoying black and white mosquitoes is not what I call a purrfect place to study.

But, I'm now protected from the attack. I bought a mosquitoes' repellant yang mahal gila. Yeay! Now I'm red dots free! And I can study in my own room now. *happy dance*



It's Eid Mubarak people :)

Did you guys had fun? I did, despite the decreasing amount of duit raya and the late nite stay up for studying. Guess what? I just love my holidays at home. Don't wanna go back to Kuantan! I wanna stay here :(

Ok dah cukup mengada-ngada. Whining banyak mana pun, I still have to go back to Kuantan jugak! Cisss.

NAH! Gambar for uols semua :)


Going to miss him :)

Went for last minute shopping raya at Pavilion and The Curve with the boys tadi. My baby Shahrul and Kamarul. The boys shopped like girls ok? Nasib baik aku sayang korang, kalau tak dah lama aku buat diva aku tengah-tengah Pavilion tadi.
Long story short, had a short lepak moment with Qissy and her boyfie Ghani at Dome. All and all, I had soo much fun. Oh ya, Kamarul dah bagi duit raya to me. 50 ringgit siot.. Yeay! *do the stupid happy dance*

Omg. I can't believe I did this typical girls pose in front of the mirror! Pape lah. I just wanna show off the shirt and the new flops Shahrul bought for me. Iloveyousomuchbaby.

I wanna take this opportunity to wish uols a very Happy Eid Ul Fitr. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. May this Raya brings you 1001 happiness and barakah :) Enjoy Raya babay!!


For once in my life

Hey, lets face it girl. You are suffering from NAPOLEAN COMPLEX! hahhh!! In your face! You bring others down by saying nasty things about them so that you will feel better about yourself. So you will feel "wow, now I'm more confident". Ting ting. Reality check baby. You are nothing but a little crack on your tons of horrible cellulites!

Kenapa Wawa emo? Ok, first, nak period. Second, I can't find a perfect pair of shoes to go with my purple baju raya and no handbag. Then, my digestive system is super duper crazy. Fourth, I have to make sure that I score 3.50 and above for my final exam. And heck, I did not study AT ALL. Nina, can you please spread the nerdgasm to me? I need it sooooo bad.

Ok, dah lepaskan geram. Now, I can go study. Wish me luck for my final exam :)


Satu Malaysia, a dream or a vision?

The first time I told my mum that I am dating Shahrul when I was at the tender age of 16. I repeat, 16 years old. How in the world could a parent accept her baby girl seeing a 21 years old most probably a drug dealer guy? Ok, that's over. He is not a drug dealer nor a saint.. Just simply, my Shahrul. I received tons of raised eyebrows when I first told them about ME, a 16 years old high school prefect dating a 21 years old konon-bad-boy-looking college student. Yea, sceptical much? Come on, we live in Malays societies where gossips spread faster than you spread butter on the bread. They say, "I'm open, you can tell me EVRYTHING" Ya.. rite mister! You can't deny the fact that they still judge you and they tell others too. How I wish I live in a place where I can smoke weed at the playground and nobody even bothers to notice me smoking weed. (not that I smoked weed before. Never, trust me) Best kan? Sigh.

You know what's even funnier about my neighbours? They know the type of car Shahrul drives and what time I arrived home last night. Crazy huh? Busybody gila babss punya. They even know that Shahrul dyed his hair to match mine. How sweet huh? Ok, get back to the story. I mean like, HOW ON EARTH THEY KNOW THAT HIS HAIR IS NOW DARK BLONDE?! Crazy, crazy little world. Get your own life, please? Or maybe, mind your own little childrens first then us. Remember, you have daughters too! Hehe. I'm so mean.

The fact that now I'm already 18 and they still treat me like I'm 15 just ick me. I had a mild fight with my dad just now about me always out with my friends and always home late. The way he put it is like I went out every single day and I helped nothing at home. Eh hello, I only go out like 3 to 4 times a week and hell yeah I vacuumed and mopped the house sometimes. Ish. I even bathe the kittens ok? Still, I love you daddy. New handphone, please?

I need to get these things out from my mind. These thoughts..

We are now in the hectic phase of engaging the 1 Malaysia thingy. But you know what, to be honest, I don't think that the vision of 1 Malaysia will stay forever like Wawasan 2020 as put foward by Tun Dr. Mahathir. Why? Because, you still can hear this.

Malays says: "Cina tamak! makan babi,perangai pun macam babi, pengotor!"

Chinese says: "Melayu bodoh lah, lembab saja. Tak reti kerja maa"

Indians says: "Melayu and Cina boleh pergi mati lah. Sellfish!"

Harsh? Face it, it's the truth that none of us can deny.


Who changed the channel?

What do I hide inside? Feeling guilty at the mention of your name?

I know, you miss me blogging. eheh. Vain. Yea, I'm super hyper right now coz I'm finally home. *goyang bahu* And this time, it's gonna be a super long holiday for me. (alamak.. 2 weeks je kot! tak pe, goyang bahu lagi)

Ok, cukup sudah. I don't know what to blog about actually. Oh well. I TAK STUDY APA-APA LANGSUNG FOR MY FINAL EXAM THAT IS IN 2 WEEKS TIME, OK? crazy, huh? I hope I'm gonna get my nerdgasm* soon. please come nerdgasm!!

My kittens are so cute. My kitchen is full with home made raya cookies already. My room is full with new clothes. My tummy is full with junks coz I am now suffering with massive super hectic stomach ache. Senang kata, cirit-birit yang teruk gila la. Ok, too many information pulak.

I have new obsession! My lesbian crush. I LOVE PIXIE LOTT! *drooling*
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNHRUOF0j-8 <-------click to this link. She is super cute. My girlfriend NINA and I want to practice that "clap dance". Because, WHY? we think it's sexy. SUMPAH.

*nerdgasm: orgasm for nerds liquid. from Nina's awesome ass dictionary.


A night to remember, ye ke?

Oh by ze way, these pictures are from the Debaters Annual Dinner aka Majlis Berbuka Puasa at Hyatt Regency Hotel. Had so much fun with the girls :)


Shocking truth

Yeay! Ada party! At least, there's something happening will happen this weekend here in Kuantan. -_-" I was the one who came up with the theme :) Kudos Wawa!

Hey, read this!

(A conversation with a roommate)

Nad: Wawa, tengok ni! Gambar accident. Seram sangattt. Nad takut.

Me: EEEE... Buat ape tengok bende-bende bodoh macam tu? tak nak lah!

So, she decided to read me the warning of the e-mail.

Nad: AMARAN! Satu kemalangan menakutkan. Gambar ini sangat menyahat hati, pastikan anda kuat semangat. Gambar ini boleh mengerikan anda.

I thought to myself,macam best je ni.

Me: Nak tengokkkkkkk!

Memang sedih. Look at the pig under the front part of the lorry. Eventhough there are the most dirtiest, hideous, smelliest, hazardous, stupidest, gross creature in the universe. But still, kesian sangat tengok diorang tergolek-golek macam tu :(

Omg! Omg! Someone stole my picture and edit it. They are bunch of foreigners so I don't know what they are talking about.
What do they want from my picture which is from my back? Walking barefoot eating ice cream on the beach? Confusion, confusion..



Happy 52nd Birthday Malaysia! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Yang penting, this year tak ade any celebration at all. not even a simple firework. Not even a countdown weyh! :( I'm a sucker for fancy boom boom pow fireworks. Alaaa, yang besar-besar, kaler-kaler cun tu. That's what I'm talking roundabout. Ok, dah! Moving on...

I'm a revamped biyatch rite now. Muahaha. I've coloured my hair dark blonde and I've cut it. Sikit je la. My hair still long though. You can't see any difference in my hair length. But my hair colour. Super change. So long boring black hair! Hello sexy brighter hair! Im so happy! i love my new hair now.. Thank you Sistah! Love youuu... *pictures of my new hair colour will not be uploaded sebab camera handphone saya tak canggih. Sobs*

Then, went out with my old friends.. Syida, Nashrul and Farhana. First, break our fast at Taipan then went to One Utama. Nina, I really wish you could join us. It was short and sweet :) I miss them crazy monkeys already!

After that, Shahrul picked me up and we went to KL. And the rest is history. All I know now is, I'm all happy again. He put a smile on my face. He always do that :)

All I could say, I'm so happy. This is by far, the greatest day ever in my life. I feel accomplished. Actually, I AM ACCOMPLISHED! That's why semangat gila blogging malam-malam buta ni. Haha.

Can I kiss you here? ;p


My pride and Joy

Did I tell you that team PreLaw A (Me and Balqis) was the champion for Directors Cup 2009? Hehe. Now you know ;p

By ze way, Directors Cup is a Debate Competition okay, bukan Cheer Competition. Some thought its like some kind of mini football + cheer cup. Whutta heck? I know rite?

Moving on..

These are the casts for our little final exam drama, The Kerongsang. Stylo ann? hehe.

Oh ya, you know my-not-so-little-anymore (MNSLA) brother is full with hobbies except study right? Now, he has this new found hobby. Wanna know what is it?

Solving the Rubik's cube! Pfftt. Okay, isn't it supposed to be a good thing? It is, if you know how to solve it lah kan. Obviously, he doesn't.

(At the dining table)

MNSLA: What is the purpose of solving this?

Me: It is to test your I.Q.. Duhhh

MNSLA: Abai rasa, buat bende ni nak test tahap migrain orang..

Me: OMG. Why are you so rempit?!

Whatever it is pun, we support you all the way little brother ! hehe

It's good to be home :)



Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Agak lambat nak wish. I was so busy ok? So, go figure. Yang penting, I'm going home tomorrow. My bus is at 1130 am. Shahrul,wait for me at the Shah Alam station ok? can't wait. i miss you :')

I was in the bus on the way to my English class just now. Suddenly,it hits me. How lucky I am!! I mean like, put it this way okay? We complained a lot. I mean, ME. Contohnya, I complained that makan tak sedap lah, tidur tak selesa lah, belajar tak best lah. Like what the heck Wawa? !

Hello! Wake up call here!

So, I decided to write to myself a letter. From the Ramadhan-version-Najwa to the-ordinary-Najwa. It sounds like this;

Dear Najwa Arifah Ismail,

I love you. And that's for sure,no doubt. What not to love about you? *haha. okay, ni perasan gila kot. Moving onn.. *

Stop complaining that the world is being unfair to you, the world is against you lah, you hate the world lah, u wanna shoot yourself lah.. Yada,yada,yada and whatever craps. Just get a grip and stop it! Just stop, ok? Live your life just the way it is. Allah has planned everything for you, you have to face it dengan ikhlas and redha. *chewahh*

Look at what you have now. *check check*

1. You got to study for free at an established university. UiTM DI HATIKU!
2. Your classrooms are very near to your apartment-like-dorm(check this out! apartment-like ok?)
3. your lecturers are nice and very educated. Duhhh -__-"
4. You have enough money to eat anddrink everyday. I repeat, EVERYDAY.
5. You have the greatest friends and family ever.
6. Look at what you are now. Aren't you proud? *winks*

So,the conclusion is, just love every single thing that you have now.

Najwa Arifah Ismail

I hope that this will help. Nothing wrong in believing right? Selamat beramal people!

word of the day: BLUETOOTH HUG ;P


drag me to hell,please?

i hate him!! i hate her!! i hate him!! i hate her!! i hate semua orang!!!! I wanna go live on an island where its just me,myself and I!!



To Shahrul Nizam Mokhtar

To the one that I love,

To the love of my life,

To the one that always make me smile and never let me down,

To the one who can keep up with my diva-ish, kiddish and demanding self,

To the one who knows my deepest and darkest secrets,

To my bestfriend,

To the one who loves me just the way I am,

To the one who treats me like a princess,

To the one whom I love the most, to Shahrul..

Happy 2nd Anniversary my love!

I just love you in your every way!


Directors Cup, Debate Competition

Had whopping amount of fun at Jengka with the debaters last weekends. I went there for 3 days and 2 nights. But it was worth the hassles. I've made it through the exhausting 5 qualifying rounds. Hey, Balqis and I (team PRELAW A) were the leading team ok? And the best damn thing is, I've made it to the final round! :) *happy dance, happy dance*
Let me tell you in details,ok?

Friday, 14th August 2009

Arrived at UiTM Kampus Khazanah Alam, Jengka. I went there by the white UiTM van. It was a pretty smooth journey except for the crazy bumpy roller coaster ride when we enter the so called " jalan hutan jengka". I was so dizzy so I laid my head on Nusrat's ehemm ehemm ;p Haha. It was comforting :) Ade mock debate by the seniors and cam-whoring (macam biasa).

Saturday, 15 August 2009

The first round of debate. We won! the motion was "This house believe that television is a bad influence". We were the opposition. And I got the Best Speaker tittle. Hehe.

Moving on to the second round of debate. Motion: This House Believe That USA Should Eliminate Its Own Weapon Of Mass Destruction. We were the Closing Government side. We won jugak! I was the Best Speaker jugak. hehe. Oversszzz. Bangga lebih-lebih.

Then, malas lah wanna tell the really really real details.. Its gonna be a VERY longgggg boooriiinggg post. So, let me make this short.

I got the best speker tittle for 4 times ok? And we won the first place for four times too. (i can't help it. somehow, I have to brag about this jugak. bak kata Iylia H, GO FOR FAME!)

Highlights : We all went to pasar malam Jengka. It is supposed to be the havoc place there. I say, biasa jek. Actually, tak havoc mana pun. To be honest, tak havoc langsung! ok, enough.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

All and all, we have done our best till we made it to the Final round. This is my first time in a Debate Competition. So, I know that this competition is gonna be my stepping stone :) Oh ya, I'm going to know the results of the final round of the dabate this Thursday. Lama lagi kan? I am so nervous waiting for my results. We aim for the 4th place je coz our opponents (Kuantan teams) were all so damn good! Anyhoo, wish us luck, guys.

P/S: I wanna thank to all of the Seniors of Kuantan Debaters. Without all of your hard work, we wouldn't made it this far. Thank you :) (jangan terharu sangat ok?) LMAO!

The Kuantan Debaters 2009


The fierce,fabulous,flawless and all of the above :)

Give me high fashion! High fashion lah sangat. LOL


I know you want me

Happy birthday to the greatest man in my life, the one that will never break me into pieces, my one and only AYAH, Ismail bin Sengari
Hey ayah, happy 57th birthday!!

My friends said that you are "one handsome daddy".

But I feel really sad. So sad. I'm not there with my family to celebrate my Dad's birthday and the birth of my new born kittens. There are four of them. I miss home! I'm not coming home this weekends. I went home every week ok? Damn it! I have debate competition at Kampus UiTM Jengka for three days! I repeat, three days ok?

Look at the bright side, :) this is my first time competing debate. It would be an experience. Tell me, who else got the license to fight orally? muahaha

Ok, moving on..

I've been so busy lately. I have my assignments, tutorial problems, debate practice, sketch, folio.. Ya allah! Banyak gila!

Gotta go. Bye :)


Letter Analysis

Najwa just found personality analysis behind the name.
Najwa just took Personality behind the name apps.For
Najwa Ismail whose their name start with letter N, below are the analysis result :

You are emotional and intense. When involved in a relationship, you Throw your entire being into it.(overszz giler kan?)
Nothing stops you; there are no holds barred. You are all-consuming and crave someone who is equally passionate and intense. You believe in total freedom. (Right on bebeyh!)
You are willing to try anything and everything. Your supply of energy is inexhaustible.(eheh, this is so right)
You want to be pampered and know how to pamper your mate. (meow meow meow)
You also enjoy mothering your mate. (na'ah, this one tak sangat la)
You often have the greatest love affairs all by yourself, in your head. You are very imaginative. (yess, indeed I am. Especially about boys *wink*)

Udang di Sebalik Batu

This picture was taken by my sister, at her house in Port Del Selva, France. She lives there once in a while with her husband and her son. She drew that Sun. She calls it as, "BERSERI SEPERTI SAYA". Vain not?

Ok, whatever. The main reason why I post up this picture is because I wanna show you that this oh-so-tomei- Sun is not so kiddy at all. Dengan menggunakan mata kasar, it looks like a cute, shining bright Sun. Innit?

But, please look at the picture back. Go on, look back.

What do you see??

Do you see anything scientifically sexual?


Oh my god guys, so blur! Looks like I have to tell you jugak la kan?


Now, look at the picture AGAIN..

Still don't get it?

Okay la then, since you people don't know. Let me spell it out for you.

*drum rolls*

It looks like a group of sperms approaching an ovum. Kan?

I know my sister is not THAT innocent. Aha

Don't you think that group of sperms is cute? I do think so coz they are CHUBBY! Chubby sperms.



Random Random

Introducing, Farimtron and Laily!! Yeay!

I miss you more Ain Haris!! *iklan kejap*



I woke up at 5 am this morning to sahur coz I planned to fast today. I was so excited to fast today! I even bought nasi a night before! Suddenly, after Mdm Shat class, I went to the toilet. And guess who come by to visit me? PERIOD!

I have to break my fast la. No choice :(

Then, during English class just now, some girl came to me just to tell me "Wawaaaa, you look chubby!"


I am soooo soo effing mad because she told me that every single day I met her. Damn girl. What is your problem? If I'm fat, are you gonna be fat also? If I'm fat, are you dying? What? Do you feel good and you gain your confidence by bringing people down?

You make a wrong move weyh. I'm having my first day of period. Congratulations! You just made into my "Wawa's Hall of Hate". Kudos biyatch!
Erghhh, I hate period! Can't wait to go home and be with sober people


I wonder..

Bila saya nak dapat duit elauns saya? I'm so effing broke!!


I have wasted my time and money

No, I did not break up with him. This is about Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. It totally sucks. Opppss, sorry to the Harry Potter's fans, but really, the movie sucks! This is gonna sound so cliche, but I heard the book is better? (padahal I don't even read the book. haha)

Ok, I'm gonna quote some of the spells that I heard from the movie yesterday. I find it somehow very funny and make you go whutta-heck-i-can-do-better. Correct me if I'm wrong ok?


for light to shine you in the dark

to have larger light.

CONCLUSION: lumos is for light, maxima is obviously maximum. So, maximum light is LUMOS MAXIMA! Rocket science? No.

to part the fire into two parts. Can't you see?
Partis is part. Temparis (if i'm not mistaken. but dekat-dekat lah ni) is like temperature, fire! Haha.

Then, at the end of the show, they got this small notes in a locket. I want that locket! It is so beautiful! Ok, back to the story. The note was signed by a stranger, with only acronyms, R.A.B.

Then the three of them (Harry, Ron, Hermione) were clueless lah konon nak tahu who the hell is R.A.B kan. I felt like shouting to the screen,

"Real American Brothers la weyh! Siape lagi?!"

Geddit? R.A.B =Real American Brothers? LMAO! Not funny ke? Alaa, it is funny to me lah!
Pastu, the movie ended just like that! OMG! I have wasted my time for like 3 hours and money for the ticks and food just to watch THAT?! I am so gonna kill the director. Seriously..



Did you shout when you read the title just now? If you did, WELL DONE! If you don't, then please read back the title and this time, you must SHOUT! Thank you :)
Enough merepek. Let's move on to my Shout Awards 2009 review.

First of all, I wanna say sorry to Nina and Balqis. Because I told them that I can't make it to the Shout Awards coz we are already late. But, the truth is, I went. Eheh. How should I know? Shahrul didn't tell me anything. We were fighting in the car. So we had this so called 'SILENT TREATMENT' to each other. So, being the usual me, I thought we are not going to Shout Awards. Plus, when I looked at the time, it was already 9pm. How the hell should I know that we're going in? But somehow Shahrul can get in, with the help of his media friends.

So, we went in. I was so selekeh coz I don't know that we're going in. Erghh. I was so mad at him. I was practically shaking, restraining myself from screaming at him. Thank god Arul and Ain were there. They calm us both down. As usual, they did their lame-but-sumpah-funny jokes.

I'm sorry girls. I make it up to you when I'm on my sem break ok? I love you. Hehe.

This is the ticket that we don't use pun after all. We went straight in. Nice huh?

The performances?

I tak sempat watch the opening act. I was so late, remember?

I love Estranged and Joe Flizzow. Come on, I love old timers better than the newbies. And the MJ's tribute sucks! The choir team was awesome, but I think Jaclyn ruined the show. She screamed too much. I know la it's the Shout Awards, but jaclyn, words from me, PLEASE DO NOT SHOUT WHEN YOU ARE SINGING!
Oh ya, I was so impressed by Shila One in A Million. Very nice performance.She has great showmanship. Kudos :)

And the moment that you all have been waiting for...

*drum roll*

Somebody call 911!

The talented, handsome *cough* artist from Miami..

Sean Kingston!

Ahah, he mimed all of the three song that he performed! Damn you. Mentang-mentang kau datang Hollywood, and you have clans, you think you can just performed by lip-syncing?
You suck! Ok, emo pulak. haha.
Oh ya, I fell in love with Pesawat yesterday. They were great! I'm still not satisfied with the results. Bunkface won the Ultimate Shout Awards! Like, uh huh? -___-


I feel like a shit

There are many reasons why do I say I'm feeling like a shit rite now. (ayat essay yang cannot go)

1. When I woke up this morning, my housemates told me that this house TAK ADE AIR. i repeat, TAK ADE AIR! -__-"

2. After I have finish screaming around the house out of frustration (lama jugak la. i looked like someone whose husband just died), out of the blue, I heard water came out from the pipe! Then, ape lagi? I jumped straight into the bathroom and mandi laju-laju. I'm afraid that tiba-tiba air tak ade masa i tengah mandi. Bahahahaha

Moving on..

3. Then, when I was raiding Sara's locker to find a nice baju kurung to wear for today, suddenly.. jeng jeng jeng..

I received a text from my class mate "wawa, class cancel"


Next time, I should listen to my heart. Listen to my instinct. Coz my instinct is always right! I should believe in myself after this.
I knew it! I knew it! If I have known about this earlier, that my class is canceled, I should have just went back home with my brother and sister yesterday! I nak balikkkk semalam!!

If I follow my instinct yesterday, I'm already so happy in my pinky room. OMG! I AM SO FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW!

*frust menonggeng til 2pm(coz my bus is at this time)*



I'm getting even more annoying these days.

Please believe me. I'm not lying or trying to get your attention or whatever not. This is true.

I like to irritate people a lot these days.

Latest passion? Singing so horribly to my boyfriend. But he thinks it's cute and adorable. He even asked me to sing for him every night.
Cool kan?


Happy Mode

My life is getting better, I think.. Someone wise told me that I have to be strong and the feeling of "nak balikkkk!!!" will soon go away and things will get better in time. I hope so. I really do hope so. I miss my family weyh!
Last night, (macam biasa) I cried again after I talked with my little brother. He called me and asked, when I wanna come home. Oh, my baby brother miss me. He is still my old budak gemuk after all, eventhough die dah kacak sekarang ni. Haha.

And oh yess, I think I did well in my CSC test. I scored my forum weyh! Without any preparation at all ok? Gile bangga diri. KUDOS to my team!

Life here in Kuantan is not so bad after all. I'm starting to like it here. It's wayyy wayy better than other UiTM small campuses tawu x? I dah ade ramai kawan now :)

Ayah told me that he wants me to do well in my exam, then baru I get my own laptop. Aiyakk.. -___-"

Actually, I have nothing to blog about. My posts are getting more boring kan? Benci betul!



1. Is my blog too pinky?
2. Do you think Jacko is really dead?
3. Am I fat? REALLY, HONESTLY! jangan nak jaga hati yer
4. Is my hair toooooo looongggggg and booooriiiingggg?? *yawn*
5. Do you feel like you are in danger? *ok, please ignore this question. bodoh gile kot*
6. I think my dad looks like Jalaluddin Hassan. Agree or not?
7. Which Transformers movie do you prefer? The first or the latest one?
8. How far would you go to have body like Megan Fox's?
9. Yes or No? My lips are like Angelina Jolie's. MUAHAHAHA. I AM SO EFFING VAIN!
10. Siapa suka Michael Jackson? Angkat kaki!

These questions are random. No animals were harmed during the making of these survey. And oh no, you won't get anything in return if you answer this but my gratitude. Cewahh.

This is what happen when you stay at home on Sunday, alone in the room. You have nothing to do so you make up something so silly like these questions. At least, I've done something productive. Tadaaaa! Innit?

I think I'm a pervert. Coz I will look at a man's butt the first time I met a guy. It will go automatically you know. It goes like this..

"Hye, I'm Abu (bukan nama sebenar). Yours? (smiling)"
(smiling jugak, but my eyes will look at his butt, then..)
"Najwa, but you can call me Wawa"
Whutta heck is wrong with me wey? I don't wanna be a pervert.. boo-hoo :(



I'm on diet..
So, do not offer me any form of food especially at night. I repeat, DO NOT OFFER ME FOOD!

thank you


New Life

Some people were being sarcastic and asked me, "best ke hang out dekat mall Kuantan??"
Well, I said, "best je if you have kawan-kawan best" (with a smile)

Haha, kerek je. Padahal, I still miss home so much. My hormones are crazy, adjusting with the new environment. I still cry every night before I go to sleep. I miss my pinky room with air-cond! I miss my cats purring around me, I miss my siblings crazy screamings, Mak and Ayah's comfort and warmth.. I miss watching tv in a comfortable room. I miss my friends.. I miss him:(

But, I have new friends to play with. They always make my day here. Thank you bebeyh:)

But, I want my old friends to be with me jugak!! Rindu korang sangat-sangat. When I'm home, kita lepak AC taw? hehe


Like huh?

Okay now, I am so confuse.

I am thinking about making my blog private. Too many controversies now. Can't keep up with it. Sorry LAH, I'm not the Gossip Girls types. Eh, ye ke? LOL


"What makes you a man is not your ability to have a child, but to raise one.."
-Barack Obama

Walauwei, I love this. It is really deep huh? Eventhough I don't really fancy him but he said good things in good ways. Pandai betul dia main politik kan? Ok, moving on...

It's especially for you, Ayah dear:) You're not only have 9 childrens, but you managed to raised them just simply awesome. You really are the man! Not just a man, you absolutely my SUPERMAN!
You are the greatest, most handsome, hardworking, patience, and everything nice in this world Ayah. I am so proud to be your baby girl. What not to love about you ayah?


Kepada anak-anak, jangan lupa wish ayahanda kamu yer? Make his day by simply wishing him ,'Happy Father's Day'. A kiss on a cheek and a hug won't hurt too, innit?

p/s: Kalau tak pandai speaking, cakap je bahasa pape yang bapak korang tahu. Pelik pulak bapak korang nanti kalau korang tiba-tiba speaking. Muahaha! Tak funny pun. whatevv..