open housessss

yeap. i went to lots of open houses. very2 tiring and fattening ok?. *sigh* but it's ok tho. it's a festive season kan? everybody eats a lot. *trying to calm myself down* lol. haiyaaa, andy's open hse @ setiawangsa today was so fun and hectic, it was so great! when i get back home, i said to my mum
"mak, am i fat?"
mak: "ru crazy syg? u r not fat at all. pls stop worrying abt that ok? worry abt ur spm ok? "

well, she sure always have the best way to calm me down and make me feel better. ohhh, i love her so much!

but, things are not oing so good for me and shahrul tho. *mata berlinang air mata*
hummmm, we always fight even over small things. can u believe it? he doesn't wanna trust me at all. he keeps saying that i am lying to him. good god i am not! haih. what should i do? i should be studying rite? yes? yea, i think so too.


am i sexy? urm. urm. urm

You Are 90% Sexy
Your Sex Appeal Is: Off the Charts!

Let's face it... you're one of the sexiest people around. And you don't let anyone forget it.
You're crazy hot, and you deliver on what you promise. You are definitely one wild ride.

a day out with my soulmates

nina, stop checking up on me ;)

my sexy slim gurl. haha
us, just us :)
we watch the house bunny! it was so fun watching movie with girlfriends. esp, a chick flick movie. well, we were not supposed to go out and watch movie actually. *evil smile*
we went to segi college first for spm workshop then the 3 of us memboloskan diri ke summit. lol. i'm not proud of it ok? but it was fun;)
it has been a long time since the last time i went out with my girlfriends...yada yada yada..
da la duit takde, tp nak jalan2. haha
ooo mmmmm gggggg!!
my kitty, monkey just pooped on my bed! oh nooooooo! noooooo! nooooo!
my brothers r so mad and they wanna put my kitties away. or lets say they wanna buang my kitties, monkey and t-rex coz they r so naughty! berak here and there, kencing sana sini. ishhhh. as much as they got on my nerves, but i love them so much! i won't have the heart to put them away. pls.. don't take them away from me ;(


my scrumptious bad boy ;))))

oh goddd!! i watched eagle eye yesterday at pyramid with my cayang n friends,mas,jue,adek,ejad n udin. isn't shia lebouf is juz so pretty sexy? i still remember watching him in even stevens(one of the disney,s shows) he was a typical kid that plays a stupid loser character. i never ever thot that he will grow up 2 b a very encem boy *wink wink*

well, shahrul is still my sexy boy tho. *smile*

can u bliv it? while we were watching the movie, i didn't realize that i was smiling to myself! sengih2 je! lol. b'coz shia is juz so darn cute! n i had this conversation with my cayang in the cinema. hehe

shahrul: knp u sengih2 tu?

me: *in total denial face that pretty much can't hide* no, i am not smiling!

shahrul: ye la!

and i juz smile, hug him a lil more tighter ;) (to escape from kantoi that i was berangan looking at shia's face) *hahahaahaha*

oh ya! b4 i 4get, jue mentioned eagle eye as angel eye! *i laughed so hard that my face hurts* ya jue, perhaps u can star in angel eye. lol. i luv u! (x blh kutuk lebih2, nnt duit raya next year merosot. ;D)


stop abuse!

There was a girl I used to know/She was oh so beautiful/But she's not here anymore/She had a college degree/Smart as anyone could be/She had so much to live for/But she fell in love/With the wrong kinda man/He abused her love and treated her so bad/There was not enough education in her world/That could save the life of this little girl/How come, how longIt's not right, it's so wrong/Do we let it just go on/Turn our backs and carry on/Wake up, for it's too late/Right now, we can't wait/She won't have a second try/Open up your hearts/As well as your eyes/She tried to give a cry for help/She even blamed things on herself/But no one came to her aid/Nothing was wrong as far as we could tell/That's what we'd like to tell ourselves/But no, it wasn't that way/So she fell in love/With the wrong kinda man/And she paid with her life/For loving that man/So we cannot ignore,/We must look for the signs/And maybe next time we might save somebody's life/How come, how longIt's not right, it's so wrong/Do we let it just go on/Turn our backs and carry on/Wake up, for it's too late/Right now, we can't wait/She won't have a second try/Open up your hearts/As well as your eyes/I on occasion met that guy/It's been a feeling deep inside/Some ... wasn't right/The way he proves himself a man/By beating his woman with his hands/Oh I wish that she'd seen the light/How can someone like that call himself a man/He's not a man/Soon reality ...And we cannot ignore/Whenever we see the signs'/Cause any kind of abuse/God knows, it's a crime/How come, how long/It's not right, it's so wrong/Do we let it just go on/Turn our backs and carry on/Wake up, for it's too late/Right now, we can't wait/She won't have a second try/Open up your hearts/As well as your eyes..

this song will encourage people to help and care. thnks babyface and steveie wonder for making this song. i realized that some people just don't know how to help. so, if there is any signs of abuse, wait no more and start to give hands *relieved* jgn dera org ataupun binatang ok? *wink*

hero of nation!!

yes, he is tun dr. mahathir mohamad. our beloved ex-prime minister. oh, i am in awe of him! he is the best. my brother met him once, n he said that "wow wawa, he is very humble! "

gosh! i wish i was there *sobbing*

my precious :)

ok, here we go. since all of my friends posted pictures of their obsesion, i want too *sebok je*

*grand entrance music here*



ohhhhh... isn't he delicious? scrumptious? lip-smacking? nyum nyum nyum *gatal face* no? no? who cares?! aku suka die! *laughing with obsession face*

she just can't stop! oww my goat!

there's this girl in my class, M(nina, syida i think u know who i'm talking roundabout rite? haha)
during english period just now at school, we didn't do anything for study, we watched futurama in the apd room (fyi, i don't even know what's apd stands for. bad huh?) tapi, that cd rosak! n shaun had enough of turning on and off that computer again. so, the teacher decided to make us sing songs. i mean like the oldies songs. it was fun when she played the backstreet boys' (oohhh, i heart them! don't u?) ok, lets cut to the chase, M sang the songs so loud! and she knows every song from bsb, boyzone n michael learns to rock! if she sang slowly to herself, then it's ok la. but omg! no! she sang loudly and the whole class heard her. only god knows how much M annoyed us with her singing especially to me, nina n syida. it was hillarious! everybody in the class was talking about her and once some of the boys had kutuk2 her but she buat bodo je n continue her bad singing. it shocked me how she do that? lol. idk la...
i must let nina n syida know that i blog about this. ;D


trial results out and about

yeay! 7A's! not bad eh? lol. but i failed my addmaths. i have to practice more *sigh*
i culdn't believe myself that i got an A for my biology;) i was so thrilled! i hope that i got better results for my spm that is around the corner! ayaiyai..

i am looking for scholarship rite now, browsing the internet looking for universities, colleges. it is never too early to plan ur life rite? i was thinking on studying medicine. a vet or maybe a dentist? who knows. but i am thingking to be an english lecturer. isn't it fun? yaa, some people might think it is boring, but who cares? i heart english!

happy-eid-fitr ;)

my extended family,sher ali, jerome and pieree.
yes. just the 11 of us ;)

eid-fitr is always fun! i had so much fun even if i only reminiscing about hari raya. *wink* i gain 2kgs ok! *growl* but they say i still look the same. lol. mak is so worried that i'm anorexic because i am too worried about my weight. ohh puhleeezz, i still enjoy late nite-snacks, ice-creams.. hehe. mothers.. u know how they can get worried even for small things.

duit raya??

naaa.. i only get to collect around rm250. pity eh? some people think that i am too old for duit raya. like duuhhh, i am only 17 ok? do i have to say it out loud? *sigh* but it's ok, eid-fitr doesn't revolves only around duit raya ok? chehh, so cliche! lol. it is fun that i still get duit raya from my family;)

balik kampung..oooo..balik kampung*singing my heart out*

ok, on the first,second and third day of raya i stayed home celebrating hari raya grandly with my intermediate family. omg. ramai sgt org came to my house n it was like a open house! this year of hari raya is more jolly since i got to celebrate with my new family (brother in laws and step nephew) it was hectic and so much fun!
talking about food, i ate a lot and non-stop!so much for anorexic eh?lol
nina came to my house on the second day of raya with her sister and her dad. so nice of her to do that. glad that her dad n sister love us, the kecoh family. i started to keep her in my heart in the"bff" box ;) i looovee u nina! *wink*
then, on the fourth day of raya, i went to jb and singapore. stayed at hotel in jb for a nite. we don't wanna trouble our relatives with our numbers. if u know what i mean. it was so tiring raya-ing non-stop from am to pm. but it was great to meet up ur relatives once inn ayear u know. catch up with each other, laughing. *smiling* once, my unty in singapore even ask me to go for hosting for tv3! can u believe that? she told me that i got what it takes. y rite. is it because that im talkative? lol. come to anend, i love eid-fitr ;)