I'm on diet..
So, do not offer me any form of food especially at night. I repeat, DO NOT OFFER ME FOOD!

thank you


New Life

Some people were being sarcastic and asked me, "best ke hang out dekat mall Kuantan??"
Well, I said, "best je if you have kawan-kawan best" (with a smile)

Haha, kerek je. Padahal, I still miss home so much. My hormones are crazy, adjusting with the new environment. I still cry every night before I go to sleep. I miss my pinky room with air-cond! I miss my cats purring around me, I miss my siblings crazy screamings, Mak and Ayah's comfort and warmth.. I miss watching tv in a comfortable room. I miss my friends.. I miss him:(

But, I have new friends to play with. They always make my day here. Thank you bebeyh:)

But, I want my old friends to be with me jugak!! Rindu korang sangat-sangat. When I'm home, kita lepak AC taw? hehe


Like huh?

Okay now, I am so confuse.

I am thinking about making my blog private. Too many controversies now. Can't keep up with it. Sorry LAH, I'm not the Gossip Girls types. Eh, ye ke? LOL


"What makes you a man is not your ability to have a child, but to raise one.."
-Barack Obama

Walauwei, I love this. It is really deep huh? Eventhough I don't really fancy him but he said good things in good ways. Pandai betul dia main politik kan? Ok, moving on...

It's especially for you, Ayah dear:) You're not only have 9 childrens, but you managed to raised them just simply awesome. You really are the man! Not just a man, you absolutely my SUPERMAN!
You are the greatest, most handsome, hardworking, patience, and everything nice in this world Ayah. I am so proud to be your baby girl. What not to love about you ayah?


Kepada anak-anak, jangan lupa wish ayahanda kamu yer? Make his day by simply wishing him ,'Happy Father's Day'. A kiss on a cheek and a hug won't hurt too, innit?

p/s: Kalau tak pandai speaking, cakap je bahasa pape yang bapak korang tahu. Pelik pulak bapak korang nanti kalau korang tiba-tiba speaking. Muahaha! Tak funny pun. whatevv..


Take That!

This lately I've been denying that I'm gaining weight. I keep saying that, "C'mon Wawa, just eat. You only live once, Eat all you can!" Wei, that feeling does take a toll on me okayy? I gain 4kgs instead of losing it. And my arse is huge rite now! Whenever I turn back and look at myself in the mirror, I will go "WOAH!! Whose ass is that?!"

My boyfie is being so sweet, he said that I'm still the hottest girl he ever had,. Aww baby, you are an angel :) I need him right now, but I have to stay home because I know my family miss me. I should spend more time with them. After all, they are my flesh and blood. Ek ele, lebih-lebih pulak wawa ni.

I smell good food, I feel the love! Yea, it's good to be home. Weee~

P/S: I think I want people to call me Kim now. As in the famous Kim Kardashian coz my ass is huge!! Ok, sudah-sudah lah nak perasan. Just call me Najwa la ok? haha.


Who Am I Fooling huh?

Classes have started and I really feel something is missing. What's going on? Maybe I'm having my period, so my hormones are jumping here and there like hoot hoot huuttt!? Okayy, that doesn't make sense at all. See, I told you my hormones are driving me nuts.

Assignments? Pile of them! Can't barely breath dah wei. Oh ya, I join the debate team. Cool huh? Not? Ok, fine. Whatever you think, I think debate is fun, boleh mencapap tahap cipan, and it's a license to argue! Cool not? Cool gills kan?

Oh ya, about the Megan thing, it's just for fun. Like duhh.Some people take it seriously and was asking stupid questions like "Why Megan? Are you Caucasian? You don't look like one" Eh blur, obviously I'm not a Caucasian! I'm so proud to be an Asian. Suka hati aku lah what I want people to call me since there are tons of WAWA's in my batch. It doesn't hurt anyone innit? So, zip it!
Why am I being so emotional katak ni? Omg! Help!

This is what happened when you have to be in a bus for 5 friggin hours. My butt is still keras like stone. Feel it! Lai lai lai. Jangan segan-segan. Har har hurdee har har. Gatal gila.

I was thinking about cutting my hair. And all of my friends were like "WEEIII! DON'T YOU DARE CUT YOUR HAIR!" haha. funny huh? I think my hair is so boringgg... *yawn*

EH, nak tahu something tak? My toilets are so clean there. If there is, PERTANDINGAN TANDAS TERBERSIH DAN PALING BERKILAT UITM 2009, I can guarantee you that my house will win! Super duper clean ok? Bangga sangat :)




Haha. I know, it's been so long since the last time I updated my blog. I konow, I know. Hey, you can't blame the freshie at a university, me of course. I am so busy with everything. The first week was the very torturing orientation week. Mandi tak bersih, tidur tak cukup tapi, makan SUPERB :)

Then, this week we are so busy with registration MUET la, scholarships and macam-macam lagi. Oh ya, Shahrul drove all the way from Subang to Kuantan to fetch me. HOW SWEET! I love him so much. *cheh, nak jiwang-jiwang pulak*

By the way, right at this moment, I'm at home. Settling all those stuffs that I have to settle. Gila banyak kerja ok?

Oh ya, my classroom ada air-cond! *happy dance, happy dance*
And my hostel is superb. It's like an apartment and it has 3 rooms inside it. We have our own private toilet in each house. Just simply superb. Yang paling menarik ialah, all of the facilities here are just walking distance away! The shopping mall, mini mart, klinik kerajaan and bus station. I am dead lucky to have this place.

But, still I miss home so much. I am still counting days till Friday sebab tak sabar nak balik and be with my Shahrul :) Oh gosh, is it just 2 weeks I've been away to Kuantan?? Time passes so slow when we are not excited kan? I hope that I'm gonna love this place as much as I love home.

Friends? I met great new people. They are so friendly. Tapi ade jugak yang kiss ass sangat-sangat. It is so revolting to watch them kissing the lecturers' ass or the seniors'. Ewwww!

P/S: I am thinking to wear only baju kurung to my classes. Easy and sweet :) Innit??
P/S/S: Some of my new friends call me MEGAN. As in, MEGAN FOX! Perasan not? It's because I asked them to call me that just for fun, tapi lekat pulak. Nampak sangat I do look like her. MUAHAHAHAHAHA. Biarlah pondan pun, asalkan cun gilerszzzz.. Yezzzaaa..