That little word can mean so much to some and so little to the other. It gives me a mini heartbreak every time I hear those little words, goodbyes. Because goodbye means that you are stopping whatever it is that you are having now, be it good or bad. Goodbyes, how do I put in words to show you how much it affects me. Well yes, it affects me in so many ways. How do I say goodbye to that someone that I love dearly, and move on with my life when I know how it affects him as much as it affects me. 

No, I couldn't bear the pain I feel inside when I say goodbye to someone knowing that he feels the same pain as I do. Not applying to only love relationship here, it can be applied to so many other forms of relationships. I just can't say goodbye to anyone that I have invested so much TLC to. How can some people do that? I always wonder why. I always believe that I never actually forget and get over someone, I just, move on with my life. I never get over. So whoever you are, that I have spent my life with, friends, lovers, best friends,  I don't forget about you. Never. Each and everyone of u will always be in my heart. I just move on with my life. 

To me, goodbyes are just a pathway to a new fresh beginnings. A room to start over. 

Here's to my kind of goodbyes!

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